Park Min Young’s Now Ex-boyfriend Gives Interview to Dispatch Saying They Broke Up so Her Career is Not Impacted and that He Lied to Her About His Wealth and Work

Oh this is an interesting development. Two weeks after Dispatch broke the news that K-actress Park Min Young was dating a rich businessman who Dispatch looked into his background and found him to be shady and sus, that said businessman has now approached Dispatch and given an interview. He said that he met with Park Min Young on the day the news broke and he knows how much she loves her career so they mutually agreed to break up so that he would not be a negative impact on her life. He claimed that he lied to her about his wealth and job – that all those fancy cars are borrowed and same with the fancy watches and name brand clothes are fake or borrowed. He called himself a liar in romance but said that is all he did wrong. He says his job is to re-sell second hand phones at night to make ends meet and pay off his considerable debts. He told Dispatch he doesn’t care about the news about him, they can keep publishing what they want but asks that no news about him refer to Park Min Young anymore or make any association with her. Netizens don’t buy this poor liar routine at all, saying that Dispatch’s report into his wealth and background was very detailed and this man is actually rich but his money comes from sus investments so now he’s trying to pretend to be poor to deflect additional scrutiny.


Park Min Young’s Now Ex-boyfriend Gives Interview to Dispatch Saying They Broke Up so Her Career is Not Impacted and that He Lied to Her About His Wealth and Work — 28 Comments

  1. Whatever he did or does, hardly her fault. She walked away when she knew. I hope they don’t keep attacking her for his actions. And he wants exposure or he wouldn’t be giving this interview.

  2. ya right…break up, on surface. When this blows over, Park Min Young will be back. Come on, she can only do so many rom-coms. At some point she will be too old and then she will need a sugar daddy.

  3. Found this interview very funny. Wouldn’t it better for him to keep quiet for the sake of both of them? Him going to Dispatch and saying all these and trying so hard to clear PMY’s name makes people 🧐. Who would truly believe the words of someone like him who has long scam of track records? and who would believe that after being ‘dumped’ by PMY to save her career, he still go out cleaning her name and put all the blame on himself? Lol. Is that even normal? It makes people side-eyeing them and their claim even more. Well, but depends though.. fans would definitely buy those claims. But not for me as passerby

  4. PMY knew what she was doing and when it went out, they broke up for her reputation. I guess, she askded him to say that because she doesn’t want to loose contracts or jobs.

    • At best she did not know, but the fact that they broke up so fast shows that there was no emotional attachment. So why date the guy? In my humble opinion it was all about 💴 💰(I.e. transactional). Also, she said she did not receive a lot of money from him. First of all that’s not a denial and second it’s all relative. 200k might not be a lot of money for her, but it is still quite a lot by some other standard.

    • Agree. She’s not exactly a fresh rookie, nor an innocent after so many years in the industry.

      While I enjoy PMY in dramas ,,, I am always clear to differentiate between who she are in/out of the characters they play in dramas.

      I’d think she went into this relationship with her eyes wide open. They’re pretty close – their families know each other. And it’s so contrived he now has to come out to say all this as well.

  5. Focus was on him, his Uncle-belly and his Hermes Oran sandals back then.

    But how is she ‘innocent’ with her taste? She was all OTT ostentatiously decked out in Dior, and to top it Chanel tote too.

    Nevermind her choice in him … her choice in styling too seems very FOB (fresh off the boat nouveau riche wealthy China Chinese) dressing.

    • totally agree with you. Her ex was so hot a super star and then to this. I know I may sound lame but let’s be honest, if looks isn’t what she was after it was definitely not his kindness or good character lol. Guy sounds dodgy. She will not be affected by this career wise but m so turned off by her. This shows so much about her character as person more than anything to be honest. She already have a lot of money. But then more is more isn’t it. I don’t buy that bs she doesn’t she does and maybe this interview is even staged.

      • It’s stagged. Can tell this from miles away. Just likr the above commenter wrote, better for them to be quiet then do all these as it makes them both looks even worse 😅

  6. Who believe it?? If he was at least good looking, I’d believe it more 😂😂. Women only dated men like him if he was rich rich and this is based on East Asian mindset and culture so don’t bring your western POV here, we’re more appearance, class, and transaction driven. A pretty successful actress is willing to accept second-hand phone seller? Only in USA it can happen, just like a doctor can find a waiter or waitress cute and willing to date him/her. In Asia that’s almost impossible. The opposite is usually more true. Someone who is not matching in class lying to be higher class so he/she can be accepted. But lying to be poor? Dude, I will believe if you’re a trans more than this. 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. He should have said nothing and keep quit . The fact that she did know nothing about the man she was dating means :
    1. She has poor character judgement
    2. She fake to know nothing
    3. She is superficial or dumb .
    But, in any case it’s her private life .

    • @missy
      You are right. Whatever he said is not important.
      He should just keep quiet unless he had this interview to get away from tax department or debtors.

  8. He must have been a very good sweet talker otherwise how he managed to convince so many people to invest in his companies or projects. So it’s not surprising that he can sweet talk a celebrity by showering them with lots of attention and care.

    It’s no point to blame park Min young on her choice of ex BFs.
    Nobody owns her and nobody forces us to like her… and certainly, why should people hate her for choosing whoever she wants to date or marry.

    No matter what, I like her shows and I have no grievances towards Park Min Young. She doesn’t owe me anything and she didn’t take any money from me, so I am cool with her 👍👍👍👍

  9. Wow, if she really did not know, I’m surprised at how easy it is to SCAM famous people in SK. Agree with the comment above, so did PMY get into a relationship with him primarily because of all his fake assets? I mean, he doesn’t seem to be exceptionally good-looking. Was she charmed by his intelligence perhaps? Or his kindness? Nah. This is telling on PMY’s taste in men, but that’s her business. But I do pity her, she’s probably full of rage for being scammed by a con artist.

    • LOL you really believe that she is scammed? Then that means her whole family including her sister and mother also got scammed into his business? 🙄

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