Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Preview their Chemistry and Visuals in Bazaar Pictorial Promoting C-drama Nothing But You

The promos are starting early for this upcoming C-drama, which I don’t see airing until next year 2023 and hopefully there is nothing objectionable about the subject matter to get into the crosshairs of SARFT. Nothing But You finished filming already with leads Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong doing their version of the older woman-younger man romance set in the collegiate sports world specifically tennis. The two leads have their own Harper’s Bazaar spread for next month’s November 2022 edition that’s super simple against a white backdrop but they each brought Work It vibes to deliver the impact.


Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Preview their Chemistry and Visuals in Bazaar Pictorial Promoting C-drama Nothing But You — 11 Comments

  1. omg if only wu lei and zls did a magazine shoot too during lltg promotion, the internet will explode 😂. the cp was so popular along with esther and dylan

    • I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi avoid being photographed together just look at the BVlGRI event, if it’s in a different country Lusi and Wu Lei will definitely sit together and pose pictures during red carpet. But since both are young with so much potential they avoid dating rumors.

  2. really looking forward to this. surprised noona romances aren’t popular in c-ent. thought they were universally loved, but maybe it’s just a kdrama thing.

  3. Really looking forward to this!! They look 🔥 together!!
    I think I need a mind cleanse after all the shady cp drama created by ZLS/ RPS/ CPF after LLTG and Zhao yu tong is an excellent low key, professional actress. It’s going to be good!

  4. As per usual can’t read an article without someone bringing up Zhao Lusi’s name in a negative manner & blaming her for everything. Would Wu Lei appreciate you disrespecting his friend? You can tell that at least from their live cast interactions. As for “Nothing But You” I’m teetering on the edge of whether to watch this drama or not. I don’t know this actress at all. Also, there was another drama that came out recently with same kind of storyline.

  5. I don’t know the actress but I’m super excited for anything with Wu Lei, to be honest. Also saw the trailer of the drama and it looks pretty sweet. Looking forward to this whenever it airs.

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