Lee Jong Seok and IU are Dispatch’s 2023 New Year’s Couple After Being Spotted Spending Christmas Together in Japan and Confirm Dating

OMG it’s been years since Dispatch has dropped a New Year’s couple dating reveal as BIG as this one. The tabloid dropped an early present for gossip eager fans today on the 31st with news that Lee Jong Seok and IU are dating. They were spotted spending Christmas last week together in Japan, at the uber exclusive Aman resort near Nagoya. Apparently Lee Jong Seok booked the hotel and arranged for IU and her little brother to stay there and he joined them in between his own fan meeting in Japan. The two have reportedly been dating for months and also have met each side’s families. Lee Jong Seok actually sparked dating rumors from his MBC Daesang speech the night before thanking a special someone for encouraging him and telling her he likes her very much. That special someone turned out to be IU and sorry I’m still digesting this seemingly out of nowhere real life coupling. I love them both so much and am so happy, hopefully it goes the distance or if not an amicable breakup.


Lee Jong Seok and IU are Dispatch’s 2023 New Year’s Couple After Being Spotted Spending Christmas Together in Japan and Confirm Dating — 24 Comments

  1. The Dispatch NY gift has arrive early! Congrats LJS and IU. I never expected this pairing. The quiet ones do normally spring the biggest shock. I like this pair, they both seem like low-key and humble people. Their 10 year friendship has turned into romance. Looking forward to more dating news. I’m getting my eyes glued towards KBS Drama Awards acceptance speeches tonite after LJS’s one at MBC Awards thanking IU without mentioning her name and SJK’s acceptance speech at Apan Awards.

  2. Need time to digest this news!!!!!!! So unexpected. But am very happy for them. Both are very private people, so I bet they have really thought this seriously before this confirmation.

  3. What a power couple. And I love their story too. A decade+ of being colleagues to friends to in a relationship.. a slow-burn friends to lovers romance trope in real life. So happy for them and wish them the best!

  4. Wow, congrats! For a long time, I read rumors that he was dating Kwon Nara but it’s IU instead? 🙀 Anyway, a big congratulations to them!

  5. Didn’t see it coming . It’s really big and wonderful news . Wish them really the best . I’m fond of them as i saw the start of their carreer and now both are shining in their field . Gongrats and hope that the ones who are waiting for their other half will find love too .

    • Didn’t see it coming either but it’s not totally out of nowhere, they’ve been friends for ten years now! Obviously they know each other very well, I wish them happiness.

  6. I won’t be surprised if they already met each other’s families after being friends this long (especially with him booking a hotel for her and her little bro and then meeting up with them to hang out). I’m really happy for them, much congrats to them both.

    I really don’t like the idea of Dispatch outing couples as a new year’s tradition because these are people’s personal lives and they should go public on their own terms but it seems they were ready to go public with their relationship. I hope that is the case anyway.

    • She sang the congratulatory song at his brother’s wedding so it’s safe to say at least his family have met her 😊

      Anyway I like them both and I hope this relationship brings them happiness.

  7. this was seriously unexpected news! my jaw literally dropped when i saw the headline on theqoo lol. i must say what he said in his speech yesterday sounds really heartfelt and sweet especially now that the context is known. best wishes to them both ❤ ❤

  8. I already feel something up in the air between these two love birds, as IU came to sing for LJS’s brother wedding two months ago.
    Before he said his ideal type girl is very general, a tall girl
    But recently after his interview with one of the magazine, I forgot the name, he said his ideal girl type is smart, resilient , and cute..

  9. Sincerely happy for both of them. You know when you wonder who a certain celeb would date but know it’s their private life etc. Was always curious who these two would pick. Wishing then happiness.
    P.S. I wonder is LJS knew it is coming out hence the speech as a prelude

    • It was mentioned on other sites that tabloids like Dispatch normally inform their dating news “victims” a couple days before the release. So it’s likely LJS mentioned her indirectly in his daesang speech knowing that Dispatch would out their relationship anyways.

  10. This is a surprise! They match well and it’s adorable they have actually been friends for so long before the relationship became romantic. The Dispatch article is fascinating in the lengths they went to not be caught in Japan but they couldn’t escape Dispatch lol! The dedication to her in his anonymous speech at MBC awards was so heartfluttering (he didn’t name her to respect her privacy). From the other clues fans have picked up on now that the relationship is public you can tell he really adores her.

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