Han Hyo Joo Beautifully Wraps Up Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl Talking Kim Yoo Jung’s Baton This Time

I love bookends and when you live long enough you see it more and more heh. This weekend K-movie 20th Century Girl premiered on Netflix with positive reviews and solid rankings on worldwide and Asian charts. I cared more about the story and acting and the feedback is that Kim Yoo Jung held down the fort as expected but her costars were merely serviceable but overall it was a lovely first love type of story. I saw these new stills with Han Hyo Joo playing the adult Kim Yoo Jung and it just gave me all the feels. One because Han Hyo Joo gets crap for being unable to act but more often than not I feel she acts really on point because I feel her emotions and these stills capture that. The second reason is that Kim Yoo Jung is herself an adult actress but she was baby version Han Hyo Joo is some major K-dramas that mutually helped their careers so it’s just heartwarming to see it continue now into a different context.


Han Hyo Joo Beautifully Wraps Up Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl Talking Kim Yoo Jung’s Baton This Time — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t think Han hyo joo and Kim yoo Jung look like each other but the movie is good.

    I feel for the movie and idk what can I say without spoiler. It makes me realised that sometime you don’t know why you like someone. At certain point, everyone is a good person and you just like a certain someone.

  2. All my friends from high school and college watched it and they loved it. We may come from many different cultures, experience love in different ways, but the first emotions of love are unforgettable memories. One of movies worth watching on Netflix. I’m about to watch it again.

  3. I find the movie plain and boring. Hope KYJ stops accepting romance projects. Even in my country, 20th Century Girl is not charting.

  4. I watched when it first came out on Netflix. It was great movie wish it was a drama. The chemistry between Byeon wook and KYJ was sooo sweet! KYJ acting was cute, funny, and really portrayed the character really well. All the supporting actors was awesome on screen presences. I wish KYJ would have just play her adult self. She old enough to play her adult self. They can change her make up style, hair, and clothes. I like Han Hyo Joo as an actress but I didn’t connect her as KYJ character. Bc HHJ pop up in last few mins of the show and start crying. I couldn’t connect her as Bora.

    • That’s true! KYJ as Na Bora was just too vivid, hence harder to connect with the adult Na Bora played by Han Hyo Joo. Not an acting issue, I guess it has to do with the movie did dwell and flesh out young NBR + energy of the adult NBR.

      And I also enjoyed the movie, and good that it is getting good reviews.

  5. It was fun to see that tandem again. KYJ did a great job as the young and energetic teenage character, and HHJ pulled off the more serious older version.

    HHJ is my favorite actress; her characters always make me feel something. Plus she has a beautiful speaking voice; it was nice to hear that right at the beginning.

  6. i love this movie, it’s cliché but the production, cinematography camera works and acting is so my type love them
    it’s currently number 1 in 12 countries including
    south korea, japan, taiwan, indonesia, vietnam and more. congrats to all the casts and crews.

  7. I love the both of them. Although I knew the ending that was coming, it just hit me really hard when it all came true. I’ve watched those dramas/movies long enough to know that 95% of the times when people turn back and wave, they are not coming back. Plus when he never kept in touch with her and she couldn’t get in touch with him, I knew. I thought that I had one shred of hope at the gallery that he’d surprise her, but that went south real fast. I mean how did they just kill him off and never showed anything about it? That hurt the most. I loved it, but it ended to sad y’all, I didn’t get closure, still haven’t.

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