Unofficial Poll of K-netizens for Best Actor and Actress in The Glory Goes to Park Sung Hoon and Lim Ji Yeon

I don’t have a problem with the results of this poll but it does shed light on how the Korean audience view Netflix hit drama The Glory with viewers from other countries. I’ve read comments on my The Glory posts with English-language viewers sharing opinions on the best acting in the drama and there are quite a lot of actors and actresses to choose from who gave great performances. In the K-poll, Lim Ji Yeon ran away with the best acting among the actresses while on the dude side it was her bully and affair partner Park Sung Hoon with Jung Sung Il getting a decent amount of second place votes. It appears the K-viewers love very makjang-esque performances and these two baddies totally went for broke. Another notable vote result was the paltry votes for male lead Lee Do Hyun as he’s sadly going to be saddled with this being one of his weakest outings to date.


Unofficial Poll of K-netizens for Best Actor and Actress in The Glory Goes to Park Sung Hoon and Lim Ji Yeon — 25 Comments

  1. Yeonjin and Jaejun have always been more popular in youtube and tiktok. I guess younger demographics gravitate towards more showy and loud performances. Meanwhile Dongeun and Doyeong are popular across all platforms. Ha Doyeong is very popular on TheQoo as well. Personally, i think his restrained, nuanced performance stood out the most.

  2. So Koreans are no fans of quiet acting. The best acting in the show was done by the lead actress. The scene when she meets her mother in her apartment sitting with all the gifts she took to betray her and then setting fire to her apartment and her reaction in that scene was breathless. Bravo
    The second lead was good but not better than the main in mho.

    • 100%. We’re apparently in the minority here, but eh 🤷‍♀️
      I too prefer the subtle but impactful acting of Song Hye Kyo and Jung Sung Il. Seems like people think big expressions and loud acting equals great acting lol

      (Just to clarify, I’m NOT saying Lim Ji Yeon and Park Sung Hoon didn’t do well, but they DID GREAT, but I think most people really have that mentality when it comes to acting. That’s why an actress who acted in a makjang drama like Penthouse is almost always guaranteed an award)

      • The poll was conducted in youtube, wasn’t it? Where it has younger demograhics. I visit the qoo once in a while, Dongeun and Doyoung are very popular there.

  3. I think everyone did really well tho based on how their character was written. I don’t even see the need for this poll

    • Why are commenters here hating on LDH so much lmao 😂
      I think may young actor wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to act alongside A-listers, it’s not “salivating over ahjummas”, pfft

  4. Don’t generalize this poll with Korean audience. I have seen many praises and votes in other articles and polls from Korea given to Song Hye Kyo’s performance.

  5. Again like i said lee do hyun character was the weakest or maybe it was acting. I’m not hating on the man just an observation, hope he gets abetter project that will show his skills

    • I think people are expecting too much from LDH’s character when he’s pretty much written just to be Dong Eun’s “executioner” and someone who can bring out her “light” side, if that makes sense. Of course he wouldn’t have much to do compared to others whose characters require really heavy acting lol

    • Yeah, like how your SJK was outclassed and outacted by Lee Sung Min in Reborn Rich lmao

      Also, SHK wasn’t even “outclassed” lmao, she’s praised for her performance in korean and international articles 😎

      • Lee Sungmin and Lim Yijeon are not the same. Many actors will sign up for the opportunity to be outclassed by a Lee Sungmin.

        Stans really be grasping at straws to defend their fave.

      • Yikes : It’s okay to be outacted by Lee Sung Min, But That’s not your aim if your fav actor is as talent as Song Joong Ki and as big as him. Song Joong Ki it’s not only outacted By Lee Sung Min, he get outacted by almost everybody in Reborn RIch. Really a letdown performances from some one as big as Song Joong Ki.

      • @missjb, you’re the same person who constantly posts about Jisoo and Ahn Hyoseop and Shin Hyunbeen (lmao) being great actors so I will take a hard pass on your gauge of good acting. It’s actually problematic when someone I like gets praised by you.

  6. I finished this drama recently and LOVED it… this is going to be controversial but I still think Song Hye Kyo* was the wrong choice for female lead. She did ok but the role played to her typical acting style and, I hate to say it, she does not look like she is contemporaries with Im Ji Yeon. I think someone like Kim Tae Ri would have knocked this role out of the park (yeon jin).

    *But I’m happy that Song Hye Kyo has a win and people have stopped with the excessive hate

  7. If only the lead is yoon eun hye. Kekeke. I still remember her great performance in Missing you when she met with her rapist. Her wailing and trauma. Gosh. Too bad she’s no longer acting recently. SHK was good but not great.the villain story was more interesting. Maybe not her fault. Maybe it’s the writing. But even if it’s not SHK the drama will still turn out great.

    • Oh wow, I’m quite surprised to see someone mentioning Missing You in this site. Yes, in spite of the leads’ respective issues, everything about that drama, from child to adult parts, is so impactful that I still occasionally think of them to this day. I miss YEH in dramaland too!

      • Wow thanks for loving it too.i agree the cast were strong in that drama. But too bad it’s not very popular in korea. I really need to rewatch it again and crying all over again. Hehe

  8. I personally find Song Hye Kyo acted very well in this role. Natural and real, can really feel her emotions in this series. Her last 2 projects were disappointing. But I really enjoy her work in this series. This series is as intense as “The World of the Married”

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