Thriller Movie On the Edge with Yoochun to Premiere in Smaller Local Theaters in South Korea as He Continues Promoting in Thailand

A person has a right to earn a living and with that K-star Park Yoochun can continue to scrounge up an entertainment career where and how he can. The former top idol and popular actor is now promoting exclusively in Thailand, where either his fan base is that devoted or his scandal just didn’t linger in the mind like it does elsewhere. He’s got a new movie out called On the Edge which is an indie flick and was shown on some smaller circuit film festival and even got him some awards. This movie is making news now because some local indie theaters in South Korea have picked it up. Yoochun will not be promoting in South Korea for his movie but perhaps this is the first step to feel the waters out of his home market.


Thriller Movie On the Edge with Yoochun to Premiere in Smaller Local Theaters in South Korea as He Continues Promoting in Thailand — 5 Comments

  1. He gotta eat, and going on welfare will not suit Anybody. Let this man work. It’s the only field he has credit background. However, w/ that said, I still can’t support him but good luck.


    Why are people so supportive of Yoochun to go back to entertainment field whereas artistes like Kim Sun Ho was asked to leave the industry for good. The comments towards Kim Sun Ho were 100X crueler than what is displayed here towards Yoochun. Maybe this is a fansite for Yoochun

    Yes a man has a right to earn a living… but what makes artistes like Yoochun who committed drug offenses and sexual assaults less culpable than other artistes who were never convicted or sentenced for similar offenses?

    • Right? Yoochun is literally a criminal and while he does get hate, it’s nowhere near the hate KSH gets. I remember the KSH articles here and everyone and their mother acting like he killed their puppies or something. And that’s considering his scandal was about a freaking private matter! Like..? Selective outrage much lmao. And then they attack his looks too, his age, etc., calling him a middle aged ahjussi, blah blah. But if it’s an actress being called an ahjumma and middle aged, these mofos will cry sexism, misogyny, and ageism πŸ’€
      That’s why I never took twitter woket*rds seriously lol you can tell these are the same type of hypocritical people who will defend amber turd πŸ’€
      The irony is these feminists are actually infantalizing the ex girlfriend and acting like she doesn’t have agency and can’t make a decision for her grown ass self lmao
      The other hate comments I noticed were from seo ye ji fans, which is super weird as they’re not even competing for the same type of roles πŸ’€

      As for yoochun, I don’t care that he needs a job, he’s a literal criminal to me. As a Cassie, I hate him for ruining sh*t for me. Now I can’t even rewatch old TVXQ performances without him ruining the experience for me ugh

      • People here worship older gen actors and feel free to disrespect younger/new gen actors and actresses, that’s why. just look at the gross comments new gen actors and actresses get, it’s ridiculous. especially when the actor/actress is trendy. the exception is song hye kyo, then it’s free real estate for these loser commenters, insulting everything from her looks to her private life, then pretending they’re just giving constructive criticism. bunch of miserable haters they are lol. and as you said, selective outrage

  3. Yoochun,did not date a good girl,impregnated them and dump them,he sleeps with prostitutes and call girls,and did not pay them,you can read the court judgement.those girls are considered trash i guess,hence the lenient treatment.

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