Rain and Kim Ha Neul in Talks for 2023 Romance K-drama She

It’s high time these two same-gen top stars work together and we’re headed that way in 2023. Rain and Kim Ha Neul are in talks for the romance K-drama She, being prepped for next year and sounds like a mature adult love story. Kim Ha Neul is the head of a mega rich financial fund and Rain plays her bodyguard, a former cop with top notch training. He saves her life and she finds a new outlook as a second romance changes her. It’s from the writer of Only Love and the PD of Best Love and Hwayugi. Both leads are seriously considering the offer and I smell melodrama galore but also type of tortuous love that makes for great K-drama watching!


Rain and Kim Ha Neul in Talks for 2023 Romance K-drama She — 9 Comments

  1. I kinda like the pairing, both seems stable professionally and personally. At least its not a noona romance this time. Hope the script is good

      • LOL! For noona romances – they never really define what age gap would make it a noona romance or if the noona-romancing is between the characters’ ages or the actors’ ages. I think I remember some people commenting on Lee Sung-kyung acting with actors younger than her even when the roles are same/similar age.

        If one look closely at dramas with leads in their 20s and early 30s leading, half the time, the actresses tend to be older than the actors playing the romantic partner – typically by 2-3 years.

  2. I wonder if the tone of this drama will be serious drama or rom-com type. I think it could have potential if taken more serious but will be too corny if it’s like a rom-com.

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