Chen Fei Yu in Lighter and Princess Tops the Maoyan Entertainment November 2022 Hot Character Chart Followed by Xu Kai in She and Her Perfect Husband

The Maoyan Entertainment hot chart for November 2022 is out and I only paid attention since I’ve recently watched a few C-dramas so I’m curious what resonated with Chinese viewers. Topping the list is the character of Li Xun in Lighter and Princess played by Chen Fei Yu. He was more interesting to me than female lead Zhang Jing Yi‘s character of Zhu Yun no doubt, a combination of Li Xun‘s bad boy appeal and Chen Fei Yu portraying him perfectly. Second spot goes to Yang Hua the male lead of She and Her Perfect Husband played by Xu Kai, a twenty-something home trader who rejects the structure of the professional workplace. Yang Hua is totally a made up character and as interesting as white paper so it’s hard to connect for me, but Xu Kai is just eye candy it’s hard not to just sigh softly when he’s onscreen being the good fake boyfriend/husband to Yang Mi. Third spot is Luo Yun Xi as Luo Ben in Light Chaser Rescue reuniting with Wu Qian. I’m surprised to see him here since the drama isn’t terribly buzzy but I think it’s solely due to Luo Yun Xi being popular so enough people tune in. After that it’s Bai Jing Ting in New Life Begins so the top four spots are all male leads, not surprising.

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Youku Releases Youth Melodrama Romance Lighter and Princess with Perfect Emo and Age Casting of Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi

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