Kim Hye Yoon Keeps Winning 2022 Best New Actress Awards in the Film Category Thanks to Movie Girl on a Bulldozer

Some viewers were perplexed why already female lead status young actress Kim Hye Yoon would take a second female lead role in jTBC drama Snowdrop but I always thought she was aiming to keep challenging herself first and foremost. She’s poised to really breakout in Chungmuro this year following her cult favorite breakout in television three years ago for Extraordinary You with the movie Girl on a Bulldozer thanks to her taking risks. She won the Best New Actress award last month at the prestigious movie only Blue Dragon Awards, the Grand Bell Awards, and now the Korean Film Producers Association Awards, and K-ent is saying that she’s trending so high she’s poised to sweep the Best New Actress in film categories for the coming awards season. That’s such an accomplishment for her and I’m thrilled she’s earning the movie cred.


Kim Hye Yoon Keeps Winning 2022 Best New Actress Awards in the Film Category Thanks to Movie Girl on a Bulldozer — 8 Comments

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  2. Thank you Koala for this article. I have been following her since sky castle days and so proud that her hardwork and talent are being acknowledged.

    Hope more project from her in 2023!

  3. Congratulations KHY! She should be a bigger star! I hope Sidus can get her better parts now (or she can just leave that crappy agency). After her breakout in Extraordinary her roles was very disappointing until this film: two mediocre dramas (I still can’t believe they cast her in a that flop Snowdrop drama as second lead to a talentless rookie idol) and a bunch of cameos. Hoping the accolades she is receiving for this film will lead to some great new roles for her at last.

  4. Gosh super happy for her! She really keeps her head down and works hard, challenges herself with different roles and is great in both film and drama. I know she got alot of flak back then for EY when it was airing but I watched the drama recently and found her to be more compelling than the guys. She kept me watching despite the really draggy and awful characterisation starting from the middle. She/her agency never mediaplays her looks, her beauty and overhype/overrate her like some of the other actresses with lesser talent ard her age – whom I shan’t name. She’s super talented and ambitious and has blossomed into a very sweet girl-next-door look. I’m so glad to see her successful and I hope it just gets better for her!

    • Honestly she brought so much heart and humor to EY. Her performance kept me watching through the end of the show—especially the draggy parts.

      • Same! She was the heart and soul of EY and I loved her performance there. I would like to see her in more dramas, shes so versatile! And I hope her breakout year comes very soon!

  5. Good for her. She’s very likeable and versatile too – hopefully she can join a big production drama even as the second lead to help cement her status isn’t he kdrama industry.

    HSH really ran with it when she got her breakout role a few years ago in TWOTM. I think KHY can too if given the opportunity.

  6. After reading the koala’s acticle titled My frustation with kim hye yoon in mbc extraordinary you, i felt sad..

    But now, koala finally wrote about kim hye yoon’s achievement here..

    Yes, kim hye yoon is zero to hero actress. She jump from just nameless extras to main lead actress in drama or film, even she won in many prestigious drama and film awards.

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