Son Ye Jin Posts Adorable Feet Pic of Her New Baby with Husband Hyun Bin and Thanks Her OB Hospital Staff for Smooth Delivery and Aftercare

As if I needed more reason to love amazing actress Son Ye Jin, she continues to just be herself which is an amazing person inside and out. She welcomed her first child a baby with husband Hyun Bin earlier this month and this week posted the first sneak peek at their newborn. It’s just a feet pic but adorable nonetheless, and made even more heartwarming with Son Ye Jin’s message on her SNS. She thanked her hospital OB team for reassuring her when she was concerned she would need a C-section, and she ended up having a natural birth and the team took such good care of her before with massages and after with complete care. She also thanked her hubby for “turning into a porcupine” each moment of her pregnancy and delivery and together they are the happiest parents to little “sweetpea” (arlgong) which is their nickname for the baby. There is not enough awwwwws for this sweet news so enjoy it on Christmas Day wherever you are and hopefully with family and/or friends to feel the affection.


Son Ye Jin Posts Adorable Feet Pic of Her New Baby with Husband Hyun Bin and Thanks Her OB Hospital Staff for Smooth Delivery and Aftercare — 17 Comments

  1. I know this is totally subjective but I have always thought she could go toe to toe with Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo in terms of beauty. Congrats to her on her new blessing.

    • Why having a child always considered as beauty?why marrying a most handsome man always became beauty?
      Even HB ex kang sora more pretty than her
      Why fans always delulu? appreciate just appreciate
      She is mature,elegant but dont have a pretty face
      And whats wrong with an ugly marrying handsome man?
      Whats standard?

      • @Matra WTF are you on about? You totally twisted the OP’s comment. No one is saying she is pretty just because she had a baby. But you calling her an “ugly”? Damn, maybe look in the mirror first before calling anyone that.

      • kang sora is prettier than son ye Jin? Really? that starless is prettier than the nations first love? Are u fvcking kidding me…did u even see kang sora pictures when she’s young HAHAHAAHA

    • @Rina Definitely. She’s always been known for her beauty in Korea, probably just doesn’t have the same iconic status as TaeHyeJi at that time so she wasn’t included in the troika.

      @Matra WTF are you even talking about? No one is being delusional here. Son Ye Jin has always been known for her beauty. At the time of Summer Scent airing, there were even lots and lots of talk about how her visuals/beauty carried the drama lmao. And what the heck are you on about with the “ugly marrying handsome man”? Did you have a stroke while typing? lmao
      And Kang Sora prettier than Son Ye Jin? Funniest joke I’ve seen today 😂
      Like it or not, Son Ye Jin fits korean beauty standards perfectly and like I said, has always been talked about for her beauty lmao

    • Not really. I am sorry but lets be honest here, her facial features are not striking or as perfect as those of SHK and KTH. The reason why she is never or rarely in the most beautiful actresses list in SK.

      • @Muriel that’s why OP said her comment was SUBJECTIVE, if you even know what that means. But since she has now gained global recognition, her beauty is starting to get appreciated. She is not conventionally beautiful, but she is pretty. And yes, she has been making her way to the “most beautiful” list nowadays.

  2. So cute of her to post HB’s hand holding the baby’s feet 😄

    I love how thoughtful and heartfelt her SNS posts are when it comes to announcing important news. She rarely posts updates about her personal life but when she does, you can sense her sincerity in every word and photo that she chose.

  3. That was wonderful of her to thank the nurses and medical staff that did such a wonderful job. I know she must have heard about all the possible risks and complications that increase from having a baby at her age and it might have been a journey for them but anyone giving birth to a healthy baby safely is an amazing blessing. I’m really happy for them and their loved ones

  4. She’s always been so sincere in her appreciation for the people around her, especially her fans. That’s why she’s so well-loved. Congrats again, Yejin! You did good in your birthing journey. Welcome to motherhood!

  5. Happy for Binjin in starting parenthood journey. Best wishes and good health blessings going forward. So happy to see them finding their true love in their later years. Gong Hyo Jin must be one of sweetpea’s godmothers when the one year old party comes. Hehe.

  6. Some insecure and envious people in the comments i see. Not sonyejin’s fault that your bias can’t relate to her career success and personal happiness.

  7. She is one of the prettiest Korean woman in her age for me. I just love her feature so much. Beautiful is really subjective i guess.

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