Lighter and Princess with Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi Opens with 7.2 Douban Ratings and Decent Buzz

So I’m 10-episodes into newly arrived youth romance C-drama Lighter and Princess adapted from a popular web novel and it’s as good a time to do a first impression now that the initial Douban ratings are out. It’s got a 7.2 ratings and that feels about right to me, 10-episodes in I like the drama but don’t (yet) love it. I like the adult current period better since it’s angtsy but it’s only the first episode plus change before it goes back to their early college days and that requires more fast forwarding at this time. The computer science major antics, rivalry, and coding is so broadly written with hardly any interesting supporting characters, this really is a Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi two person show. Between the two, his Li Xun is more interesting and layered than her Zhu Yun but performance wise he’s coasting more on his personal charm and suitability to play this smart bad boy type whereas she’s actually acting and doing a solid job at it. The story will probably get better once the two actually get together, right now he just kabedons her once or twice and episode with a lot of sardonic eye lifts and she’s constantly in his grill over stuff despite claiming she’s totallynotatall interested in him. The drama is an easy breezy watch, deft directly with decent music and fast-paced story lines, so I recommend for anyone looking for the next bad boy actor of C-ent now that the former IT one is in actual jail, Chen Fei Yu is the real deal who sells IDGAF attitude from his very pores and I love it! Ah Se is definitely got them looks in this drama.


Lighter and Princess with Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi Opens with 7.2 Douban Ratings and Decent Buzz — 34 Comments

  1. I’ve watched 1st episode and i got bored. Should i continue or quit?

    Im currently watching accidentally falling. Not bad. Im not familiar with the actors but the story is pretty good and the acting is solid.

    Thank you, doctor, hmm.. not bad. YM totally has ONE expression but it’s fine. Typical medical drama. But not as bad as some people said tho.

  2. I am with Koala on this one too. I like it but I don’t love it yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good show because atleast it is still keeping me interested at this stage of the drama.

    Am not a big fan of the female lead or Zhang Jin Yi herself even though she’s trying her best, something just seems off for me but Chen Fei Yu is brilliant as expected and I love the dynamism of Lin Xi although I do worry for him because of what’s to come.

    If you’re looking for a drama to pass time, this is it and I feel there’s a lot more in it given what we know will happen.

    • For some reason the female lead’s eyes bother me. They look mean and kind of staring at someone. I dropped one of her recent drama because of that. I will try this one & hopefully it won’t happen again.

  3. Three reasons I like this drama so far: 1) the fact that there is no 2nd couple with separate story. I had high hopes on Oath of Love initially and Xiao Zhan as the newbie actor was the only saving grace, if even, of the drama. The casting of Yang Zi Was wrong for many reasons. She did not look/feel the part which was a big deal, and her acting was a drag. Most of all, the 2nd leads were ultra, ultra annoying and disrespectful on many parts. I say the same thing on The Romance in the Little Forest/2nd leads can disappear in the drama and it would have been better. Perfect casting but really crappy story (2nd leads). Okay, enough of that. 2) the female lead. I watched her on Fall In Love and she has this maturity in her, despite her young age, that is so different from many of her contemporary. I’ve talked about Yang Mi’s very subpar acting despite her acting diploma and experience. This girl blows Yang Mi in the acting arena. 3) CFY. I am pleasantly surprised. He’s charismatic, good looking, tall, his acting is controlled, and his delivery on point. This may be the perfect role for him, but I’m excited to see what he can do further. I hope he explodes from this drama so he can be offered works with more meaty roles.

    • Explodes? This drama is literally tanking. It cannot pass 1.3 on datawin. Seriously do any of you live connected to reality? Do you check out when you start stanning people??

      • @lol hey, get off your high horse and smell the roses (or go to toilet and smell your own cr*p if it is better for you), will ya? I am enjoying the show and just because you don’t doesn’t mean I have to halt my life for you. You’re a nobody to me, so is your opinion. I see too that it is based on hate towards the actor. Get a life.

      • @Mindy

        You should post more enraged stuff to show how you are a passionate delusional stan. I never said you can’t enjoy the drama. I enjoyed some total trash in my life. But you are posting as if this is Nirvana in Fire and he is Hu Ge and Mei Changsu of a role. That is what is delusional. Nobody explodes with a total flop of a drama where he played a poorly written character.

        Facts are hate now. Got to love stans.

      • come on obv its not tanking. It is popular rn in China but I wouldnt say explode. It is only at 10ish ep the datawin will increase more. CFY and ZJY daily weibo followers increase tremendously just like how esther/whd and ZLS/WL weibo followers increased last summer so yup they following the trend. the youku index reach 10k so it is popular not tanking

      • @trueid

        It is tanking. No, it is not popular in China. Please don’t.

        Heat indexes of any platform are useless. These are all fixed, in house numbers to give an impression of success. This is not unique to Youku, they all do it. Tencent was called out for it this summer. They all removed views because of this. Now they can just say so and so drama has so many views and you can’t check, nor you can see water injections (precisely the thing they are hiding, see Psychologist for example). This DW score is really low.

        His followers growing is normal but a lot of that is water. He seems like a nice kid that has been trying to make it for a while and has had some bad luck, even with the support he has. But you can’t look at this show and say anything but failure. He will try again, it’s not the end of the world but let’s be realistic.

  4. Chen Fei You just has that shonen – young boy natural look that sells his character imo

    He is young but sometimes actor can’t translate that to the screen, have a high hope on this one

  5. Is Chen Fei Yu’s image a bad boy in C-Ent?
    I never know that. Koala, are you sure?
    Any news articles of Chen Fei Yu being known as a bad boy?

    • Chen Fei Yu is a totally baby and has a great reputation in real life in C-ent. It’s that his “image” onscreen is of the bad boy, like he will shiv you in your sleep for betraying him and seduce your girlfriend type of aura is all lol.

  6. I really want to watch this but the female lead cant act for god sake. She is like staring the whole damn time. I drop this after one ep. This is the second drama of her thay I drop because of her acting

  7. Thia drama is tanking hard, it’s a major flop. All the current ones are, the top score on datawin is ~1.3.

    It’s really embarrassing watching people trying to talk this up as some success for him.

  8. Iqiyis New Life Begins is going to overtake Lighter & Princess pretty easily, while I haven’t watched L&P the female lead gives me major Yukee Chen vibes (pretty but she acts the same way in everything, it’s her wooden eyes) and Tian Xi Wei is just too cute and sweet compared to her. Unlike the lead couple in L&P, Tian has a lot of liuliang potential because she is great at acting cute regardless of her male lead and she is prettier than Lusi or Esther so she feels more natural as a sweetheart. She doesnt try to act like a sweetheart irl but her acting is good enough to make you believe she is a cutiepie in dramas.

    • why cant you just enjoy your favourite show without dragging other actress? whats your whole point ? cant you just praise your favourite without shading Lusi and Esther? “ and she is prettier than Lusi and Esther” lmao how old are you? you sounds like a 5 years old fan who trying so hard to make her fav sound relevant

      • Just for the record, the Lol above and this lol are not the same poster. I need to find a new name.

      • Er, my point was just to say that New Life Begins is doing a lot better at 21% than L&P’s 8% in viewership share and Tian Xiwei will be quite popular at the end of it. Given that Koala had a post that was about ranking those ladies its not wrong to say it

    • lmao one hit show does not mean you are a potential liuliang esp if youre a woman. Just because shes prettier doesnt mean she has a lot of liuliang potential lol. Esther is an idol and she has quite big followers before LBFAD plus she has one popular show last yr with yuxi. LBFAD sealed the deal and make her one of the top 95 flowers while zhao lusi has romance rose and tiger, who rules the world before and LLTG make her 95 top along with esther.

    • @lol, how you interpret my post is none of my business. But to actually assume I don’t live connected to reality or check out when I stan artists means you your opinion/belief and the rest is crap. So, answer this, who do you think you are? Youre a nobody. Your opinion is significant only to you. You are not allowed to force it into me. You assume I stan them coz I like the drama? Ignorant assumption. And you said you didn’t say I shouldn’t enjoy the drama? Then why are you telling me, rudely, there is no reason to enjoy the drama? You are vile. And ignorant.

  9. I was hoping for the wow factor but a couple episodes in I am not feeling it with both ML and FL. My perception of Chen Fei Yu acting is where I was previously w Wu Lei (before LLTG): not bad but not hitting the spot LOL. So, CFY pls keep on trying and developing yourself and one day… maybe. you’re still so young.

  10. @Lol you also have a reading comprehension problem. I said I “hope” he explodes with this role. I didn’t say he has exploded. Read. Keep your hate to yourself. What a vile person you are. I will enjoy the drama until it ends sand hope it gives you heartburn everyday, coz that seems to be your issue. If you hate or don’t like, everybody should be the same. It that’s not gonna happen.

  11. i have watched the 17th episode today. I like the setting, the short and effective reply by the main actor to whoever talking to him, the director special attention to bring out the behaviour of the main actress to align to denote the “princess” in the story. I got a little confused when i started with Episode 1 with the actor’s quiet behaviour but later got to understand his character better from episode 4. This is really one of the best dramas i have watched this year. can’t wait to follow up on how the main actor got into jail, etc.

  12. The problem with this drama is the cringe worthy mentality of the female lead – her deer-in-the-headlights expressions are also not helping her.

    “I think he’s a douchebag, but hey let me stalk this guy and compete with him in everything I do so that I can gain his attention and letting him know I think he’s a dirtbag.”

    In addition, he told me to leave him and that whatever the heck I choose to do has nothing to do with him. Except I did the opposite. I chose to be a poor self-pitying, wallowing dumpee instead.

    Like this is some cringe worthy character setting that makes her look like some desperate loser with no life and no backbone. How 1980s. Women these days (and I say women because statistically, they are still the dominant viewers), don’t want to see that passive personality. They want women to actually be capable and live life authentically, not in denial. For this reason alone, this drama will not make it.

    However, I’ve been wrong… because look at It Started With a Kiss. That heroine was desperate to the core, but I guess at least she admits it?

    • I really think you have personal issues, the characters are very realistic and progressive..I really don’t understand your issue with this series..and the princess is relatable in some ways and naive to some the literal meaning of the name. If you are a loner and have no one who cares for you just say stupid,let us enjoy the drama and it’s very good so log off abd don’t watch this series

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