tvN Has Another Hit with New Sat-Sun Sageuk The Queen’s Umbrella with Kim Hye Soo Debuting 5th Highest in Network History and Second Episode Breaking 9%

tvN has been doing so well in the Sat-Sun time slot since the first drama of 2022 with Twenty Five, Twenty One leading to Our Blues then Alchemy of Souls followed by Little Women and now it’s got sageuk The Queen’s Umbrella. The serious with a comedic bent sageuk starring Kim Hye Soo as the titular queen putting all her royal sons under her tutelage and protective umbrella debuted with 7.649% AGB ratings, the 5th highest debut ratings for the network. The second episode rose to 9.062% and this drama is a certified hit with likely the same trajectory as Queen Cheorin. Reviews are raving for the incredible cinematography and well-paced script with so many top notch veteran actors and actresses joining Kim Hye Soo and a lot of promising young actors in the cast playing the various royal princes. TBH this drama didn’t appeal to me in the slightest but hearing how well made it is makes me happy because Korea needs to really regain it’s strong sageuk culture of serious and slow dramas that hit deep.


tvN Has Another Hit with New Sat-Sun Sageuk The Queen’s Umbrella with Kim Hye Soo Debuting 5th Highest in Network History and Second Episode Breaking 9% — 6 Comments

  1. I really liked the first 2 episodes. The story is pretty dark with the Queen realizing that the Dowager Queen is threating the Crown Prince and her 4 other sons. Then, all the concubins are fighting to get power. But the direction is funny with the poor sons suffering because of their mother’s ambition.

  2. I just don’t really like joseon period that’s all, just like I hate Qing dynasty (can’t get past the bald heads). I wish they explore Shilla Kingdom more.

  3. I watched the first ep yesterday and it was so heart thrilling drama and at the same time I felt heartbroken when seja suddenly passed out and found out he has a blood disease, somewhat akin to leukemia today. That was heartbreaking and the fact the queen gives all her hope and proudness to her crown prince son. I fully grasp the feeling of that coz mother’s share the same feeling. This drama, surely, will sweep the rating and buzz all through its airing like One Dollar Lawyer voz they really have solid scripts and excellent cast, the acting is really on point.

  4. The script is solid just by watching the first ep yesterday night. I love how Kim Hye Soo handles the acting; she is a great actress indeed. And the messy relationship of concubines in the palace as well as their princes are a great and hilarious watch, lol. The great grand queen is quite mysterious so that’s where the flow of story will go.

  5. I enjoyed it, looking forward to grand prince seongam’s awakening~ Loving the bond between the prince brothers.

    The major complain for knetz is that in the background of joseon, it wouldn’t make sense for concubines to even think they have a chance. If a crown prince dies, it becomes a war between there’s the crown prince’s son and brothers. With 5 legitimate sons, the queen would have more than solid foundation. Concubines don’t stand a chance.

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