Netizens Happy for K-actor Choi Sung Kook Getting Married at 52-years Old But Raise Eyebrows at His Much Younger Bride

I think this is just an ordinary news story to report on a K-celeb but I too did have a hhhhhmmmm moment before going ehhhhhh adults can do whatever they want. K-actor Choi Sung Kook revealed that he’s getting married this weekend to his girlfriend who is a non-celebrity. The notable element is that his girlfriend is 24-years younger than he is, so if he’s 52 then she’s 28 years old. Makes them both super capable of consent and making life choices so congrats to them, but I did lol at all the netizen commentary on their released engagement pictures saying it looks like a very proud dad about to marry his daughter off. I remember Choi Sung Kook fondly as the very old looking college tennis club sunbae (intentionally casting him for that joke) in Playful Kiss so wishing tennis sunbae happiness with his new wife in marriage.


Netizens Happy for K-actor Choi Sung Kook Getting Married at 52-years Old But Raise Eyebrows at His Much Younger Bride — 11 Comments

  1. Perhaps but they are adults and therefore none of our business. Further when I saw gong hyojin and her husband picture first came to my mind was way older sister and her little brother. Again that was celebrated and this raised eyebrow? Men wants pretty brides. She’s 28. Not youngling but about right for children.

    • That was celebrated because it’s still uncommon (getting less rare but still uncommon) for younger men to “go for” older women. It’s always the reverse and ppl don’t bat an eyelid and make assumptions that all men like way younger women. “Men wants pretty brides” are u 10? 🤦‍♀️

      • right? Genuinely brain dead stuff, older men want pretty brides so they go for much younger women, right?

        And of course the commenter is most likely a woman herself that will face the same stigma in society she’s herself reinforcing when she gets much older. All these young actresses and female celebs you love so much now will also deal with it too in the industry as aging women. Tale as old as time.

      • Yeah, so tired of pick-me behavior in the comment section of this blog, especially that commenter @Rina, always defending men no matter what and then calling Han So Hee “not like other girls” for daring to express herself through art 🙄
        According to women on this site, men can’t do any wrong and women’s actions should be scrutinized right down to the littlest detail 🙄
        Look at the Yoochun article, just a few comments and some of them saying he deserves to work, meanwhile all the articles on popular actresses are teeming with hate comments as if they committed some crime 🙄

    • Gong Hyo Jin and her husband have a 10 year age gap and the guy is in his 30s

      This guy has a 24 year age gap with his younger gf

      Of course it’s obvious which one people like you will judge more (hint: always the woman)

  2. finally the male actor of 50 married a woman younger than him, but what about the female actor who is 40… they don’t marry men younger than them. 🤔🤔🤭

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