Zhao Lu Si’s Agency Denies Recent Rumors that She’s Dating a Very Good Looking Top Star as Netizens Speculate He’s Either Yang Yang or Xiao Zhan

2022 has been THE breakout year for C-actress Zhao Lu Si, with two back-to-back hit dramas with Who Rules the World followed by Love Like the Galaxy. But with being “red” (i.e. popular) right now comes the requisite netizen interest and gossip column attention. Recently a well known entertainment gossip site was asked about whether Zhao Lu Si was dating her LLTG costar Wu Lei and the answer was an emphatic no followed by the claim that she had a boyfriend who was a very very good looking top liuliang star. That led to netizens thinking it’s her WRTW costar Yang Yang (with them being spotted in couple’s attire) or Xiao Zhan her costar from Oh! My Emperor (an earlier post from Zhao Lu Si claimed she liked him). The gossip bloggers also claimed Zhao Lu Si and Wu Lei is all onscreen and have zero interaction offscreen aside from promoting together. Zhao Lu Si’s agency emphatically called this melon “fake news” and denied it. Another recent negative feedback is Zhao Lu Si giving an interview about how hard she worked to make it and went months at a stretch without any work booked. C-netizens are calling it “crocodile tears” for playing up the hard ships of making it as a rookie in C-ent when going months without a drama/movie is standard because stars make a ton of money per project, plus she’s had 14 dramas in 5 years which is a super high newbie hit rate.


Zhao Lu Si’s Agency Denies Recent Rumors that She’s Dating a Very Good Looking Top Star as Netizens Speculate He’s Either Yang Yang or Xiao Zhan — 133 Comments

  1. Poor Zhao Lusi. haters are left and right spreading rumours about her. she literally on hot search weibo every 2 days. I hope she remains strong and coming back with more hit because girl is super talented and deserves all the success !

  2. Koala, I think it’s confirmed that ‘earlier post from zhao lusi claimed she liked him’ is a fake post from hater who already admitted that he/she made the post.

  3. It’s evident that Zhao Lusi works very hard, she’s always has projects in the works or in the lineup waiting to air or is in a drama currently airing. If anything, she’s too exposed.

    • This thread really picking up pace … now 110 comments with the majority having hate and cruel comments towards Zhao Lusi.
      Looks like lots of the readers just want to pick on Zhao Lusi. Good thing, this is not a Chinese language site.

  4. Lol, i would have believed it a teeny tiny bit more if she hadn’t sh*t on Xiao Zhan back in 2020. She’s known for being a green tea 绿茶, deliberately creating controversies for attention such as pressing “like” on negative posts about other celebrities then pretend to be innocent or lost her phone. Guess this time round she temporarily needed Yang Yang and Xiao Zhan’s liuliang for clinching some endorsements or projects?

    • It’s a whole factory pipeline. Get some gossip bloggers to release ambiguous dating news about you with popular top stars, buy a few weibo hot searches linking your own name with those top stars but all the views and posts in those hot searches only count as your own data. People see the top stars’ names and click into the hot search…Voila! Your data ranks high and you can show the high data traffic to unsuspecting endorsement merchants.

      • you have so much hate towards Lusi arent you. you even come out with all these nonsense theories, spending so much energy on someone you dont like. go out and get some fresh air to cleanse your mind. dont spend 24/7 reading weibo and spitting nonsenses on internet 😂

      • @kryafangirl I don’t hate her enough because I watched LLTG too. What’s wrong with spilling the tea about c-ent? International fans deserve to know how c-ent works. And she’s not the only actress using such tactics.

      • lmao dont bluff me. what make you think I will believe you watch LLTG when you hate her to the core ? spreading hates calling her green tea lmao which brainless would believe that? I hope you wont die with hatred seeing her becoming more successful 🤣

      • @kyrafangirl Lol I don’t care whether you believe me or not, I know I had enjoyed the drama and that’s good enough. I watch my dramas based on the drama quality, the actors & actresses don’t matter to me as long as they didn’t commit crimes. And vice versa, it doesn’t matter if an actor or actress had acted in a drama which I loved, if they did something dislikable, I’ll still speak my honest opinion about them.

      • LMAOOO so confident as if you living under her bed, knowing what she’s done wrong. enjoyed her drama ? lol aahh okayyyy🤣. honest opinion with your own nonsense theories. your comment sounds more like haters spitting what’s inside their dirty heart rather than opinion lol

      • @kryafangirl Her controversies were laid out on weibo for everyone to see, it doesn’t take a genius to realise her motives after she repeatedly press “like” on negative posts regarding multiple celebrities. Once or twice, yeah, people will think she probably accidentally did it. But multiple times? There’s always a high rank weibo hot search with her full name right after she did it. She was just a very small fry back then, who would have given her that much attention back then until it got on a high rank weibo hot search? It’s obviously bought by her team to attract attention.

        Seems like you are one of those crazy aggressive fans.

      • It doesn’t matter with Whatever tactic that her agency is using.. coz, everybody knows she has a good acting skills… and deserves to be popular….. maybe you should stop reading about her if you don’t like her.

    • shit on XZ ?? lmaooo. the case already closed and Lusi already WON the case. someone try to set her up and he/she ady been SUED. where you at? im sorry to tell you this but she doesnt need your so called top liuliang to get projects. LLTG is her most successful project and what does it has anything to do with the two liuliang? the jealous brainless breed is even here. disgusting af

    • Yes,say it as it is! Yang Yang fans have hated her since World and now we can add Wu Lei fans to that group. Of course, Xiao Zhan is like a revolving door for her, she pulls him out whenever she needs it.

      But girl has backing. It doesn’t matter everyone knows her game and netizens have been dragging her for days.

  5. Leave Xiao zhan out this shit he has had enough of unnecessary drama already! And respect them and their privacy. If she’s dating anyone, she’ll come clean herself.

  6. 🍵 sister strike again. I don’t know what to say if she herself claim she had it hard before, going months without filming. Girly please, your resource ☕ is one of the highest among 95 🌸 like what you selling pity for 😌

      • dont mind the haters. let them do their noble work commenting and spreading hates on every lusi related post hahah they love this work sm. let just watch they bark. they wont stop barking till die for sure

      • Well when you have been around cent for 8 years, you read all kind of news and gossips. Not my fault that you don’t know about those incidents and calling those who talk about those incidents as haters 💁 aiya there are all kind of passerby in cent who know and talk about all kind of things without needing a label of fan or hater. I’m a news, gossips and 🍉 binger. I haven’t even start talking about her ‘slippery fingers’ incidents. Or wait maybe you don’t know about it? Welp I guess you can just continue to binge all 🌈 farts contents about your fave then, cause you can’t even accept a different info about things.

    • Right? She has one of the strongest backing in cent and she dares say this? I have been so amused by the past few days. But it’s precisely because of her insane backing that she can do anything. Look at poor Wu Lei, he paid for her games.

      • How did Wu Lei Suffer? if the gossip said she was dating Wu Lei someone would say it’s bad. The gossip said she is NOT dating Wu Lei and someone is here saying he is paying for it. Lusi gained nothing from this crazy rumor. Nothing. So i am asking you as is gossip saying Wu Lei is NOT dating her bad for him. Please give me your thoughts.

      • @cool

        Do you think everyone suddenly got amnesia just because the post was deleted?

        LLTG battle report miraculously had ZLS name as her contribution where in fact in should have been him. Wu Lei fans tried rectifying the situation and nothing worked until they raised a stink in public.

        That substitution didn’t happen by accident because it required Photoshop to be done but ZLS fans then attacked Wu Lei and his fans how he is trying to destroy the good mood of the drama because of a simple “mistake”. She has huge backing and literally everyone knows this. All this after what happened to Yang Yang’s data for WRTW. Trying to get herself more PR by constantly trying all these men to herself is just an add on to all this.

        She and her fans better stop crying about haters because it’s tiring and nobody in China believes it anymore.

    • Haha I thought same thing as well! These rising celebrities accepts projects back to back while their on top so no other choice but to date while on filming right? If they really jive then they can continue after filming if not then that’s it! Yeah?

  7. sigh. popular and successful girl always getting this type of treatment. what a world we living in. I love Lusi. she is obviously one of the few that can actually act.

  8. lmao all these rumors are posted by her. She has been dragged to hell and back for the past few days. I hope her team learns their lesson. Nobody in China thinks this is a good look. Apart from her fans of course.

  9. ZLS will fly higher. she’s getting hate since debuted but it does not affect her. In fact, she is more popular now. So happy for her growth

  10. She has that reputation in the c-ent because of 2 previous incidents involving Xiao Zhan and Dilraba (think it went too far because of the sides of both stars’ fanbase and Lusi’s agency “sloppy excuses) but anyway whether it’s true or not who knows !

    • I know right? She even released articles comparing herself with Dilraba and claiming she is much prettier, attaching photos of Dilraba that’s taken in weird angles while her own photos are edited to look pretty.

      • Not just Dilraba, but comparing herself to Liu Yifei and Zhao Liying too. It doesn’t really matter what international fans think. She has a well-known track record of controversial news and her image hasn’t been positive among Chinese netizens for a long time.

        Aside from Yang Zi and Dilraba, ZLS has the drama resources among young Chinese actresses right now. Considering her age, she’s extremely lucky. Even before she blew up, she always had decent resources for a newbie.

      • *Aside from Yang Zi and Dilraba, ZLS has the best drama resources among young Chinese actresses right now.

      • Whether an actress has good resources is all just the yxh saying. I see many actresses with good resources such as Bai Lu, NiNi and Guan Xiaotong.

      • @Abc There are many actresses with good resources but ZLS is a 95 flower who’s had an abundance of work since her debut with only two second leading roles. Majority of actresses around her age range with similar or more experience have it tougher than her. For her to make a statement about a lack of opportunities doesn’t sit well with C-netizens. It’s not yxh or melons. All you have to do is look at the amount of dramas ZLS has been in and the cast/budget/production teams of those dramas and you’ll see how good her resources are. Bai Lu is another actress with some of the best drama resources compared to her peers, which is why it’s always silly to me when fans complain about her not having enough exposure.

  11. Its funny how anti fans and fans actually create enough hate or love for a celebrity to the point they think they know the celebrity more then themselves.

  12. Green tea and slippery fingers are what she’s known for in the c-ent. Those who like her should not deny that stories related to these actually happened/talked about on weibo. Her excuse? Accidentally pressed a wrong button or lost a phone. C’mon. Really?

    I remember Deliraba fans fight with her fans. That was terrible what she did to Deliraba.

  13. Zhao Lusi is on a career high. Since the release of LLTG she has gained 4 mil followers on weibo with her many of her posts on weibo achieving >1 mil likes. She is frequently showing up on weibo hot search and is already generating a lot of traffic. It does not make sense at this time for her side to put our rumors linking her to 2 other very popular actors to generate traffic when the aftermath has clearly caused more fanwar and hate towards her. C-ent is a mess but we should also be careful not to judge quickly when it comes to rumors like this.

    • yeah, a lot of people here just seem to be hating without objectively looking at the situation. she has nothing to gain by being dragged into dating scandals right now.

  14. I know all the melon and don’t care that she’s not the sweet innocent actress that so many people seem to believe about their favorite stars. The comparisons and marketing for her isn’t new in c-ent or any entertainment industry. But it’s funny to see these liulang fandoms getting so worked up about her and her team when they can easily just drown it all with their online zombie armies, instead they make her trend and generate more traffic. If she has backing that means she isn’t going away so the haters are just giving her exposure and setting her up for the long run.

    • She is trash and I know it and I don’t care but I don’t understand why people might be upset when their data are stolen and they are constantly used to generate press for her.

      That’s basically your post. It’s you who has a problem when legitimate grievance is an issue and not her behaviour.

      Btw I love how you want to mock others for being traffic when she is a product of money backing and aims (but fails) to be traffic 🤣

      • Wow so angry. You have the problem and a grievance and I still don’t care. Fans of traffic stars are so mad as if their stars are saints and also don’t have backing. Keep on. It’s entertaining and only boosts the comment section of ZLS posts.

  15. wow what the hell is going on in this comment section? i didn’t realize people felt so strongly about her. i clearly don’t have the full picture so i won’t speak on her character, and tbh, i don’t think i can ever confidently assess the situation bc both sides vehemently insist they are right. reminds me of last week’s post on wang yibo, where wb fans said xz fans photoshopped a post to spread false news about wb, then xz fans arrived and accused wb fans of the exact same thing like. what. one of y’all is not telling the truth, but no way for me to know.

    • Just google “Zhao Lusi green tea” and you’ll get her history of how she got her nickname 🍵 in c-ent and which artists she has offended or tried to bind in the past. The girl loves all those hot searches, whether it’s black or red, because it’s still data for her.

  16. For those who want to know why zly’s name is “green tea or 🍵” in cent, go google her name + green tea. She is a repeat offender and notoriously known for her hand slippings and trying to rub heat with many Chinese actors and actresses.

    • Zhao LiYing? LOL how can anyone be convinced by your post when you can’t even name the right actress. Rather or not green tea means anything, Zhao Lusi is still getting paid and fans/anti fans still fighting for no reason.

      • *Zhao Lusi not Zhao Yiling. I apologized to her fans 🙏 for the mistaken initials because of autocorrect – I didn’t double checked before I posted the comment. When I saw it as it was submitting, I tried to cancel and thought I was successful but the comment ended showing up later.

        @neen whatever you want to believe. People know who green tea is and know who is the one rubbing heat and buying the hs. Rule of thumb in hot search binding 2 people – the first name in the hs is the one who’s buying the data and rubbing heat. Guess whose name appeared first in the most recent hot searches binding yy and xz 😂

      • *I can’t seem to spell Zhao LiYing and zly correctly today in both my replies either 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • *not zyl but zls. Autocorrect changed it and I tried to cancel my comment and thought I was successful when I didn’t see it showed up in the comments. Unfortunately it looks like it was delayed or I would have clarified my comment earlier

  17. I’m confused about the thing about “data” and hot search.I know this happens and some celebs do this to stay on spotlight.

    But what I don’t understand is, if another actor is getting linked with her, wouldn’t it also mean the actors get more data and exposure, too ?

    Isn’t it also beneficial for them ?? To stay on the spotlight ??
    If it was so bad they would deny the rumors themselves, but if they don’t, they are enjoying getting exposure too.

    Sometimes there is even a contract between them to not deny and fuel rumors even more, meaning more spotlight for them both lol

    • Nope, some weibo hot searches only link to one celebrity despite there being 2 names. And let’s face it, Yang Yang and Xiao Zhan don’t need this sort of exposure already, not to mention dating rumours are negative to male celebrities’ soaring careers as they will lose their female fans.

      On the other hand, dating rumours with handsome top stars works well for female celebrities because it helps female celebrities gain female fans. Most female fans project themselves onto their female idol and fantasize that all sorts of handsome top stars want to date them.

      • she seems to be getting a disproportionate amount of hate from multiple fandoms so i doubt that something like this is beneficial for female celebrities.

      • @mimimi
        Yes I agree.
        By getting linked to hot male celebrities, Zhao Lusi will get more hate from female fans who prefer their idols to be single forever. Look at how the fans turn against even their own male idols when they date any girls.
        It’s definitely no benefit to her.
        That’s why most agencies want their stars to avoid dating during the peak of the careers.
        Having more haters will ruin an actor or actress’s career.
        An actor or actress is not a reporter or media site who wants to accumulate more clicks to be popular.

      • @mimimi That’s because ZLS and her team wants to copy Zheng Shuang’s road before she got barred by the authorities due to flouting China’s law. It is beneficial if ZLS doesn’t care whether her liuliang is red (good) or black (bad), like Zheng Shuang did. Whenever and whereever Zheng Shuang appears, she attracts tremendous amount of attention. Since ZLS has a strong backing, she only needs liuliang, and the type of liuliang doesn’t matter.

  18. my opinion abt this, i think she’s indeed dating, but not with liulang like xiao zhan and yangyang. xiao zhan definitely single, while c-ent paparazi no 1 already claimed the it’s not yangyang. that paparazi no 1 can just say “zls isn’t dating anyone”, but instead, choose to say she isn’t dating yangyang. but her agency already said not to believe on rumours. so it’s up to cnetz whose sides they wanted to believe. let’s be real, the melon which saying “super handsome traffic artist” is just a way to gain hype. and it’s worked. sometimes, c-ent is very interesting coz they’ve so much melons to eat 🤣

  19. I had to stop reading the comments. So much hatred and negativity.

    I was not a fan of hers. I just know her with the green tea tag.

    I watched several of her dramas and didn’t finish.

    I know of her and didn’t really care.

    Then I watched LLTG. I liked the drama. I liked her portrayal. I read up on her. Then I watched clips of her on Weibo and Twitter.


    1. She adopts and currently have over half a dozen stray cats and dogs. These are strays/rescues – mixed breeds. Animals abandoned and or would not have survived without a home.

    2. She takes time for her fans. She bows to them and thanks them. She protects them. I watched the clip of her gently but firmly moving away the elbow of a man pushing into the face of a girl wearing glasses. Then she straightened the girl’s glasses. I saw the full clip and rewatched it a dozen times to make sure I saw what I saw. Then hours later it trended on Weibo. The two students who were being harassed by the security guard. She came to their aid. I read the student’s post. To be bullied and just want to cry; her friend who was only there to support her is now a converted fan. This also trended on Weibo.

    3. Her team has take legal action against anti- fans who spread rumors that are hurtful and untrue. She did not ask for monetary reimbursement. They got off with an apology letter.

    4. Crews, background performers, driver… have came out to defend her. These are everyday folks who interacts her and they talked about her dedication, kindness and how she spreads happiness on set.

    5. She cares. The “journalist” or web star (I am not familiar with her) who had an assignment to give out a rose and do an interview in a parking lot… while others just walked by/acknowledged her or just flatly ignored her… was defeated and tired… until Lusi came up to take a rose and hugged her.

    I cannot tell which green tea tags are true or are false. I do however trust myself to make my own judgement with what I’ve seen and read. Girl has animals. Strays. She likes to do dance moves. She does donations, six figures RMB to causes and relief efforts.

    This makes me want to support her. And I will in my own way. I just hope those who are just getting to know her will spend sometime to really read up on her and get to know her.

    • Ermmm… all those you mentioned, except animals and dance moves, can be found with most other chinese celebrities. They all show caring side towards their fans or when cameras are around (number 2 and 5 sounds like marketing). Legal action no monetary reimbursements, crews coming out to defend celebrities, donations etc. Plenty of other celebrities such as Yang Zi, Yang Mi, Victoria, Dilraba, Zhao Liying, Yang Yang, Xiao Zhan, Hu Ge etc also have those.

      Humans have multiple layers to their characters. Just because she did those nice stuff you mentioned above doesn’t mean she isn’t attention-seeking or won’t use backhanded ways to gain popularity. If she’s really that innocent, why does so many of her previous co-stars’ fandoms dislike her?

      • I choose to be her fan and be supportive.

        Please respect my decision and not bring in other celebrities. As for difference of opinion on marketing vs kindness… I choose to believe in people being kind and being good to others. So I choose to believe in Lusi.

      • i have seen the video cat is talking about, and it’s not staged or in any way disingenuous. that she saw the girl was getting elbowed in a swarm of fans, and took the time to help her is real. it wasn’t a mob either, it was just an enthusiastic group of fans trying to pass her letters and pushing against each other. a small thing, perhaps even considered normal given the situation, but she still did something. you may say it’s marketing, but i cannot imagine how a scene like that could be orchestrated. i choose to believe she’s just kind and protective of her fans.

        it takes a lot to be “on” all the time, so even if celebrities do things for the cameras, they’re just doing their jobs. these people get insane amounts of money, the least they can do is be nice or pretend to be so. it’s also really weird that she’s getting criticized for being attention seeking. like who isn’t seeking attention in this industry? their career, their livelihood depends on being noticed. about the accusation that she’s using backhanded ways to get popular by associating herself with her co-stars, the outcome of each of these melons has shown she gets inordinate amount of hate while the actors get painted as victims, which in itself is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. they have nothing to lose in a situation like this. they come out on the other end looking more desirable. people implying otherwise are either being willfully obtuse or just do not understand how men benefit from every system in place.

        it also seems very silly to suggest we take fandom behavior as validation of her being whatever negative thing they think she is. female celebrities need only breathe to get hate. are you really going to use them as evidence of her notoriety, which in turn means you think the hate she gets is justified? it should also be noted that she is loved by wu lei fans. and i’m not talking about the long ballad cp fans who like to parade around as wu lei fans while not caring about him outside of the cp. actual wu lei fans do not take every action from his female co-star as a slight against their favorite. it’s probably bc he is not a liulang so his fandom isn’t full of bad apples. that alone tells me everything i need to know about this preposterous situation.

      • @mimimi What? Loved by Wu Lei’s fans? You must be kidding. CP/Shipper fans maybe, definitely not Wu Lei’s solo fans. The most recent controversy was Wu Lei’s fans pointing out LLTG battle report switching Wu Lei’s higher contribution value to become Zhao Lusi’s contribution value.

        Like what someone else here pointed out, popular actors don’t stand to gain from dating rumours. Female fans treat their male idol as imaginary boyfriends, they don’t want their imaginary boyfriends to date. Female fans treat their female idol as a projection of themselves, they enjoy the idea that popular actors all want to date their female idol, hence dating rumours with top actors is beneficial to actresses.

        I admit, she and her team is smart. They knew these controversies within fandoms didn’t matter to the general public, so they make use of this to generate black liuliang for herself while those who don’t belong in fandoms simply don’t care.

      • @Lilith that vlinkage mixup was from the official LLTG page. how is that zls’ fault? wu lei fans, who are his actual fans, and not deranged dlrb cp fans support zls. they’re sensible and understood it was the official page that made the blunder, not her team.

        i really didn’t know where i stood on this when koala first posted this but after reading up a whole ton (including all the green tea posts, yes), i’m firmly on zls’s side. y’all acting like these top male stars have been victimized by her are actual clowns.

    • Cat, thanks for putting up all these info.

      1. Seems like no matter what she does or doesn’t do, she will get haters coz she is pretty outspoken person. So in order not to have haters, just dont comment anything on social media, don’t date… and don’t act opposite a popular celebrity. In order words, be a nun or monk and live in the Himalayas in seclusion.

      2. Seems like being a “green tea” or whatever “attention grabbing” labelled person is a worse crime than beating up wives, seeking prostitutes, taking drugs, gambling etc… seems like hater netizens are ready to kill her career just because of some comments she supposedly made…

      Whatever it is, she is still raking in money for acting. Whether she is talented or not, whether she is deserving or not, only haters will not gain anything unless they are paid to hate her.

      • My level of entertainment news is limited to a few sites. I got back on Weibo and twitter for her. But. I think I’ll back off now cause it’s toxic. The antis and naysayers are hurtful and negative. One can have their opinions and their prejudices. But to openly lash out. That’s too much.

      • Cat, you are a kind person 👍. I think the world would be better place to have more people like you around.

        Yes, I think as a reader of entertainment news, I prefer to comment on the actors and actresses in terms of their roles and deliveries in the drama.

        I don’t want to spend time to comment on how evil or fake they are unless they are convicted criminals.

        As for Zhao Lusi, she has not made any harmful remarks or criminal actions that caused people to lose jobs, physical injuries or lives so I will refrain from making negative remarks about her based on the social media hypes.

        Most of all, did her comments cause the other celebrities to lose drama roles or endorsements?

        If not, then why is there a need for people to get involved in character assassination? But that’s what more social media sites are all about. They need people to spread anger and hatred as it will excite more people to comment to generate more traffic.

        Just like here, 80% comments from 60++ replies on Zhao Lusi are negative based….this is what makes entertainment writers and platforms thrive.

      • See how intense the hate for her is by the “not haters” for what is a majority of mediaplay and not coming across as a sweet innocent boo boo but apparently she’s the worst actress that doesn’t deserve support. For example the comment above saying she picked fights with LYF and Dilireba and people asking “what did she do to dilireba?” NOTHING. It’ll probably be something like this and that article came out daring to make comparisons that made zls look better than dilireba. And apparently she is so dislikable because there are posts and articles about her and this and that handsome male actor too. So… ZLS didn’t actually DO ANYTHING to their popular favorites at all lmao

    • Wow, I don’t mind haters actually and I was not a C-drama viewer until I saw her and started watching all her dramas, I tried to watch other dramas but I could not connect with the actresses, It’s so obvious that they were acting while Zhao Lusi, makes you feel it’s real. I don’t mind negative posts about her as well, I’m just curious sometimes so I read comments but it doesn’t change that I like her acting and like watching her dramas.

      • This is the best stand up comment I like. I did come to like Zhao Lusi because of what I have viewed in her dramas, not on anything else. I keep viewing her dramas because she is a real beauty and I consider her a talented actress which can play various roles, and thats it.

  20. I pray lusi has strong back bone to survive the Chinese ent n her antis because the amount of hate she get on situations that r not serious to generate that amount of hate is so sad 😔. I love her for always improving her performance in every character she takes, she has depth in her acting n it shows, if she continues like this of course she is going surpass some of the traffic actresses, which I think is the more reason she get such hate but they use whatever incident that happened years ago to cover up. She could be one of the best actress in the Chinese ent if she continues to horn her craft because she is already so damn good this young age n also not to fall in any tax scandal n whatever things that get chinese actor Cancelled. I actually really like her a lot Imo.

    • @M and @Cat, you are kind and the world needs more people like you.

      Seems like Zhao Lusi’ so called “crime” falls into either one or all of these:
      1. Associating herself with popular stars
      2. Comparing herself with popular stars
      3. Commenting on her previous lack of roles

      Wow such a terrible crime. That’s how social media platform thrives. Inciting hatred will bring more traffic to the site owners.

      Yes Zhao Lusi must be prepared for a cruel judgemental world of entertainment. Lots of stars committed suicide resulted from depression as they couldn’t stand the hate comments. Indirectly the cruel comments may fully/partially led to their deaths.

      • That’s overly excessive …
        Unfortunately for her, there’s a lot of people that don’t realise that “stars” wear a public persona mask so what you see is that what they want you to see and no matter how much closer social media have bring them you still don’t know them ….
        I think that she would not have received / receive so much hate if her agency hadn’t given such sloppy excuses and c-ent hadn’t have so many hardcore fans

      • I certainly don’t want to see anymore stars or people commit suicide due to rumors or social media hatred towards them.
        There have been countless of suicide cases amongst people from all walks of life who are targeted by their friends, classmates, colleagues and strangers (social media)
        The world is already a sad place with the pandemic… let’s not kill either anymore with “words” unless they have committed serious crimes, harmful to individuals and public. Nobody deserves to die or to be deprived of their rice bowls just because they have personality weaknesses, character flaws or etc.

      • so true..
        don’t know why there so much hate in certain people, they act as if ZL did something to them…
        or that they know her personally..
        I will say that I don’t know her.. however I enjoy every drama that she able to act in..
        Media and Netzine are worst..
        there a quote form Malcom X that I really like
        “This is the media, and irresponsible media it will make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like criminal”..
        this is what happen in today sociality with today social media… the criminal is the victim and the victim become the criminal…

  21. Generally people pick on stars like Zhao Lusi to hate rather than Zhang Han.

    For instance, koalas playground featured Zhang Han groping the female co stars but it only has 17 comments compared to Zhao Lusi with around 60 hate comments towards her.

    Haters are targeting her and Kim Sun Ho rather than the bad boys who had been charged for crime or those who “misbehaved”

    Looks like Haters and trolls just want to drive them to drop their careers or to depression.

    • Agree. Sour grapes are envy at her success so they become antis to spread more hate. Why can’t we all enjoy the happiness this talented actress bring on the screen from watching her dramas? She is doing a good job as an actress regardless of what she does when she is off. No one likes people preying into their private lives, dating lives… it is none of our business who she will marry or not marry at all as long as she is not breaking down families. I think she is hardworking and she can act. Female fans just like to hate on pretty actresses because of jealousy.

    • So true. It’s funny this is mentioned as it really takes a strong will to rise above it all. It is suffocating to read about it when I am just a bystander. To go on live stream after the hate and be “normal” is 👍💪.

      I was just thinking that ZH is getting away with what he did. His drama is trending as number 1 even with all the disrespect towards women. So who is watching the show and what does this say about us as a society as a whole? 🙁

    • Exactly. They think they’re being good feminists by targeting KSH, but then turn around and bash actresses for, god forbid, being ambitious towards their careers lmao these people are the biggest hypocrites. Internalized misogyny mixed with selective male hate are a hell of a drug lmao
      (I said selective because of course they still gonna simp over their problematic faves who are literally groping women lmao)

      • let’s not act like female celebrities don’t draw more criticisms than their male counterparts. even if you remove all the comments defending her along with the responses to them, there are still more comments here hating on zls. and this is a post about dating rumors and alleged attention seeking behavior. you’re comparing that to a man groping his co-star on national television.

      • Nope, there’s only 10 non-positive original comments about her here as of now. The rest are responses. So the large number of replies here is indeed related to you fans’ defensive replies. Zhang Han’s article on the other hand, unanimously agreed that he’s a piece of dung, hence no heated debate to fuel the comments section.

      • zhang han grabbed his co-star’s breast on tv, most likely without her explicit consent. i would damn well hope he doesn’t have people defending him. zls apparently started a dating rumor about herself. and as it predictably turns out, she is the only person hurt by this whole thing. the fact that you’re demonizing her fans for defending her is actually insane.

  22. I hope ZLS fans can stick their heads in the sand even further considering the news that are coming out of cent today. Make sure to stick it way down!

    For the rest of us, isn’t it interesting? Who will even be left that will want to approach her within ten miles?

    • she’s booked and busy for the whole of next year, with a possible reunion with wl on a new tencent drama. what are you even talking about?

      • really? “the whole of cent can’t stand her”?? Then why does she still get so many drama offers… LOL…

      • @Kelly because she has strong backing LOL. If she continues doing this, she’s going to become like Wang Yibo where all fandoms hope their bias don’t act in the same drama as him.

      • @4ever. Who can predict the future? No one can please the whole world. Stupid fandoms deserve no respect. Good that she has strong backing. Is this what the antis are envy about?

      • @kelly she gets so many drama offers because the money behind her pays for them. Why do you think suddenly where Wu Lei’s name stands it is photoshopped as hers and Yang Yang’s data disappears by magic when it’s reckoning time?

        Nobody would be bothered if she just got roles thanks to her backers. No, what bothers people is when others are mistreated because of her. This latest episode with Kunlun yesterday only made it that much worse.

      • @Shanika – isn’t this how the game is played in C-net? YY is an A-lister and you really think he would lose out to a 23 yo newbie. Is this believable?

      • @Shanika – isn’t this how the game is played in C-net? YY is an A-lister and you really think he would lose out to a 23 yo newbie. Is this believable?

      • @Kelly… yes you are right
        All the guys acting opposite her are far more experienced and more established than her (even Wu Lei). There is no way she can bully them

      • @Kelly – the only thing that matters in cent is money, not how long one has been in it. ZLS has one of the best backings there, way better than Yang Yang.

        The game is played that way only by amoral people and yes, those who don’t exist even in cent. Stan people like ZLS all you want, that goes for everyone but don’t come here pretending she is lily white and innocent. Too many things happened and her reputation is one of the blackest in cent. Her game is effective, for now. How long that will last is simply a question of how long her backers stick around.

      • @Shanika – I never said anyone is lily white. I am not even a fan. I just like to watch dramas, any dramas that is entertaining imo. Her stage life will probably be controlled by her age and visuals. By then, your Stan will also become uncles or even grandpa’s. Keep staying sour and spilling trash.

      • I also want to know. If the backers are so powerful and rich, why would she need to work at all? Why working so hard filming long days, wearing thick costumes in hot summer? Why not staying inside air conditioned hotel, wearing diamonds and eating caviar. Who can be this stupid?

  23. Past TV interviews featured Zhang Han making disrespectful remarks about women.

    1. To a female guest in a show, “I’ll be honest–you look like someone who would have many boyfriends.”

    2. As scriptwriter of Gentlemen of East 8th, Zhang Han wrote “When I was young, my mother told me thin women look good and those who are chubby are easy to boss around”

    3. He also wrote, “Women in pain are the scariest animals–they will bleed for thousands of years”

    Despite all these gropings and negative remarks on women, haters are targeting Zhao Lusi (not Zhang Han) especially on koalasplayground site.

    Comments about Zhang Han already ended with just 17 mild replies… whereas hate and venom for Zhao Lusi is still growing to 70++ replies.

    Looks like haters are willing to ignore these bad boys’ behaviors but they just want to kill ZLS’s career and maybe end her life by driving her to depression or suicide with such hateful comments. What a cruel society / social media pack.

    If there’s an article posted on Kim Sun Ho, it will probably generate 100++ hate replies on koalasplayground site from people who ignore all the vindications made after his ex GF was exposed to be telling lies ..

    …haters just want Kim Sun Ho + ZLS to stop acting and to commit suicide by attacking them worse than Zhang Han, Kris Wu etc….

    • very true.. so many people who have nothing but hate in there heart… ZL just win a case against a netzine hater.. hope she will continue to sent more of those hater to court and her her justice. So sad but so many hater had cost some of the K-star to take their life.. I sometime wonder how those netzine live with themselves…

  24. I liked Zhao Lusi in her previous works like Oh My Emperor, Love Better Than Immortality and Prodigy Healer. I always found her cute but I haven’t watched her recent dramas as she started to move on to more “serious” dramas.

    What I found odd is why most of the time when she gets a new drama, she’s always involved in some offscreen drama (like accidentally liking negative comments about other actors, she’s dating X actor, etc). I wish she’d be more popular because of her work and maybe offscreen chemistry with her co-star like what she had with Li Hongyi. Maybe her agency should be more strict with her to prevent her from creating issues from her actions. It’s not like other C actresses have the same issue like liking negative comments about other actors, etc.

  25. This post have so many posts bcs too many ppl know true about her and this girl stepped on too many other ppl’s fandoms.
    You can believe in whatever you want but it is really a talent to make all your male leads and their fandoms can’t stand you.
    Bcs in Cent doesn’t matter black or white your data is. Ij the end of the day it is a traffic. And traffic never can be bad.
    If you take HZ drama it is in some rating lists bcs ppl hate this drama and discuss it but bcs they discuss it it goes higher in traffic lists. But in the end of the day ppl still can’t stand this drama.

    • couldn’t agree more. she has same career progression with bailu. but there’s no bad rumours revolved around bailu. so this isn’t abt jealousy abt her success. coz otherwise, many ppls hate bailu as well. clearly, many fandoms are dissatisfied with her team who like to use black publicity as well as her fans’s toxicity. just now one more bad news came out. so apparently, no huo minghao in hutong’s preview in chapter 1. only lusi’s scenes is there coz many said that her agency invested in that drama.

      and another thing is, her fans stepped on other fandom as well. like what’d happened in the fake data battle report. for instance, in wrtw, yy fans are angry towards goose on why they used hei fengxi’s data, not feng lanxi, coz feng lanxi’s data always topped the chart among ALL of the dramas airing during that time. but her fans saw it differently, where their complaints towards goose is as form of hate towards lusi. coz bai fengxi was placed above hei fengxi’s battle report data. similar case happened with wu lei’s fandom. so in summary, this isn’t abt jealousy, but more on the dissatisfaction abt her teams’ and fans’ attitude.

  26. I’m so confused, why is this girl getting so much hate? Did she kill someone? cheat someone? tax evasion? something so crazy I can’t think of? I mean, I’m reading the comments and most of them sound so baseless. Like, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? I’m not assuming she’s a goody goody but really who is now a days? Still I can’t just assume she’s such a bad person. I know her through a freakin’ screen, I don’t know her personally.

    • Don’t worry AbbyB, haters get benefits from hating and running down people:
      1) it’s a form of destress, maybe they have problems at work or home
      2) envy of another person’s success will develop into hate
      3) they get paid for having lots of ppl visit their social media sites
      4) other reasons not known

    • @AbbyB. Yes you are spot on.

      Haters get benefits from hating and often run down others who are more popular, better looking and more talented than them…besides that…

      1) it’s a form of destress, maybe they have problems at work or home

      2) envy of another person’s success or looks will develop into hate

      3) they get paid for having lots of ppl visit their social media sites

      4) other reasons not known

      In life, there will be haters. I pray that no actors or actresses who will be driven to depression or suicide due to cruel comments by haters, trolls and netizens.

      They not only target celebrities, but sometimes they will target their own friends or even families. They destroy people’s lives with words because they feel entitled. This is what they claim as free speech. 🤣🤣

    • I’m just as confused, and I’m coming in late because I was just Googling LuSi’s “possible” new drama with WuLei that I read on YouTube, LOL. So. So. Confused. Eh, doesn’t matter. I’ll continue looking forward to this actress’ new dramas. “Fandom” is a scary place. Hopefully I’ll find another site where discussion is a bit less school playground.

  27. She had a interview, had other said what she said, it would be ok, but every word she said it nitpick by the netzine..
    On one interview, the interviewer said that she is as good as Zhao Liying.. ZL thank that interviewer for saying it.. but she said that she have a very long way before she able to be even near Zhao Liying… just saying that now turn out that she said negative thing about Zhao Liying..
    her current interview, the interviewer said that her road to stardom is easily, she just said, no in the beginning when she is unknown, she had to run around for casting.. what is wrong with saying that.. where anyone there when she was unknown.. what if she did had to run around before someone know about her.. and given her an chance…
    Why is she so successful at such a young age…. it cause she a good actress.. the director know who is good or not.. why she get project?? She work hard.. if she is not a good actress, no director would want that actress.. would you want a actress that need take after take for a shot, or a actress that can do her part in one or two shot.. Even the director of LLTG said that ZL is a gifted actress, that she is blessed.. Everyone that work with ZL have nothing but good praise for her.
    It sad, but no matter what she do there will be always people who would nitpick everything…
    There an old saying, if you say a negative thing about a person even though that person is innocent for so long, they become guilty… that is what happen with ZL, she didn’t do anything, however hater, and anti-fan say it an repeat it so many time, there will be people who believe, even though they don’t know anything about her.
    I will say, I don’t know her, however I think she a very good actress.. and she deserve all the success that she have right now..

    • So are you saying other actresses didn’t work hard so they stuck out with no roles or 3 or 2nd leads?
      It is very funny. And very naive to think

      • see.. this is a good example of negative way of thinking..
        I say one thing, then someone would think that I said other actress doesn’t work hard.. that why they stuck in 3 r 2nd role lead..
        where in my post did I say other actress didn’t work hard..

    • @Ami… very acute observations and you are absolutely right…

      Thanks for highlighting the chronology of what took place in Zhao Lusi interview regarding Zhao Li Ying. And also about Zhao Lusi who highlighted the difficulties she faced when she started out in the industry.

      These are the common things that haters do:

      1. They like to put words in other people’s mouths, and distort their words. They misconstrue the meanings and misquote the original intentions and comments.

      2. They purposely mixed up the chronology / timeline to make Zhao Lusi looks as if she self pity herself about not getting roles.
      Fact: Zhao Lusi emphasized it is during the early stage of her career, not now.

      3. They do selective hearing / reading and pick out selective parts of comments to make Zhao Lusi looks as if she purposely compared herself with Zhao Li Ying.
      Fact: It was the interviewer who compared them and Zhao Lusi responded humbly that it will take her many years to reach Zhao LiYing’s level.

      In others words, haters purposely do that. Their objective is to make Zhao Lusi or their targeted celebrities and victims look like the most evil people around.

      • @Rei

        I tried to respond to you earlier but the response chain was too deep and I couldn’t get the comments to post.

        I try to be kind but I also am not a push over. Life is already so challenging with state of the world and by being 🙂 well, she has my attention. She is just so darn joyful. It brings a smile to my face.

        Thank you for being positive, logical, supportive and stating facts.

  28. Because you said that zls worked hard and good sctress and bcs of that she received all her main leads roles. It is not negative way of thinking it is ability to make logical conclusions out what ppl are saying. If Cdramaland will be very small and there weren’t be that many actresses to begin with your conclusion can be passable but it isn’t like this.
    It is also will be passable if zls had dozens of 2nd and 3rd FL roles and slowly rose up to FL roles. But not having 13 FL roles out of 16. And truthfully it isn’t even my point but Cnetz one. There are tons of good and hardworking actresses in Cdramaland but they have no backing so they forever stack.

    • girl who is your bias? lmaooo you keep replying to every positive comments about Lusi. You just CANT STAND people saying good things about her. lol plss you look so pathetic i just cant. I hope you wont die with hates seeing lusi becoming more popular

      • @didiell
        👍👍👍👍 spot on.

        Maybe it’s some sort of haters bot. Programmed to counter positive comments.
        This is the new movement in the world; spread negative news and kill people with words….

      • And also she is pleasant to work with. She is adaptable and is willing to work hard. NOT saying others are not hard working — I already see how the haters are going to distort this. Please don’t. Do not twist my words. Working for a full year with only five days off in 2021. She is grateful to be working. She isn’t perfect. She is direct and directly calls out haters. Honestly, how many of the anti-fans and haters are willing to show their ID and photo? And stand your ground once anonymity is gone?

    • yours is not logical conclusion because you do not know the reason why others are in 2nd or 3rd roles. Maybe those cannot act, not as pretty (most have plastic faces)… Backing is not the only reason to make an actress famous. She has some talents that others are lacking. C-dramaland has many web dramas. I have watched some and those lead ladies are really bad in acting so they will not make to big dramas.

    • maybe you should listen to the director of LLTG interview, he said, yes everyone work hard and will success…however, working hard does not mean that you have the talent of acting. Director Fie said that ZL is blessed with talent of acting, that in this industry is a rare, not many has…
      so beside hard work, you also need talent..

  29. zhao lusi,
    I hope you will be more successful. Only good craft and skills can shut down all these negative people.

    I am just a casual viewers of c drama and Zhao Lusi always giving me a good impression because she is a good actress. its so sad reading all the comments here. most of them sound like a hungry haters who willing to do anything to drag her down. I believe there are always two side of stories and we as a stranger has no right to label her unless youre stupid who will believe in every rumours. I seriously wanna stan her so hard after reading all these comments.

  30. I just hate bullying 😂
    Sad on doing on line to anyone! Haven’t you heard about because of bullying, some people hurt themselves!
    Just talk about good thing rather than bad .
    Zhao Lusi is a great actress, just like others who makes a lot of tv series! The producers and directors like her !
    I wish for her continued success! She’s only young and doing very well ! It’s not surprising that others are jealous!

  31. Its not”(an earlier post from Zhao Lu Si
    claimed she liked him).” A toxic person made it seen that way she got a lot of blacklash for that too.

  32. “Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.”― Steve Maraboli

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