First Preview for C-drama Adaptation of Lost You Forever Brings to Life Memorable Scenes From the Novel with Yang Zi and All Three Male Leads Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci

Alrighty, I didn’t write Lost You Forever the novel, that would be Tong Hua with her amazingly lyrical words and vivid characters. But in translating the entire three volume behemoth I have become intimately close to each scene and moment so much so seeing it come to life in the first official teaser preview was like my Christmas present come early. Tencent released a nearly 2-minute long trailer today that are quick cuts of important scenes – Xiao Yao as village fertility doctor Xiao Liu, late nights drinking with cousin Cang Xuan (the name of Zhuan Xu in the drama), lots of glimpses of Cang Xuan’s deep feelings for Xiao Yao, the runaway bride, Xiang Liu as both the white haired general and his black hair playboy persona, and poor Jing always being there and nice. I’m glad we don’t see any of the other female characters yet as all of whom other than Ah Nian want me to pull my hair out. It does feel like Yang Zi is just playing her usual period female lead so I’m more curious which of the three male leads in Zhang Wan Yi as Cang Xuan, Deng Wei as Jing, and Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu will steal the show.

Teaser for Lost You Forever:


First Preview for C-drama Adaptation of Lost You Forever Brings to Life Memorable Scenes From the Novel with Yang Zi and All Three Male Leads Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci — 22 Comments

  1. I love the cinematic color just basing from the teaser. Yay, the time of premiere is nearing. Another quality C-drama production is on the way.Yay!

  2. Is there a way for us to access your translation? I’m new to C-dramas but found the novel version of “Nirvana in Fire” and it so enriched my watch experience. Three volumes – what a huge accomplishment.

  3. I have read your translation so many times Koala. The way you tell the story was epic also that every now and then I go back there and read . Early Christmas present indeed, but why does the three men look seems to be alike.

  4. Ooo it makes my heart flutters when watching the preview! I just love “Lost You Forever” novel. It remains one of my forever favorite Chinese novel, thank you for the translation Koalas. You really brought a whole new world to us readers by translating. Can’t wait to see my nine headed demon. sigh~ swoon worthy

      • It doesn’t show considering she changes nothing from role to role. She is anything but a good actress, which was so visible in the major flop called the Psychologist.

      • If you truly watched The Psychologist you would not be saying that. I’m all up for proper criticisms. The Psychologist has not even finished the female leads story. All the stories inside were positive encouraging people with mental health to try and get ‘help’.

      • @abc I watched two thirds of it and had to drop it because of her bad acting and silly writing. I am an adult, that plot didn’t have depth of a puddle. But more importantly she was awful in it and the show flopped, hard, even with the water injections.

      • If the drama flopped than why did the production have two celebration parties for the drama? What is the statistics are you basing your saying? The Psychologist was never produced as an idol theme drama. It was supposed to send people positivity & the message to them, there are people out there willing to help them.

  5. Omg I have read and loved your translation of “Lost to You Forever”. I hope this drama provides it justice and allows a viewing that was just as spectacular as the novel.

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