KBS Rom-com The Law Cafe with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young Off to Okay Ratings with an Old School Feel

Watching The Law Cafe (Love by Law) elicits first the feeling of deja vu. Like, the sense that I’ve seen this or that before, or maybe all of this and that before in other prior K-dramas. The horrible corrupt lawyer dad leading the son to give up (Uncontrollably Fond), the cute cafe boys with different personalities (Coffee Prince), the shrieky smart female lead (Boys Before Flowers), the quirky neighbors and family members in a small neighborhood (When the Camellia Blooms), and I can go on and on. The drama is off to 7.1% and 6.6% ratings and the question is whether there is something in this new formulation of old ingredients that makes this worth watching? As a super Lee Seung Gi fan the answer is yes and one must also like Lee Se Young a lot to make it through all her screaming in the first two episodes. But the hook is there with the OTP being high school sweethearts and dated for many years before he suddenly dumps her and goes off to try and be a solo undercover legal superhero investigator. It’s stupid but suitably noble and angsty and I just want to watch them get back together. I can’t even say re-fall in love because he’s still in love with her and she just needs to forgive him with plenty of kissing involved to come.


KBS Rom-com The Law Cafe with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young Off to Okay Ratings with an Old School Feel — 11 Comments

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  2. I didn’t like the first 2 episodes. It’s trying to be too many things at the same time and the characters weren’t likable…

  3. The first two eps were okay. I’m stil going to watch it for Lee Seung Gi but more like some background noise when I’m doing other stuff

    • Didn’t fancy Kim Yu Ri’s character which in my opinion, was a tad too much in one’s face. Plot wise it isn’t as engaging as it is hyped up to be. Hope the episodes get better.

  4. I heard people liked these two together in Hwayugi so it might be just me but I’m really not feeling any romantic chemistry from them. Shame because I was looking forward to what Lee Seyoung would do post-TRS :/

  5. Well, I have mixed feelings because i like both actors and i wanted to like it but the 2 episodes were boring and i didn’t like the characters and specially ” the so called 4-D personality of LSY’s role . Gesticulating and screaming is not being eccentric . Perhaps it’s not the good timing for me .

  6. Not a fan of LSG but I like LSY enough as an actress to try the drama when it’s done airing, maybe. I hope this isn’t another role where she plays the love interest and gets outshone by the ML. It’d be great to see her in a titular character role focused on her like TKA, EAW or YC, LW.

  7. I was hoping to read a real review to this drama but somehow whoever writes this didn’t appreciate whole eps and just randomly wrote a review. First of all I wasn’t a fan of both leads, but I find it funny how others said that it was boring? Like seriously did you really watched or just forwarded the scenes. Can I just say that first episode was so beautiful, yeah cliche but it was refreshing, delightful although se young was so loud but I kinda like it. I’ve never regretted watching this. Lee seungi and Lee Se young chemistry was on point! Love it so much 🥰

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