J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Announces Second Pregnancy After Not Divorcing Her Douchebag Cheating Comedian Husband Watabe Ken Back in 2020

Oh I remember this news story and it’s legit one of the most rage inducing ones I’ve read from J-ent. During the height of COVID-19 in June of 2020, Japanese veteran comedian and MC Watabe Ken was outed by a tabloid as being a habitual cheater on his drop dead gorgeous model-actress wife Sasaki Nozomi, from when they were dating, to after they were married, and even during her first pregnancy. His affair partners ranged from gravure actresses to random OLs he picked up, and one of his favorite hookup stops was a disabled freestanding toilet in ritzy Roppongi district, saying it was larger and nicer than a regular toilet. I think I may still have barf remaining from two years ago writing that article. Anyways, after news broke he actually admitted to it, claimed he was fully in the wrong but that he was NOT a sex addict, and vowed to repent forever and make it up to his wife. Her side released a statement that she was not divorcing him, probably due to having a baby together and also that relentless J-cultural pressure against divorcing. Anyways, this week Nozomi announced that she was pregnant with their second child and asked for well-wishes. She was actually semi-retired after marriage but once the scandal broke Watable was fired from all his gigs and she reportedly went back to work as the breadwinner of the family so she’s done movies and doramas these past two years. Sometimes you want to help someone but they just good with it, which really seems like her situation.


J-actress Sasaki Nozomi Announces Second Pregnancy After Not Divorcing Her Douchebag Cheating Comedian Husband Watabe Ken Back in 2020 — 16 Comments

  1. I mean… we don’t actually know these people. I find all the speculation about the personal lives of celebrities just fundamentally misguided – especially the people acting holier than thou over tabloid news. She’s a grown ass woman and doesn’t need randos on the other side of the world judging her for her choices.

    • So us not wanting her to be chained to a filthy, pathetic, systematic cheater that didn’t relent in his douchebaggery even when she was pregnant is somehow “holier than thou” behaviour? Is that really the hill you want to die on? Clown.

    • Exactly. I mean, of course she can do whatever she wants, but people can have opinions too, doesn’t mean we’re “judging” lmao she’s literally a public figure so of course we’ll have our opinions about their lives

      I just can’t imagine staying with a man who already cheated, I have too much self-respect for that BS. Plus I’ve left my pick-me phase in high school lol. But Japan is still patriarchal, so I guess I can’t really fully blame her, maybe she’s scared of the repercussions in that kind of society. Just saying it’s not for me personally. As you said, cheaters will always cheat.

      And I know looks aren’t everything, but I always find it sad seeing beautiful women giving unattractive males like that guy a chance, and then the ugly dude will have the audacity to cheat 🙄
      Princess Diana, Adriana Lima, Beyonce, Behati Prinsloo, and this woman. I wonder which beautiful celeb will be cheated on next. Sigh…

      • Careful, you might get a strain from patting yourself on the back so much! Again, there may be circumstances we are unaware of in this relationship (like it being open which I’m sure celebrities in Japan couldn’t admit to… so it’s just easier to admit to cheating when one partner gets careless) or priorities that are different from your own… and that’s FINE. Also, you seem to view being a woman and even physical beauty as some sort of virtue and it’s really not.

      • Also, Princess Diana was hardly faithful herself. But I guess that’s ok since she’s a woman and anything wrong we do is the fault of some man or the patriarchy! How very grown up of us!

    • Welp. Can’t want better for people than they want for themselves. He humiliated her like this because he knew she would never leave him. I guess she is happy being treated like a doormat by her husband as long as she has a ring on her finger.

  2. Not once but frequently cheating but her choice if she want to keepa cheater. But for me oncea cheater will always be a cheater, they will never change they will just be careful not be caught.
    She’s beautiful, smart, knows how earn money, so I don’t kmow why she want that kind of husband.

  3. Stop looking up to celebrties. Even if you think Nozomi Sasaki is too good for this old comedian cheater, fact is many japanese “talents” started as gravure models which is a kind of underaged lolita model that appeals to older pedos. Gravure is shady and many gravure models end up in porn or as escorts if they don’t make it as actresses. J-ent is yuck, Nozomi may have known he was a cheat if he was so busy fcking around but didnt mind and still doesn’t mind.

    I’m actually not even sure if Japan has acting schools like China and Korea, because so many actresses even Ayase Haruka start as gravure models instead of attending acting school or something legit. It just sounds insanely predatory for the main pathway into acting to be underaged loli modelling instead of some recognised training program.

  4. I mean I once watched a video at douyin about differences girls in China and Japan when finding out the boyfriends cheated (of course a bit generalisation and comedic purpose), Japanese girl side willing to forgive and even blame herself that the boyfriend cheated, she is the one who promise will better herself. So you can see the general attitude of the society and why she could forgive and forget. A bit sad actually if it’s true.

      • Why are you so angry all over the comment section that people don’t like cheaters and think it’s a waste that the women stayed? Projection much?

      • Right @PineappleTot? The rest of us are “pretentious” for expecting fidelity in a marriage. Methinks this story hits a little to close to home for this Rina poster. She is projecting and that’s why she is so mad at all the women who DON’T think cheating is acceptable in a relationship.

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