C-netizens Go Full Catty on the Actresses at the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards with Complaints Across the Board

So I noticed the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit solely for the onstage pairing of Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang, two sizzling in popularity young actors who happened to play the same character in Ever Night season 1 and 2. But it turns out the ladies side was wayyyyyyyy juicier and get ready for cat claws all around! C-netizens went on a rampage with their complaints and accusations so hold your horses. First up is top actress Zhao Li Ying, who got a major award, but her same level top actresses with even bigger dramas this year Dilraba Dilmarut and Yang Mi were nowhere in sight. Rumors are the three actresses hate each other and all said said she would attend only if the other two didn’t and the sponsors basically had to pick one of the three. Then Angelababy and Yang Cao Yue wore nearly the same gown on top and avoided each other at the event. Then Wu Jing Yan got teased mercilessly for her caterpillow eyebrows and hahaha she needs to fire her makeup artist. Next Guan Xiaotong got the same award as Zhang Tian Ai and Wu Jing Yan with the latter two walking up hand in hand and pointedly standing far away from Guan Xiaotong. And lastly, Zhao Lu Si was critiqued for looking chubby and her dress looking like a comforter duvet cover, the former is laughably as the girl weighs 90 lbs soaking wet but the latter yeah that’s unfortunately but true.

But the slaying wasn’t reserved only for the actresses! Xiao Zhan and Chen Fei Yu were chided for sitting next to each other in THE MOST AWKWARD WAY POSSIBLE and apparently not having a single interaction the entire time.

But the best thing to come out of Weibo night was C-netizens loving Ah Se and Dylan and calling them the New Goblin Bromance mwahaha.


C-netizens Go Full Catty on the Actresses at the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards with Complaints Across the Board — 67 Comments

  1. @Jo You can check Douban. This years Weibo event fell flat because a lot of top Weibo liuliangs and red carpet royalty like Dilreba, Yang Zi, Zhu Yilong, Gong Jun, Wang Yibo, Eather Yu, Bai Lu, Nini, Gulnezar did not attend.

    I almost did not recognise Wu Jinyan, she has not filmed a drama for 2 years wonder what is up. Yu Zheng froze her?

    Guan Xiaoting, Zhang Tianai (she looks a lot better after breaking up with Xu Kaicheng), Yang Chaoyue got praised as the best looking of the evening. Zhao Lusi got called out for looking chunky ttps://www.douban.com/group/topic/279376389/ re: her weight, it shouldn’t matter if shes 90 or 100pounds wet, but it’s obvious that even Lusi feels the need to Photoshop her face smaller in all her photos and even her dramas… Shes just 24. Maybe she overworked herself in recent years because her output is high, but I hope she doesnt resort to surgery or drastic measures despite the pressure.

    • Wu Jinyan became the first celebrity to be chided by CCTV6 for acting like a big shot, making their interview team wait and even requested them to pay for the venue change after she changed the venue at the last minute. So production teams naturally avoided her after this incident.

      • Nah Wu Jinyan did a lot of dramas like Legend of Haolan, You Are My Answer and Legacy after Yanxi Palace and the CCTV 6 thing was apparently her teams fault not hers. I think her acting got a bad rep after those dramas and she hasn’t been able to get good roles, Yanxi Palace shot her to fame because her character was cold hearted and didn’t require big emo expressions. Her acting in Haolan and YAMA got derided but I still like her, heard she is doing theater to improve her skills I hope Yuzheng helps her.

      • I would say her acting is very methodical. Especially when she pretends to be crazy. The way she presented the “pretending to be crazy” acting in Legend of Haolan was practically the same as Wei Yingluo. Hope her skills improve over these few years.

    • This Weibo event is smaller compared to the previous years, one because of recent tightened covid protocol and another is because this is not Weibo Night. Weibo decided to do a separate events for movie and drama/tv shows this year. So it’s not the ultimate gathering of stars. Weibo movie night was held few months back with many movie stars in attendance. The red carpet royalty you talked about are not much of a royalty except for Dilraba, Yang Zi, Zhu Yilong whom are staple red carpet faces. Others that you listed are not much known for their red carpet presence. WHD and CFY both looks awkward onstage, like too cool to mingle aura, but they did sing adorably onstage. But their fans cat clawing after that is never ending. XZ and CFY both look dazed and bored, I think it’s not something to dig deeper on why the lack of interactions because basically they didn’t personally know each other. But a nod/smile of acknowledgement from CFY would have sufficed actually before he sits because in the video you could see XZ actually looked at him, age-wise greeting someone older than you should be the initiative of someone younger. The girls red carpet I actually like it, they are bold in fashion not like Korean one where the fashion look boring most of the time. The color splash looks good.

      • I agree with you regarding the fashion. Much more colourful, creative and glamorous than KDrama award nights where everyone seams to wear black and underwhelming designs.

  2. Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Tianai were the best dressed this time imo. But yeah, this event was small-ish compared to previous years and feels more like a company dinner than an awards ceremony, probably due to the covid-19 restrictions.

    The melon about Dilraba, Yang Mi and Zhao Liying is pretty ridiculous though, Dilraba is a 90er flower, I doubt she has any bad blood with the other two 85ers. I think covid-19 restrictions played a larger part in the non-attendance of other celebrities.

  3. So the woman in Yellow is Zhao Li Ying? She looks like she gained 20 yrs and maybe 20 lbs, too. That hair and make up…a no-no, just screams frumpy.

      • @Sara Sawry…I made you lose some brain cells. I guess my comment upset you. Everyone can express their opinion. You have yours and I have mine. Did I mention how unflattering that shade of yellow is on her? Sawry…her entire look is just…old-fashion frumpy.

      • @Peppa

        No matter how ugly you are, bringing down other women, especially those who are aging up in a cut throat industry, won’t make you suddenly pretty. It just exposes internal ugliness too.

    • You are saying she may have gained 20lbs but she already looks thin here. I am not really familiar with the actress, was she even thinner than this? Then I guess it is better that she gained 20lbs like you said. Also, she looks good so I am not really getting this comment.

    • I agree. She looks very different. Is it her normal face and we’re just used to the photoshopped version? Her face does look a lot fuller. Her makeup doesnt suit her

  4. Zhao Lusi chubby? Lol lol. Some C-netizens getting paid trying to bully her into an eating disorder. Zhao Lusi needs to try colors. She is like Wednesday Adams but with white instead of black. She is allergic to color. Lol

    I spend yesterday googling to see if there was bad blood between xiao zhan and Chen Fei yu. There must be something. They were so cold to each other. Overall I found that red carpet and event boring. Hope the rest of the events this year they do better

    • There isn’t any bad blood. It’s just that Chen Feiyu, being the younger person, didn’t make the initiative to greet Xiao Zhan. To the Chinese, it is common courtesy for the younger one to greet his/her senior first.

      • Not really China isnt Korea, there is no need to “greet sunbaes”.

        There is no bad blood jeez, Arthur is a 2000er and Xiaozhan is a 92er they are probably just unfamiliar with each other. Any little misunderstanding could be used by Xiaozhan fans to make a mountain out of nothing so most celebrities are very awkward and careful around him, he is the no.1 traffic star with the biggest solo fandom after all

      • @Anon… Ikr, Xiao Zhan has the most number followers and united fans, one thing for sure, his fans can create something, positive or negative, so better stay away. But , even this kind of no interaction, there will always be an issue .

      • @Anon This greeting manners doesn’t only exist in Korea. Although the Chinese aren’t as rigid as Korea, they still consider greeting seniors as a courtesy.

        Other celebrities also shared some nods and minor interactions with Xiao Zhan when they passed by him.

      • @elaine, and @4ever r you two there, the whole event? Did you attend it? R you invited? this is just a photo and you are trampling the actor’s manner. you two are crazy…for XZ fans that’s not incorrect, he is a top traffic actor, so one move about him will be recognized as a fatal to him.

      • @Anon

        In your dreams perhaps. In actual China, being polite to your seniors is extremely important, in both manners and words.

        Daddy’s boy was an arrogant ass who paid the price for it because he couldn’t link to xz later, which was the point of daddy making sure he was seated next to xz.

      • Im Chinese?!

        There is no need to greet sunbaes you don’t know and the Chinese language doesnt have formal and informal aka banmal like Korean. anyways I saw on Douban last week a question asking if it was common for industry juniors to go to the changing rooms to greet seniors like in Korean music shows and the answer is: No!

      • @Anon I’m Chinese too. We do greet people, you know? Especially when the other party is more senior or established then us. We just don’t bow like the Koreans do, we normally give a nod or a smile to acknowledge people even if we don’t know them personally. It sounds to me like you are so into Kpop that you forgot your own culture.

    • @Anon… Ikr, Xiao Zhan has the most number followers and united fans, one thing for sure, his fans can create something, positive or negative, so better stay away. But , even this kind of no interaction, there will always be an issue .

      • @Elaine

        There is a video of when XZ arrived to his seat. He first goes around making his own greetings and only then sits down.

        So he can greet his seniors and others, even with his status but daddy’s boy can’t? It’s funny to see his fans twist themselves into pretzels to avoid acknowledging he made a major social mistake.

    • @elaine, and @4ever r you two there, the whole event? Did you attend it? R you invited? this is just a photo and you are trampling the actor’s manner. you two are crazy…for XZ fans that’s not incorrect, he is a top traffic actor, so one move about him will be recognized as a fatal to him.

  5. C-drama red carpets usually wow me but this was a pretty bad carpet for C-actress fashion and styling. Most of their stylists must have been having a bad day. The guys all looked good though.

    I wonder if Xiao Zhan and Chen Fei Yu didn’t want any weird shipping stuff starting so just avoided any interaction

    • Nah, look at the amount of marketing Chen Feiyu did. Tons of articles comparing him and Xiao Zhan, all praising his looks while putting Xiao Zhan down.

      • @Guest And water armies don’t exist because there’s no evidence too. Lol.

        Tons of weibo search terms and articles praising Chen Feiyu and belittling Xiao Zhan popped up on that day. That’s enough evidence.

      • @4ever

        This place has quite a few CFY stans, you are wasting your breath. Plus that was actually amusing. They tried so hard to make CFY happen then when data came out, he couldn’t even reach WHD, while XZ was waving at both from the orbit.

        You can’t force popularity with black drafts. Yibo should have taught them that.

      • @Laura I got a feeling they are water armies. This Guest person repeatedly accuses me of being another person when he/she posted under multiple email accounts and names. Seriously, I wouldn’t bother to post here if Xiao Zhan wasn’t mentioned.

  6. Zhao Lu Si has really a chubby face, it is just in drama they are filtering or photoshopping it. I happened to watch her on Keep on Running and when camera focused on her, the face really is big.

    The most elegant here is Gabriella Guan. She is always that girl with elegance and beauty.

    The red carpet royalty, hmmm, yeah that was also my question, why Reba, Yang Zi didn’t attend it. Maybe because they don’t have any awards to accept. I read all the nominees/awardees and nowhere seen those royalties.

    The new goblins – yeah, Arthur Chen and Dylan Wang made the night. If that two excluded, this event is just so MEH!

    • Yes. She has chubby face but her body is already skinny. Shes just 39kgs, if 39kgs is chubby for them, then Im very obese..😅😅😂😂😂

  7. Once when Yangzi wore a lowcut dress to a Weibo event and sat next to Xiaozhan, her fans accused him of staring at her boobs when he looked in her direction. Another time at another event Xiaozhan greeted her with raised eyebrows before sitting down next to her and Yangzi look panicked because the cameras were on them. They are friends after that doctor drama but on camera every small interaction is analysed they are probably sick of it.

    • Can yall not overanalyse strangers. Arthur was surprisingly friendly with Dylan and their fans fought over Ever Night years ago.
      Im not an Arthur fan but yall are seriously picking on him when director Ang Lee is casting his son Mason Lee as Bruce Lee. Koala should cover this, at least Arthur doesnt look blatantly unfit for the entertainment industry lol

      Arthur antis should look up his family videos, there are a lot of vids where Chen Kaige hilariously calls his son stupid or talentless, and his mom talks about how he used to be obese. His parents dont think too highly of him (one time he knelt to eat with parents until they told him to sit on the chair, 阿瑟坐下 is a running joke) and often reveal how useless or stupid he is in public for no reason other than to embarrass him. I do think they are worried Arthur will be seen as a spoilt child so they try to make him relatable but at least he seems hardworking enough to audition for BFA (he said he asked Song Zuer for advice, maybe haters will say he cheated) and get an acting degree even if he didnt need to do it due to his connections. The one plus is that Arthurs voice sounds very crisp clear with textbook pronunciation, he has dubbed for cartoons. If you guys cant stand his dramas, well, once he builds a decent fandom, with his voice, BFA degree, connections, visuals he wont do dramas anymore.




    • @anon, these people are pathetic …they will just make hated comments out of photo wc even is subjective and fans negatively clamoring to this. Poor CFY, even a boy that’s very friendly and respectful is now the disrespectful one. Sigh!

      • You’re the one who sounds deranged. I’m not a die hard fan of any C drama actor but even I know Chen Feiyu is a damn good actor and IMO better than Xiao Zhan. You call Feiyu nepotism baby yet all his dramas have been hits so how did that hapen? Eeesh, pls get a life

      • @Sara
        You’re the one who sounds deranged. I’m not a die hard fan of any C drama actor but even I know Chen Feiyu is a damn good actor and IMO better than Xiao Zhan. You call Feiyu nepotism baby yet all his dramas have been hits so how did that hapen? Eeesh, pls get a life

    • Elaine, did you watch them for 3 hours, how do you know he didnt greet Xiaozhan or whoever quietly once the cameras turned away?

      You really sound like an old fogey with a stick up her ass regarding respect. Lol

    • @Anon There’s plenty of fancams out there. If he did greet Xiao Zhan, he would have put out the video to shut people up by now.

    • @ Sara and AKA @4ever , always talking about NEPOTISM! He is just blessed he has both parents from celebrity world while you don’t have. What he can reach, you cannot. That’s the reality of life.

  8. YM-ZLY’s bad relationship isn’t news, but it’s not a reason for YM not attending the event. Many stars unable to attended because this event had been reschedule so many times plus the the Covid restriction where even YZ didn’t pass.

    Arthur and Dylan are basket ball buddies in HengDian. They aren’t stranger to each other.

  9. Man some of you are nuts. Do you have anything better to do than to hyperfocus on whether Celeb A greeted Celeb B? This isnt Korea, nobody cares about all those formalities.

    Youve got to be weirdos, even on Chinese websites nobody has called Arthur rude. BUT they made a lot of 缺德 BL memes.

    • Yeah, super crazy ..this 4ever and Elaine and Sara are both die hard fans of Xiao Zhan, belong to the red army of ZX so they are really bothered and super angry when CFY ignore him according to the fan cams and photos. And the fact they are one person, LoL!

      • Guess you often talk to yourself on multiple accounts, that’s why you think everyone else is like you. You must be one of Chen Feiyu’s water army.

      • Lol you took the words from me and I am neither fans of both actors. The crazy in XZ stans calling you part of the water army when they are doing the utmost just because one actor didn’t smile nod at their poor meow meow.

  10. Yes. ZLY’s whole look is bad this time. That yellow dress looks cheap. She looks older here. Normally i’m always impress with Chinese stars’ award shows – they often dress very nice. This particular show I think most of the ladies dressed bad here. The men have done much better than ladies.

  11. XZ stans seething because one actor didn’t acknowledge his godly presence, belittling that actor, screaming about XZ’s higher popularity as if there’s any relevance to the original argument

    and then crying that you can’t reason with CYF fans

    • @breathe
      I don’t know what you’re talking about XZ stans seething coz CFY didn’t acknowledge him. I follow XZ fans both on weibo (China fans) and Twitter (international fans) and I have not come across any active discussion about this incident. If you aren’t familiar with XZ solo fans (not BL fandom, which officially belongs to another artist, therefore not his), they don’t give any hoot or heat for that matter to anyone other than XZ. That’s how focus they are on him, and it’s the main reason he keeps his status as top traffic to this day. He’s been used over and over by many in the cent for heat so his fans learned and know not to discuss anybody with XZ at anytime. They have no reason to seeth. XZ keeps to himself most often, except when he greets people he knows. His solo fans know that and understands it. What you said is far from the truth.

      Personally, I’m glad they didn’t speak to each other. I think both know it can create so many issues for them. Smart move for both.

      • I found you’re perhaps the most rational drama fan I’ve come across so far on this blog. You didn’t borderline cuss as other obnoxious fans in the threads but stated your opinions calmly. I’m new to C drama. I watched K drama more. I started to follow C drama in 2022 because of XZ. I don’t understand why there are always people so mean to him making nasty comments. I wish people could be nice.

    • You cannot draw more fans to CYF by insulting XZ’s fans with backhanded remarks about XZ. You should get a reality check to learn why XZ is a superstar with greatest popularity among all Chinese celebrities in and out of China while the other one is still climbing his ladder.

  12. Outside of Ms. Koala topic, why Korean actresses when came to the event their dresses were not vibrant like Chinese actresses? Is it because of the culture? Anyway, I love these ladies outfit 🙂

  13. Is it me or all these actresses look alike? Perhaps they use same plastic surgeons. Their makeup, hair, clothes seem so 2019. Arthur Chen’s daddy pushing all power and influence that get the boy noticed. Dylan Wang is super cute. I can’t get over how adorable he looks.

  14. Must everyone insult one another? We are here to comment and appreciate things and maybe complain about things that aren’t right… But please let’s not insult each other because of actors and actresses that doesn’t even know us…

    • Omg… Someone said it… I love both CFY and XZ and what I found funny was the BL memes… But this hatred between fandoms is ridiculous…Maybe they have badblood between each other or maybe they just arn’t familiar with each other… If greeting someone is not necessary in their sphere like how Korean actors and idols does it… Then why arguing… Different culture do things differently. If CFY is using his daddy to get through in the industry… Then why did he go through years of collage, started from bottom up to prove himself?… He could have gotten popular overnight with daddy’s connection and money…His parents have the resources which have helped him but can they do his work in his stead to prove he’s a quality actor??? He has to prove it himself which he’s doing bits at a time… He’s so young and he has always being even using his own voice to dub… I applause him for his efforts.. XZ shone brightly and beautifully as always and people must realise by now that he kinda keeps himself in his own world when he’s at these events now a days… Do we really have to hate when we don’t understand the real situation? Can’t we love them separately or both without downgrading the other?… Both has what make them special… Come on guys..lets love more… Sorry for my long essay🙏

  15. It’s great YM did not attend because ZLY aged, there will be comparisons saying YM did plastic surgery to look prettier. ZLY will also avoid everyone, and then play victim and pay the media to say YM made everyone ignore her due to her farming background. That’s what happen to YM each and every single time. Usually, if an actress age like that, the news will be really rampant about it. ZLY’s new drama is currently airing, she is aging a lot, not just on red carpet night. She also aged so much in Legend of Shen Li but she puts in so much filtering in those photos. However ZLY has been suing people left and right, perhaps hundreds of people per month, nobody has the guts to write anything about how much she aged in her current drama, hahahahaha.

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