Kim Eun Sook Reveals Initially There was a Kiss Scene Between Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo in The Glory But the PD Nixed it

I am loving all these additional tidbits for Netflix hit drama The Glory, making the behind-the-scenes look at the drama more compelling compared to what was seen in the final product. Writer Kim Eun Sook revealed that her script had a kiss scene between Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun but it was the PD who cut it from the drama. I think the PD made a great call as the hint of a romance with his crush on her has been called out as a weak element in the drama, with even their interactions just not being as visually compelling onscreen since he looks so much younger than her. Lee Do Hyun also revealed in the drama interview that he did question his role and wondered if he was being asked to act in his own romance drama while everyone else was in a dark revenge thriller. Haha, puppy is so insightful and candid. The PD assured him that the hint of crush would be a good complement and that his role worked in that capacity.


Kim Eun Sook Reveals Initially There was a Kiss Scene Between Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo in The Glory But the PD Nixed it — 20 Comments

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  2. I just don’t understand why they cast him if the chemistry/age difference was so off and it was even apparent to the PD? He’s really good but tbh the character is a waste of time for him.

    • I don’t think they meant to be a couple, since it’s him that likes her and she said she needs an executors.

      He is someone that different than her but also the same. He is scarred but the perpetrators is behind bars so he can’t get revenge, he has support system but his dark side get the best of him. He tried to be all sunny and bright but after meeting dongeun he feels liberated. She gets injustice and abandoned by everyone, therefore her sense of revenge is easier to accept by herself and other people. I think the doctor is there to fulfill his own fantasy through a just cause since he can’t get his own revenge.

      • Understand on the character but it can also be played by someone older just to portray the character

  3. Yeah, but how about kiss scene with Jung Sung Il?
    In Part 1 they showed him as someone who likes shiny things. What if he did 180° and liking scarred and broken Dong Eun?

    • I would argue that Dongeun is shiny, her mind is intriguing. Even when everyone abandoned her, she managed to get herself out of the trouble, dropped out of school so she can live. Work diligently so she can be successful. That determination and strength is shown on her baduk and also her eyes.
      She also styles herself good, like clean and appropriate.
      Also Do young has always likes baduk play so it’s not really 180 if he is interested in Dongeun.

  4. Good for shk for trying something new but her pr needs to stop with excess media play about her performance. There are article literally everyday about her performance being the highlights of this drama. It’s funny because villain are getting more attention than her. Her pr dragging the fact that she have gave phenomenal performance before in her career. It’s embarrassing because she clearly isn’t best in this drama.

  5. Agree with the director 100%. I likewise agree with other commentaries that they should have casted a more mature/older actor in his late 30s for the doctor role to be more convincing. Lee Do Hyun maybe a rising actor today but his just looks like a boy with crush and even more eye brow raising is that he is supposed to be a senior to SHK’s character. I just hope his character is not the weakest link in part2.

    They should stay with the revenge story arc instead of going down the rabbit hole with a cheesy romance which ruins the mood.

  6. I want a kiss between SHK and JY husband. Their chemistry is on fire. They should let them sleep together before reveal that she is the teacher.

    LDH can be the love interest but he should become his junior instead of sunbae. That way the noona crush would be so cute

  7. I thought LDH was meant to be 33 and SHK 36, which honestly they can both pull off no prob, and she calls him sunbae because he was ahead of her in college?

    Tbh I thought they were a great pair in the show, I loved it when he told her he understood the weight of her anger.

    I’m not against her great chemistry with the husband, it’s a twisty drama! I wonder if they should’ve shown us his dark side sooner or if people still would’ve disliked because of the age gap.

    Anyway, I doubt she’ll get a happy ending in the show but I want her to, and a guy who offers to be an executioner for you is worthy of endgame!

    • I mean sunbae doesn’t always mean older in age. You can be younger than me by 10 years but if you debut/work/study first then you’re my sunbae. It’s just like Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin. YJS is JSJ sunbae but he still calls JSJ hyung.

  8. 🥰😍🥰 waiting for season 2 the glory
    congrats for good feed back..
    also ldh and shk ..waiting for your story..❤❤❤

  9. lmao
    I thought her comment about the kiss was between Moon Dong Eun and Ha Do Young cause EP4 ended with them. It was supposed to be between them? I’m so glad that the Director put a stop to that.

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