Song Joong Ki Confirms He’s in a Relationship After Tabloid Reports He was Seen on a Date

A certain someone doesn’t need to get busy during cuffing season to find a special someone to spend the holidays with. K-actor Song Joong Ki has confirmed that he’s no longer single! A tabloid report this week that he was dating a British woman and seen on dates has led to his side confirming that he’s indeed in a relationship. No further information is given as to whether it is the British woman or her age or any details, with his agency asking for privacy at this time. Fine by me, just happy he’s living his best life in work and personal matters so wishing him all the best in this new relationship.


Song Joong Ki Confirms He’s in a Relationship After Tabloid Reports He was Seen on a Date — 24 Comments

  1. He get caught by Indonesia, Singapore from his visit in Bali and his Reborn RIch promotion. I was already suspicious he has someone already but she is not asian! They said she is her english teacher and other report said she is one of his staff. LOl But how can staff frequently walking side by side? I already suspicious when he claim he is now speak english just because he watch netflix series. So it might because he has someone who he can speak in english with. . Congrats to him. Her girfriend is so beautiful. But it’s always in Bali he get caught dating? LOL

    • Haha! The sudden improved English recently made me so suspicious too. His English used to be bad even in mid-2021 but suddenly it improved so much in about a year that he was given interviews in English. Now it’s obvious why.

      Hilarious he got caught in Bali again lmaoooooooooo. I don’t think this is a surprise to most people as the pictures of them dating in Bali, Singapore and arriving in Korea together have circulated for weeks now.

      • @shryani75: I know that. It was a list of the three different places they were already pictured together: at a wedding in Bali(in Indonesia), Singapore(not sure which city), and the airport in Korea.

      • I’m sorry I sound like a broken record with broken english. lol.
        I was expecting he has someone but didn’t expecting he would confirmed this fast. As fan he keep surprising me. it likes a roallercoaster ride

  2. Knetz have already done ALL the detective work and know her name(Katie Louise Saunders), nationality(British-Italian) age(1984), former career(actress), names of her pets (seriously) and that she is already pregnant (gasp!). His agency announced the relationship but refused to confirm name and pregnancy which we all know in agency speak means it’s true.

    The Korean press don’t usually reveal the details of private citizens but I think the fact that she used to be an actress means she is considered fair game. She has a wiki and IMDB page but her acting career seems to have been small and she hasn’t acted in years.

  3. Its his life and gotta admire a guy who is not afraid to be seen dating. I’m more gobsmacked he just outright admitted it. Then why do the other celebrities hide it?

    Whoever she is confident walking besides him. Lol. Been watching too many Cdramas with the CEO and the scardy cat girls. So her confidently coming out of the arrival gate ahead of him was just lovely.

  4. Congrats again SJK! If there’s a bub on the way, double congrats. I have already consoled one of my IG friends who’s a Vincenzo leads shipper. Must be a sad & tough day for them. Now I’m getting ready for other shippers’ hearts to break come Jan 1. Good lesson to learn. Most fans’ shipping don’t eventuate 99.9% of the time which makes Binjin OTP so extra special. Lol.

  5. She is probably preggers or they are gonna hitch soon maybe next year, he is impulsive anyway. Why do they keep saying she is a non celebrity when she already acted in uk before. At any rate, at least all shippers humhum would die because of this

    • There are articles all over Naver that she is preggers. Knetz spotted them at the OBGYN. Expect a shotgun marriage early next year lol.

      She is a non-celebrity because she hasn’t acted in years and her acting career was mostly bit parts so she wasn’t a celebrity really. I am from the same counhave never heard of her. Unfortunately, for them as she had a public profile her info is everywhere. If she was a non-celeb the K-netz and

      • Typos! *from the same country and I have never heard of her.

        Sorry. Didn’t finish proofreading before hitting ‘reply’

        If she was a private citizen the K-netz and press can’t post her name, info or picture but as an ex-actress with available details on public sites, they can post all her info.

  6. I don’t have good vibes about him. I think he liked Song Hye Kyo in the beginning but after his love subside, his true colors come out.

    The way he treated his ex wife is really a total disrespect.

    Till now Song Hye Kyo never say a single word but silently bear all the insults and pain. Song Hye Kyo really no luck in her love life. But thankfully she is blessed with many loyal friends who stick to her throughout so many years.

    • Yea yea as if you lived with him and you are song hye kyo friend or something if you don’t know something then don’t throw unnecessary hate on someone.

  7. She looks like the dominant type, like she would order Song Joong-Ki around, the kind who’d get involve in his career a la manager, agent or something. That’s how feel about this woman. They better have a prenup. When he divorced his ex-wife, there were no division of assets, no alimony. But with this woman, if in case she can no longer live with him, she can just go back to London and take her share of his wealth.

  8. I was a super fan before but I have fallen out of love for this guy because of the way he handled his divorce. All the blame and speculations surrounding their separation was thrown at his ex-wife (I am not a SHK fan) and he did not say anything, he just let the ridiculous rumors percolate badly portraying SHK. I was disappointed my fangirling level has changed after that.

    Now, I think he intentionally flirted on occasions with his Vincenzo co-star to stir the shippers. He flaunt his girl at the airport but the agency said she’s a staff. They have attended weddings but asked everyone, the guests that are in the group with them with the bride and groom not to post or share photos. He timed / waited for the ending of his drama before announcing that he is indeed in a relationship. Now, bits and pieces of information have been coming out which I think are still part of their MEDIA PLAY.

    • He’s a very calculative man, he knew what he was doing when he one sidedly announced the divorce. With this new relationship, he publicly left clues for fans and reporters to find out her identity, which naturally invites people to dig up information about her.

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