Bromance jTBC Variety Show In the Soop: Friendcation Wraps Low Key Run with Star Studded Cast of Park Seo Joon, V, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy

This summer felt like travel went from 0 to 100 as the two years of COVID stay at home restrictions and decisions lifted in full, for good and for bad, and suddenly everyone and their great-grandmothers are traveling. Perhaps if it was during peak stay at home era airing this new show In the Soop: Friendcation there might be higher ratings. The 4-episode variety show recently wrapping its jTBC run with real life best friends of 10 years Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, V, Choi Woon Shik, and Peakboy going on a chillaxing countryside and beach bro trip. Ratings and buzz are on the low side I feel like this is the perfect show to watch on a plane when scrolling through the television show options, relaxing and primes to the mind for travel and bonding time.


Bromance jTBC Variety Show In the Soop: Friendcation Wraps Low Key Run with Star Studded Cast of Park Seo Joon, V, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy — 15 Comments

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  2. Funnily i did download this for the plane and while i love Korean slice of life reality shows (youns kitchen, unexpected business, tiny house on wheels..) i couldn’t get into this show. I think you need to be a total fangirl of the stars to enjoy it otherwise their interactions are too conscious of the camera and it’s missing the unscripted mess ups that make it fun and relatable.

    • I couldnt get into it as well tho am a fan of psj (and loved him n cwsin younskitchen). This was just so boring n like u said they seemed too conscious of the cameras. The activities n speech felt very contrived n scripted as well.

    • Our tastes really line up! I also really liked Unexpected Business and House on Wheels. Just watching good friends hang out is just so comforting and enjoyable at the same time. You might like EXO Ladder Season 3- I’m not a fan of the group, but I ended up loving this show. It really gave the vibes of a couple of life long friends casually hanging out on a trip together. They didn’t feel like they were trying to be entertaining or funny or staging anything for the cameras. They didn’t have scripts, didn’t call their celebrity friends, and didn’t avoid or cut out awkward pauses or mistakes. It was super lowkey but that was the charm of it.

  3. Saw the first episode, which I enjoyed. Couldn’t find the remaining episodes to view which many viewers experienced in U.S. That could have contributed to the slower ratings. It’s nice to see the squad through this perspective…getting to know them personally. Reminds me of how precious it is to surround yourself with like minded friends. I thank them for sharing their get-togethers with us. Best wishes to all of them in the future.

    • I agree Yvette. We were given a vague answer that it would be released in the future by Disney Plus and it’s hasn’t been easy to find anything but some clips from the program. I would watch it I could find it.

  4. Es muy divertido poder ver a estas estrellas como amigos y en una aventura divertida cotidiana de sus vidas y estar relajados disfrutando de estar juntos ,lamentablemente solo ha permitido ver un solo capitulo la plataforma .

  5. I really enjoyed it, massive fan of BTS, loved seeing Tae with the wooga squad, enjoyed watching the others too, made me laugh, if you make me laugh it’s all good.🥰💜🥰

  6. I also was super excited to watch the Wooga squad Friends. I so admire the great talent and magnetism of beautiful V alias Kim Taehyun of BTS- and my favorite Kdrama star is Park Seo Joon. So I was really looking forward to seeing all the episodes but I could not find out how to get the show on.I have only been able to see a few clips.Am anxiously waiting for the day when we can see BTS V Kim Taehyung perform solo. He is a dynamic powerful exciting entertainer. With his expressive visuals and gracefully sensual body moves you can’t help but enjoy his performances.
    We just never get to see him for long.!!

  7. I’m a fan of v , hungshik , and park seo joon but never interested in peekboy and wooshik. But i really enjoyed the show. Seeing how they interact with each other and relaxing really gives me comfortable and warmth feeling. It may not have the games you are hoping but i must say it shows you how friends really hang out like eating and sleeping. Because with friends we’ll never play games endlessly what we do is talk. The show has it.

  8. I really enjoyed this reality show. I’m not into reality shows but i never let this one pass.I love Wooga Squad. I’m a fan of PSJ, CWS, and PHS.. they are my favorite actors in Korea. V is also the only reason why I follow BTS. I also started to know and like Peakboy esp when i watched Friendcation. Even if Disney+ or the other platform that aired Friendcation are not available in our country, i got to download HiTV and was able to watch all the episodes. Until now i keep on replaying it coz i couldn’t get enough of them.

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