Liu Shi Shi and Xiao Zhan Rumored to Star in Upcoming Period Romance C-drama Spring Banquet Adapted From Web Novel

It looks like C-actress Liu Shi Shi is back in full force after doing fewer projects since having her first baby with husband Nicky Wu, she’s rumored to be cast in another period C-drama whilst she is currently still filming period C-drama A Journey to Love with Liu Yu Ning. This rumored drama is called Spring Banquet (or Feast in Spring) and is from a web novel by Bai Lu Cheng Shuang and the male lead has been offered to Xiao Zhan. It’s not billed as an older woman/younger man romance and in real life she’s four years older so I don’t think it will be a problem. The two stars are currently the face of Tod’s in China so there are lots of CFs with them repping the brand so visually they definitely deliver impressive cheekbones and aura.


Liu Shi Shi and Xiao Zhan Rumored to Star in Upcoming Period Romance C-drama Spring Banquet Adapted From Web Novel — 22 Comments

    • It’s only rumors. I think maybe we should only post about dramas when they started filming because a lot of times production want to swap casting even right before filming. Like the drama with Allen Ren and Li Qin. Li Yi Tong was originally billed for the role but they swapped out to Li Qin before filming because they wanted a more famous female lead. Though LYT didn’t missed much with that drama as it didn’t make much noise.

  1. Koala, are you fluent in Mandarin? This is not the first time you have posted fake news, this drama is not casting Xiaozhan or Cecilia Liu. Cecilia is doing Yi Nian Guan Shan and then she will act as Dongfang Yuezhu in the sequel to Fox Spirit Matchmaker that is starring Yang Mi.

    The previous drama news you posted about Wang He Di and Yang Zi is also fake, Wang He Di’s agent has confirmed that he will act with Bai Lu and it is all over the news. Please get some better sources for drama news you are posting very random rumors that have no chance of coming to fruition.

    • Here an article about it:

      With casting news it’s always rumors before confirmation, and entertainment papers and websites constantly post about legit rumors, it’s not considered fake news lol. Just because it doesn’t come true doesn’t make it fake news, stars frequently decline or pass on rumors projects in the end. It’s part of the casting cycle and in and of itself is worth noting.

      • Don’t believe those rumors Koala, the new rumored couple for Spring Banquet are Zhang Ruo Nan and Wang An Yu. This drama has been linked to almost every actor and actress since last year, it is a crappy melon and nobody thinks they can cast anyone good. Big stars like Xiaozhan or Shi Shi will not do it when nobody else wants to do it for so long and the plot is nothing special. Bai Lu and He Di are doing Accidental Love and their respective agents have publically referred to it for weeks, follow their official accounts. There was never any rumor with Yang Zi for Dylan.

        Xiaozhan just started filming with Bai Baihe for Ao Yang Ban Wo (The Proud Sun Accompanies Me) and filming got halted today in Chongqing due to Covid transmission concerns. It will very surprising if they finish filming before Chinese New Year 2023. As for Shi Shi,A Journey To Love started filming in September and it will wrap in 2023 too. After that she agreed to act as Dongfang Huaizhu, it is a big production by Yi Zheng and the main question is who the male lead to play Wangquan Baye will be, because his age has match Liu Shi Shi’s age and he will play the father to Wangquan Fugui. Both sequels are directed by the team behind Cang Lan Jue so it is unlikely Cecilia will suddenly go back on her word after she has been confirmed as Huaizhu by the producer Wang Yixu. Also after doing a romance with an older female actress like Bai Baihe, Xiao Zhan is not likely to do another Jie Di Lian with Shi Shi if common sense applies. It hurts his own image to repeat the same type of drama and there are offers like wuxia or xianxia where he is a swashbuckling protagonist that are more likely to be real.

      • The thing with Chinese entertainment is that it’s like a palace drama or workplace politics. You have to navigate through mazes of red and black marketing, hushed-up scandals etc to sieve out trustable news.

    • Agreed. Koala, for Chinese entertainment news, it’s better to use Weibo, Douban or both for more accurate drama news. 国产剧 is one of the more well-known teams you can join in Douban.

  2. Yes, please… This pairing will be interesting.. Their age are not far apart…even thru Liu Shishi is a experience actress… I am not a fan of so many older sister/younger man genre these days…

    • you know, as someone that would be considered a noona myself, I don’t really like all these noona romances either! It’s not a new genre, but I feel like I’m getting inundated with them recently. There’s so many upcoming ones like Nothing But You, Sunshine With Me, Love the Way You Are, She and Her Perfect Husband, Falling Into You, and more!

      • While Sunshine with you does have an element of jiejie romance, it is actually primarily a work place drama. A lot is centered on the office. Unless they changed something recently but I at least haven’t seen it.

        Lots of people love noona/jiejie romances so that’s why I guess. Some are terrible but some are very good. My Fated Boy had some of the best modern female representation in cdrama that I have ever seen. I am actually sorry that this got covered by the label of jiejie romance when the writer did an amazing job of showing us modern Chinese women, some of the challenges they face and absolutely brilliant female friendships. In the end I think like any other drama it will depend on how well something is written.

      • @Hannah, I can’t deny that you’re right. In the sea of dramas, there are good ones in every genre. It’s hard to decipher which ones are good until after they air. It’s just like how I got sick of xianxia after China just keeps producing 100 of them each year, or the endless remakes of Jin Yong novels.

      • @Jia oh I absolutely agree, it really is a sea of cdramas and we have to wade through a lot of bad to seek out the good. I wish they concentrated more on quality instead of quantity (including lowering the number of episodes, for example why does My Perfect Husband need forty!).

        To be honest, lately I am too tired and I will watch something if recommended (like MFB) but I am watching fewer and fewer by myself, just to try. Korean dramas have their faults but on the whole, it’s more hit than miss for me so I still risk it there.

      • I too find when a certain genre is popular in China, suddenly we are getting so many dramas produced with the same genre…just too much for me.

  3. Not happening.

    XZ has refused this drama repeatedly. I don’t know who the FL is but for ML it is Wang Anyu.

    Other dramas are in play for XZ. The one somewhat serious melon is another of Mao Ni’s novels, as a big male lead.

  4. Xiao Zhan gets melon-ned on new drama every other day. 99.99% of the are fake. His fans don’t do melons unless he or his studio announce it.

  5. I doubt they will star in this drama. This drama has been trying to link Xiao Zhan since the 1st quarter of 2021, and guess what, he filmed The Longest Promise instead. Then they started to link a bunch of other actors. So this is very old news.

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