Supporting Actor Jung Sung Il Playing Antagonist Lim Ji Yeon’s Husband is the Breakout Star of Kim Eun Sook’s Praised Revenge Drama The Glory

Talk about great casting choice and the right moment for a break out for actor Jung Sung Il. After the first weekend of airing of Netflix drama The Glory, he is unanimously the breakout and what K-netizens are all buzzing about. A combination of manly charisma onscreen and an unexpectedly great chemistry with female lead Song Hye Kyo in their few scenes together, he’s got viewers scurrying to search up his previous drama and movie roles. I checked and oddly he’s done over a dozen of both but I just don’t recall him, either the roles are not memorable or too small, and honestly breaking out is more luck than anything since there are so many talented supporting actors and actresses that toil away for years and never break out. Of the male leads, Lee Do Hyun feels been there-done that and Park Sung Hoon is your garden variety menacing villain accomplice so Jung Sung Il has succeeded in showcasing his appeal in that small gap left open.


Supporting Actor Jung Sung Il Playing Antagonist Lim Ji Yeon’s Husband is the Breakout Star of Kim Eun Sook’s Praised Revenge Drama The Glory — 32 Comments

    • Yes! When I saw him coming on I squealed 🙂 Excellent actor & I’m glad he’s getting recognition. Hopefully more people will check out Bad & Crazy, such a good series.

  1. Was he perhaps more active in theater work before? He is a great actor, he can use his facial muscles and eyes to convey multiple emotions. I hope he gets more roles in dramas. Yes, finally after DOTS, here is someone else who has great chemistry with SHK.

  2. I agree! I really enjoyed his character in The Glory and like everyone else, ran straight to MDL to look him up. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more of his stuff in the future as well.

  3. He’s so fiiiinnneee 😍
    And yes, his chemistry with Hye Kyo is great! They’d just be bumping into each other, literally no skinship, and I could still feel the tension between them! Ugh, I wish their characters just end up together, but I know it’s not that simple.
    Honestly, I went to watch this for Lee Do Hyun, but ended up swooning over this man, how come I’ve never noticed him before 🤤

  4. he is seriously so handsome and his chemistry with song hye kyo was amazing. i think this may be the most chemistry she’s ever had with a co-star. it’s so fascinating bc he’s really doing the very bare minimum as a very stoic and reticent character, but the charisma just oozes off of him in bundles.

    • Definitely I have to say its nice to see her with Someone not half her age. I hope season two the writers would give them more scenes together. Tired of her playing roles with guys under 28.

      • i totally agree…
        finally SHK have chemistry with actor older 1 year from her.
        Looks good too…
        I’m also tired to see all her drama that her sparing partner years younger from her. SHK features looks matured… so when she’s with JSII, matching..

  5. Good for him. He made an impression back in Forest of Secrets 2 playing one of those devoted, intense right-hand-man roles. But The Glory I can’t take. Is it the Netflix factor that’s inspired all the crude language? I fled American entertainment to get away from that stuff.

  6. I was expecting a weak chaebol husband standing by the antagonist’s side. Nope, he’s a smart, intelligent manly ajusshi and super hawt! Credit to the writer.

    • It’s sad that we’ve come to expect bad supporting characters in Korean dramas especially when they’re already overloaded with boring leads.

  7. I just tried looking him up too after binging all 8 episodes. Not a fan of revenge dramas, but this is sooo addictive. And he’s definitely the one I’m interested in most. He reminds me a bit of Hu Ge!

  8. At last another real “sang namja” I can admire. Jung Sung Il is the type of raw masculine actors I love in K-dramas. Charisma just bursting out of his every pore. He’s just at the right age and great timing to breakout too. The 20s-30s pale pasty flower boys just can’t measure up to this type of actor in my personal preference radar of a man’s man. He has joined Park Hee Soon, Daniel Henney, Teo Yoo and Takeshi Kaneshiro in the older insanely sexy hot club.

      • Lol @Rina! A rare twinning moment in our male actor preferences. I don’t dislike or hate flower boys per se. Some are very cute and good in their acting but sang namjas actors are the top of the bunch for me.

      • @True, IMO all the best oppas can look boyish too depending on their emotions! Either way, SSG is *hot* and I think we can all agree on that!

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  10. I just started the drama but it’s exactly what I’ve been craving from SHK, she needs to move on from the doll like characters (who cry here and there) like her last few roles.

    I haven’t seen much of this character so far but I’m glad he plays a more significant role in the plot eventually, he’s absolutely intriguing and I think he’s quite attractive.
    . the bullying scenes were very hard to watch and I easily binged Weak Class Hero. Looking forward to watching the rest!

  11. Yes, this guy is insanely HOT in the drama. He is captivating, his mannerism, eye acting and facial expressions make feel things hahaha!

    I plan to re-watch THE GLORY this weekend…to dissect again their characters & acting, for its good cinematography & musical scoring, & for its bombastic FASHION spread! Damn, they all look expensive!

  12. Totally agree with this. He has more chemistry with song hye kyo just by playing with the Go board than any scenes with the young actor doctor. as i’ve said in previous thread, he has that mature stoic calm in him that not all actors in his age can portray. And that silent confidence in his gait that left us wanting to see more scenes with him. Now I’m intrigue whats his next move after learning that his wife is a psycho bully.

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