First Look at Kim Dong Wook Channeling Anchor-nim Again in First Stills for KBS Drama Met You By Chance

After the delayed surprise that was my watching Find Me in Your Memory a good two years late, I decided no more passing up on Kim Dong Wook romance dramas even if the premise doesn’t sound all that interesting off the bat. Sadly You are My Spring was meh but at least I tried to power through it, but his upcoming Met You By Chance with Jin Ki Joo feels like a FMIYM crossed with a time skip drama maybe. It details two time lines, in 1987 and in 2021, with the two leads actually traveling from 2021 back to 1987 to try and prevent a murder for him and prevent her parents from marrying for her. Dang, she doesn’t even want to be born lol. Anyhoo, Kim Dong Wook plays a news reporter and weekend anchor so seeing his first stills its like Anchor-nim from FMIYM come back to life, but without his Yeo Ha Jin by his side this time.

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