K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie

So the order of the GIFs and pictures are in the ranking of how frequently K-netizens discuss wanting these two to work together. I can’t disagree with most dream pairings especially when the perfectly curated GIF delivers all the feels in mere seconds of a stitched together scene. To date, the most common wish is for Hyun Bin and Jeon Ji Hyun to do a project together. Omo, that’s legit god and goddess level screen time combustion right there. Second most frequent is for Gong Yoo and Seo Hyun Jin to pair up, and that I can see her precise acting with his larger than life aura being such synergy. And third most requested is Suzy with Park Seo Joon to which I ask why hasn’t this happened yet. What are on your “perfect onscreen pairing” wish list?


K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie — 53 Comments

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  2. IU/Lee Ji-Eun and Park Bo Gum! as for the genre maybe in a sageuk or a period drama set in the 1900s.

    What’s ironic is PSJ-IU (Dream) and PBG-Suzy (Wonderland) have upcoming movies hope everyone can switch partners next time lol

  3. Wow, they’re all great pairings, but out of these, the ones I’d love to see the most are Kim Tae Ri & Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Ha Neul & Park Bo Young (both cute AF), and Park Bo Gum & Kim Ji Won.
    Oh, and also Kim Nam Gil and Ha Ji Won, can you imagine the intensity onscreen if these two pair up 🔥🔥🔥

    I’d also like to add:

    IU & Park Hyung Sik

    Ji Chang Wook & Lee Se Young

    Jung Hae In & Park Shin Hye

    Kang Ha Neul & Han Hyo Joo/Nam Ji Hyun

    Lee Dong Wook & Moon Chae Won

    Kim So Hyun & Lee Do Hyun/Yang Se Jong

    Kim Yoo Jung & Kim Dong Hee

    Junho & Park Min Young

    Lee Min Ho & Kim Tae Ri/Han So Hee

    Lee Jong Suk & Lee Sung Kyung

    Kim Go Eun & Jo Jung Suk

    Shin Hye Sun & Kim Soo Hyun

    Song Kang & Kim Ji Won

    Suzy & Seo Kang Joon

    LOL Very random, but yeah. These are just want my personal dream pairings, no hate please 🥺

      • I’d like too . But she is inactive or blacklisted or not anymore ” au goût du jour” , i don’t know as i’m only an international drama lover . I’d like to see her with Kim Jae Wook, Son Su Ku, Yoo Yun Suk, and older or about the same age actors as she has a great sexy aura .
        I’d like to see Moon Chae Won with a lond list of actors too .

    • Oh nevermind the Kim Yoo Jung – Kim Dong Hee, just remembered the dude has bullying allegations lol (which is too bad as I was rooting for him since Sky Castle lol)
      Would love to see her with Lee Jae Wook instead!

    • Yes to kim so hyun/yang se jong! I want to agree with the ksh/ldh because everyone seems to want to see them pair up but I haven’t seen any ldh drama so to be honest so can’t judge his acting yet lol.
      and KGE-JJS will be a hoot for sure! great list 🙂

      • I’m also wishing for the pairing of #JungSoMin with #LeeSeungGi; #JungSoMin with #JiChangWook: #JungSoMin with #KangHaNeul and others as #JungSoMin has always great chemistry with all her co-actors in all genres.

    • Dude I need a Lee Min Ho-Han So Hee pairing now, that would be HAWT
      And yes the Ha Ji Won-Kim Nam Gil gif is making me feel something lmao

    • MY Kdrama Dreams Pairings Couple
      1.Han Hyo Joo x Ji Chang Wook
      They really fit play kdrama action genre with a romance 😆 I feel the chemistry between both of them. You will know after watch k2 and happiness 🤭
      2.Park Seo Joon X Kim Gon Eun
      I don’t have any idea what kind of kdrama genre really fit with them particularly but I prefer them pair in slice of life kdrama genre. Well both of them really great actor and actress. So what kind of genre will be great.
      3.Lee Jun Ho X Bae Suzy
      I just randomly thinking about what if this two couple pair in any kdrama and it really shocked me that both of them are friends in real life.I don’t know why, I really want to see her and him as doctor in kdrama. So medical kdrama really suitable but I also imagine them in historical drama. 😉
      4.Cha Eun Woo X Bona WJSN
      I know both of them are idol before being an actor and actress. But I just know that this two have a drama together but just a supporting role and I don’t think so they have any interaction on that drama “Hit The Top” so I really want to see them as lead couple. The genre that I really wish to see them play are coming of age kdrama genre. Why ? Because they still suitable to play a role as highschool students 😆
      5.Nana After School x Park Hyung Sik
      I just say this couple randomly pop out from my mind.Nana one of my favourite and Hyung Sik too so why not I imagine this two as kdrama lead couple. Even they’re the same age after all. 1991 Liners 🤭 Romantic Comedy really fit with them maybe we can add a little bit mysterious storyline. AHH even Imagine already make me giggle 🤣

      I really hope one of this kdrama pairing couple that I list here will be come true 😍 Actually I have a lot pairing dreams kdrama couple but this 5 already make me 😣💕😩

  4. I’d seriously love to see Gong Yoo and Jun Ji Hyun together. That would be epic. And Kim Soo Hyun – Kim Tae Ri; tho that’s been a pairing a lot of people has asked for in the past few years.

    Since none of these actors have an upcoming drama so far, here’s to hoping!

    • Not confirmed, but Kim Tae Ri is likely doing the Kim Eun Hee drama with Oh Jung Se. Her name’s been attached to that drama since it was first announced. If it’s a pass, they usually reject it right away.

  5. Yes to all of these pairings, especially Kim Tae Ri x Kim Soo Hyun. These two would have explosive chemistry with their acting prowess and visuals.

  6. I’d really like to see:

    IU and Kim Soo Hyun again (but they have a happy, not open ending)
    Kim Soo Hyun with Shin Hye-sun
    IU and Park Bo Gum
    Moon Gayoung with Park Seo Joon, and
    Lee Sung Kyung with Ann Hyo Seop.

    • Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop have had a drama together > Romantic Doctor; Teacher Kim 2. And they will act together again on the 3rd season of same drama.

  7. It’s too bad, Korean’s industry is still small( although a lot better than in the past w/ only 3 main TV station). We not gonna get many of these pairing unlike C-town.

  8. SIG and PMY. I have been waiting since 2015 when they modelled for a clothing brand and flew all the way to NZ to shoot some photos together. Plus he carried her clutch purse for her at the red carpet, adjusted her chair height, poured drinks for her and emceed together at the 2014 KBS Award Show.

    KHN and NJH. Their Angel Eyes younger roles are more interesting than the adult actors. They would be cute as Mr and Mrs Smith type of characters albeit the nerdy goody type.

  9. Son Ye-Jin and Gong Yoo in a movie, I’m begging! Two A-list chungmuro stars and both are my biases, heehee. Crossing fingers that she will do a movie with him as her comeback project after having her baby!

  10. Oh, this is fun! I’d be ecstatic if any of these pairings came about:
    Lee Je Hoon & Park Bo Young
    Le Je Hoon & Park Min Young
    Le Je Hoon & Kim Ji Won
    Park Hyung Sik & Kim Ji Won
    Park Hyung Sik & Park Min Young
    Seo In Guk & Park Min Young
    Seo In Guk & Kim Ji Won (cmiiw, have they actually done a project together?)
    Kim Soo Hyun & Park Min Young
    Im Ju Hwan & Park Min Young
    Im Ju Hwan & Kim Ji Won

    Koala, can we have another post about pairings that should be reunited? That’s also hard to come by in the industry.

    • I gazillion second this. I’ve been dying to see SIG paired up with JSM again in a happy ending drama. All their collabs suck with tragic endings even the Grim Reapers reincarnation in Abyss could not cure my wounded heart from TSHLYE.

  11. Mine would be anyone with Yoon Eun Hye. Just one hit production. Maybe Lee Min Ho, Eric Moon, Jung Woo Sung, Hyun Bin,any Mr. Kim (Jae Wook, Jae Won, Jae Joong), doesn’t need to be a known actor. I’m desperate at this pointy to ser her acting.

  12. My dream pairs:
    park bogum x kim jiwon
    Park bogum x kim taeri
    Park bogum x park eun bin
    Park Bogum x suzy (let’s all agree that wonderland is not something we can count onto)
    Park bogum x park hae soo or gong yoo again

    Hahhaa I’m bogum’s fans so I’m greedy with whatever pairing that has him in it.

    • @Sahalala

      Cheers to that!
      Everyone that will be paired to Bogummy is okay for me, since he is my most fav. But, I want to see first the movie Wonderland to judge how Bogum and Suzy will get along in the drama. So, anyone is good but ultimately I wanted to see these CPs with Bogummy.

      PBG and IU (historical drama)

      PBG and Kim Tae Ri (during 87-88 circa/activism drama)

      PBG and Kim So Hyun (college sweetheart kinda drama)

      PBG and PBY (office drama)

      PBG and Han Hyo Joo (transmigration drama)

      PBG and Han Soo Hee (crime drama)

      PBG and Kim Ji Won (police- investigative drama)

      Wohooo, if these will materialize, drama gods are really kind.

  13. Hum… There are so much possibilities!

    I would like to rewatch Kim Soo-Hyun and Nam Ji-Hyun as adult this time or Seo Kang-Joon and Nam Ji-Hyun too :p

  14. Mine would definitely be

    Joo Won & Song Hye Kyo
    Park Bogum & Kim Yoojung again
    Kim Jiwon & Lee Minho
    Lee Jong Suk & Kim Taeri
    Shin Minah & Kim Jaewook
    Park Bogum & IU

    If these castings r ever confirmed in any genres in kdramas then it would be chefs kiss

  15. Junho & Han Hyo Joo – love them in cold eyes
    Junho & Suzy – cute nobody’s business stage performance
    Junho & Kim So Eun – adorable in music and lyrics

    And yes Junho is my ultimate bias

    • Is your profile name comes from Junho’s song “Nobody Else”?. If it is, then great taste. Anyway, Junho in thriller or mentally challenged role without female pairing for me, lol. Or Junho x IU just so he can boast to Wooyoung about it (jokes aside, this pairing can really work tho).

  16. Kim So Hyun x Rowoon
    Suzy x Park Bo Gum
    Park Min Young x Jang Ki Yong

    Just give me these pairings and I can die happy 😭

    • Wasn’t that from 25 21? That’s the only drama of KTR where she has bangs, as far as I know, but others can correct me in this

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