Moon Ga Young and Kim Dong Wook Continue to Feed the Fans of Find Me in Your Memory with Most Recent 2022 MAMA Appearance Pics

There is a Chinese saying of “tossing the dog treats” when it comes to a couple dropping cuteness whether real life or reel life. The two leads Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young went above and beyond during the filming of Find Me in Your Memory in tossing the dog treats and even after the drama wrapped they still have posted hanging out updates. The most recent one was this week as both attended the 2022 MAMA Awards as presenters and here they are hanging out alongside Han Sun Hwa and Woo Do Hwan. It’s a reunion for Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan as well from the drama Tempted. Even cuter is Moon Ga Young updating the Instagram account she started under her actress character’s name Yeo Ha Jin and posting a pic of her hand with Kim Dong Wook’s but in a position that totally screams Anchor-nim and his Ha Jin just wanting to be next to him. Even wilder is that post got 19000+ likes and the drama has been over for 3 years! Fans are saying the #1 biggest shipper of Anchor-nim with Yeo Ha Jin is……..Moon Ga Young. Okay, that is both true and so so adorbs.


Moon Ga Young and Kim Dong Wook Continue to Feed the Fans of Find Me in Your Memory with Most Recent 2022 MAMA Appearance Pics — 12 Comments

  1. I rewatched this drama recently which is something I very rarely do and it makes me so happy to see a masculine non teeny bopper male lead who generates such brilliant chemistry with his partner.

    Most Kdramas these days totally miss the mark for me chemistry wise. Anyone else feel the same?

  2. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun also reunite at MAMA awards for the first time in ten years . 2022 10th ” i miss you” anniversary .

    • Yeah, that was super cute and I love how they’re smiling at each other the whole time! Jin Goo’s “It’s okay, it’s okay” when So Hyun couldn’t open the box containing the winner’s name was too cute!
      So Hyun was also trending at my country’s Twitter, love her styling this time

      • Yup Yeo Jin Goo was really being Oppa hehe. I also loved her styling after a long time. Age appropriate and also not two size bigger like most of the time.

    • lmao that made me feel old AF 😂
      could still remember waiting for i miss you episodes in early 2010s and now they’re both grown up and looking fantastic to boot lol

  3. Nice that Moon Ga Young and Woo Do Hwan are still close

    I know nearly every celebrity has gone under the knife but I have never liked Kim Dong Wook’s nosejob. His original nose suited his face better.

  4. MGY and WDH had many times dating rumors, people saying they saw them on a date looking lovey dovey. I guess it might be true, since they still hang out even after so many dating rumors lol

  5. I’d watch a sequel to Find Me In Your Memory, honestly. I’d also welcome a new drama with the same leads. It’s one of my favorite dramas.

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