Allen Ren and Zhao Lu Si Reportedly Cast in Period Wuxia Drama Sword Comes

Ooooh this pairing is so up my alley! C-ent casting blogs are saying that Allen Ren and Zhao Lu Si are cast in an upcoming period drama. It’s called Sword Comes (or Sword Arrives) a short two word title but from the title it’s clearly a wuxia drama and not a xianxia (fantasy) drama. Both have had hit dramas in recent years and are part of the new cadre of “young actors and actresses cast in every other drama” alongside Dilraba Dilmurat, Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, Yang Yang, Bai Lu, Wu Lei, Seven Tan, and you get my drift. I’m a recent Allen fan thanks to him making the dumb as bricks but oh so pretty merman drama Blue Whisper worth watching and of course Zhao Lu Si for me went from just so-so in Who Rules the World to my new actress bae thanks to her balancing both expressive and restrained in equal measure performance in Love Like the Galaxy.


Allen Ren and Zhao Lu Si Reportedly Cast in Period Wuxia Drama Sword Comes — 20 Comments

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  2. Oowee!!! Yes, please!!! Please let her fight again! She was super in WRTW. And Allen Ren’s bangs and presence was dreamy in TBW. I just don’t want Zhao Lusi to be a damsel! The only reason I like her in LLTG is because her character is balanced with wit and heart. Let this casting be true!

  3. Koala seems to be a lot more interested in Chinese dramas once again and it’s nice to see. They don’t really dish out a lot of quality contents to be fair but once ina while a cdrama stands out and we’ve had quite a few of them this year.

    My best drama this year is still a cdrama and I hope they keep giving out quality contents cause I’d really like for them to do well too.

    • I’m both Kdrama and Cdrama fan but I have to admit that this year Cdrama rocks! Cdramaland is churning out one great drama after another. The only Kdrama I finished so far in 2022 was only PHJ’s Show Time. I dropped countless and always back to Cdramaland.

  4. i don’t know where did u get the source of this melon. coz I’ve been following many melon accounts in ig, but none of them are reporting this, similar to other casting melon in this blog.

  5. Wow!!! Allen is riding is popularity none stop! Smart guy! Love him! Love Lusi character in LLTG. I never imagine them to be paired together before. That would be interesting to see.

    • I agree @Xoxobrowse. That would indeed be interesting! Also, a bit off topic but @ockoala looking forward to knowing your in-depth thoughts on LLtG.

  6. Allen Ren is a gem both on and off screen. Always so dedicated and hardworking, one of the few celebrities that’s truly likeable. Glad he’s constantly booked and busy. ZLS hasn’t impressed me in anything yet but she is hella pretty so I’ll take the eye candy visuals and costumes this throws at us.

  7. AHHH I hope she will take this instead of the rumoured xianxia. I just hate xianxia lmao its cringey and the storyline are all the same with the bubbly female lead. annoying

  8. koala, can you please make a lltg post? the show has taken over my life, bc it’s just that good. would love to know your thoughts too!

  9. I’m already there for this one. Big fan of both actors❤️❤️❤️.
    Loved The Blue Whisper. Thought Ren Jialun was the best actor in that one!!
    And my girl, Zhao showing off first in Who Rules the World and now in Love Like The Galaxy!
    Please keep us posted🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. I watch anything with Allen
    He is pretty but also I like the way he is acting. One and only is not that good for me but I believe his character enough to watch it and has a heartache towards the couple.

    Zhao lusi acting is endearing, idk how to say it but I suddenly have a soft spot for her cause I manage to finish rule the world despite not wanting to rewatch it

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