Netflix Drama The Glory with Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun Release Exciting Preview and Stills for Part 2 Premiering March 2023

It’s not too late to catch up on Netflix drama The Glory which has been buzzing since its premiere at the very end of 2022. Everyone who has watched part 1 is clamoring for part 2 which has confirmed it’s drop on March 10th which is both close yet feels so far away. Netflix released new stills and a taut and gorgeously intense preview for part 2 this week and it’s like seeing peeks into what will likely be an epic tableau of revenge and its consequences when its all done. Everyone looks running on all cylinders in the preview and Song Hye Kyo’s voiceover is just “chef’s kiss“!

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Netflix Revenge Drama The Glory Gets Rave Reviews for the Impeccable Casting of the High School Era Actors/Actresses in Visual Similarity and Performance

You know something is well made when there are multiple areas to compliment, and for Netflix K-drama The Glory it’s been a nonstop discussion of the various aspects of the drama that are excellently done. One highlight is the seamless … Continue reading

Kim Eun Sook Penned K-drama The Glory with Song Hye Kyo Debuts to #9 Worldwide Netflix Chart and Positive Reviews

Oh what a relief for the entire production involved for ambitious revenge K-drama The Glory, written by Kim Eun Sook and starring A-list actress Song Hye Kyo. The drama premiered it’s first season 8-episode drop on Netflix last Friday December … Continue reading

Netflix Drama The Glory Drops Amazing Inside Look Long Preview Highlighting the Thoughtfulness in the Writing, Directing, and Acting to Come

Hot dang this looks gooooooood! Netflix released a 6-minute long “Inside Look” at the preparation and filming of upcoming revenge drama The Glory and it’s really whetting my appetite thanks to answering some earlier concerns. The first is that famed … Continue reading

The Glory Releases Emotionally Clenching Character Posters with the Trumpet Vines as Backdrop

Peeps who know the language of flowers will need to share what the trumpet vines mean as it’s being used for the backdrop of the new character posters for upcoming Netflix drama The Glory. It’s one week away from premiering … Continue reading

Netflix Drama The Glory Holds Press Conference and Releases Tense and Biting Long Preview Ahead of December 30th Premiere

So I guess a binge watch is in store for December 30th, when all 8 episodes of the first season of K-drama The Glory drops on Netflix. The cast and crew held a press conference this week and confirmed that … Continue reading