Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Increases to 8.458% in Episode 4 as the Drama Speeds its Way to OTP Skinship

I’m sure if I had time I could do a drama case study on Alchemy of Souls – the great start, the petering out, the frustrating lack of clarity and answers in the massive world building, and the headdesk inducing ending. The case study now extends to the second truncated season of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow which is getting close to the halfway mark of airing and I find myself enjoying it wholly devoid of any effort made to try and make sense of anything. Like Maverick says “Don’t Think, Just Do” and in brain dead watching episodes 3-4 were actually quite entertaining. Watching Bu Yeon/Naksu be the dim bimbo longing for agency and freedom while confounding people around her is cute, Wook is brooding enough for ten lifetimes so it’s a relief he starts to feel like a normal caring human around her, and there are random little vignettes (Crown Prince and his new turtle bestie!) that remind me of why AoS works when it…, which unfortunately is intermittent and the non-working parts so teeth gnashing. Here Jin Mu continues to plot still and this time the returned real Queen is as evil (in a different way) as the soul swapped fake Queen so those two remain potato v. po-ta-toe. This weekend’s episodes had a lovely capper moment (ohhh lalala kissing in bed) complete with swirling new OST, good stuff worth FF-ing to get to.


Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Increases to 8.458% in Episode 4 as the Drama Speeds its Way to OTP Skinship — 9 Comments

  1. I didn’t care or part 1 at all, but part 2 is very intriguing to me. I think I don’t feel as bad putting time in since it is half the length of part 1 (which had 20 episodes to tell a story and failed to do so).

    I’m just waiting for her to remember and I’m curious as to what she’ll do once she does.

  2. I enjoy watching the part 2, naksu/ beuyon becoming sweet and bold in expressing her affection to Jang UK…sweet kissing scene..

  3. I don’t like this new actress despite all your efforts to promote her,she is not good! I am watching the series because I like the story and the male actors,it was very bad idea to replace the female actress.

  4. Nothing makes sense but my brain is so tired nowadays that i find myself enjoying it . I can’t even explain it to myself . Perhaps because i like Lee Jae Wook and the crown prince !

  5. Kyaaa. I just have to talk this drama every where. I love it so much, can’t wait for next episode. Wook must hella confuse his heart is melting again.

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