MBC 2022 Year End Drama Awards Hands Lee Jong Seok the Daesang and Big Mouth Takes Home the Top Awards

The first year end awards show took place the night of the 30th over at MBC which didn’t have a lot of dramas to work with in 2022 to fete but still managed to pull off the night. Winning Daesang was Lee Jong Seok for Big Mouth which was as expected. The drama also won Best Drama and Top Excellence Actress went to Yoona which was also quite deserving. Hilariously she and Lee Jong Seok took home the Best Couple Award which if you know the drama ending feels like another slap in the face. What was cute was Sooyoung addressing Yoona during her own acceptance speech and making her happy cry, one point for Soshi friendships. Other winners came from dramas Gold Spoon and The Forbidden Marriage but no one from Doctor, Lawyer, From Now on Showtime, or Tracer showed up.


MBC 2022 Year End Drama Awards Hands Lee Jong Seok the Daesang and Big Mouth Takes Home the Top Awards — 7 Comments

  1. MBC completely forgot the first half of the year like Tomorrow, KSH was incredible in this role, or Showtime Begins.

    Kim Yougn-Dae is cute but he’s the worse King in Joseon dramas… The drama isn’t over yet.

    Golden Spoon was terrible, May I Help you was boring…

    It’s like in 2021, On the verge of insanity was their best drama, but didn’t win anything.

    • South Korea has very rigid ideas about what is considered beautiful/handsome so lot of their celebrities fit a certain standard. You won’t see the variety of looks like you would from Japanese celebrities for example.

  2. Sorry but even if he is a good actor with good performances,he didn’t convince me . people thinking in the prison that he was Big Mouse and obey to him was really a joke . It was like Gru trying to be T-Bag . And i join @Sayaris,because the 1st person who came to my mind was Kim Hee Sun , she is a veteran , she was really good and giving her the Daesang would have been great .Once again, you can be a good actor with a ring of good performances ,but popularity and ratings win .

  3. Meh fashion as always. From these pictures I like Sooyoung and the yellow dress. They are the only dresses that didn’t put me to sleep.

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