Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Look Great Together in Official Stills for Modern Workplace Romance C-drama Only For Love

So I’ll preface this by saying that I’m moderately excited for C-drama Only For Love but have pretty low expectations. That’s because C-dramas take any profession and workplace and just cosplay the shit out of it with pretty people and super sanitized settings and situations. The most recent two I watched was She and Her Perfect Husband with both the legal and financial investment industries and also with Lighter and Princess taking on game development. Only For Love starring Dylan Wang and Bai Lu has her playing a financial pages reporter and he’s a super successful young company president and she interviews him (I think) before sparks fly. Neither Dylan or Bai Lu look anywhere believable as those professions but they look super believable as two very good looking people who conceivably fall for each other.


Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Look Great Together in Official Stills for Modern Workplace Romance C-drama Only For Love — 18 Comments

  1. Lighter and Princess was better to be fair but you’re right, Cdramas can create the shittiest situations out of office dramas or even modern dramas as a whole so I usually go in with low expectations. Some of them do surprise you and end up being good but not most of the time.

    Again I am not convinced with Dylan Wang and Bai Lu’s acting so another reason to go in with low expectations, just expect pretty people in a pretty setting and you’re good to go.

    • Je me demande quelles qualifications que tu as pour juger un acteur.
      Vous présentez un point de vue sans arguments,à quel fin?
      Tu devrais regarder le parcours de cet acteur avant de dire cela, honnêtement il est très talentueux.
      J’aimerais bien voir ton physique,miss perfect

      • Lolololol pressed stans are the best. Nothing beats that comedy.

        Keep going, his stans probably have the second worst rep in cent by now. You are doing a great job too!

      • Bonjour Bénédicte, comment visionner Only for love? Je n’ai rien trouvé. Merci pour votre aide.

      • @Louise Le drama vient juste de finir de tourner. Les productions chinoises peuvent mettre plusieurs mois (voire années) avant de sortir. On n’a plus qu’à prendre notre mal en patience maintenant:)

    • panda_eyes you are going to have to ignore lots and lots and lots of people because most think he can’t act. A large percentage of his fans admits this which is why they keep saying things like he is so young, he is just learning, give him time to improve. Which without context sounds ok except when you see he is learning through playing MLs. This has been an issue for so many in both k and c drama world.

      Saying he can’t act isn’t trolling but OK if it is, then so be it. Dylan Wang can’t act.

  2. i struggle to connect with some of these dramas. because the MLs just dont feel real at all – they look too skinny and honestly its not convincing. To give you an example, we are supposed to think these folks are larger than life….and I look them and I think they are kids playing adults. I generally have less of an issue with the FLs but even they just dont look or even feel real sometimes. Poor casting for the script in question.

    • One of the worst examples of thisast year was Luo Yunxi in that rescue drama. I will never understand the way Chinese cast for roles. He looked like a stronger breeze would blow him all the way across the ocean but at the same time, I am supposed to think it is believable he is in rescue services?! It is truly amazing. Or all the CEOs that look 12 etc. So many examples.

      My problem with FLs in cdrama is almost universal – infantilisation of women. A mature doctor, lawyer etc acting like they are 13. It drives me nuts. Special mention to Esther Yu’s fake voice that makes me want to bleach my brain.

      • Oh God don’t remind me of Esther Yu’e voice. It was someone scratching metal…utterly grating. And the pout…shudder.

        I’m really like non plussed with these castings. It has come to a point where they just look so off ( too young too skinny) that I can’t connect with them . Was watching this medical cdrama with Yang Zhi after ep 4. Actor looked early 20s and fresh as daisy yet I’m supposed to believe he went to med school and did his post grad and became a associate professor… for real? I just stopped watching.

  3. Ok I don’t know what’s wrong with y’all but if you don’t like the drama then just say so you don’t like it why do you have to make personal attacks. I love didi and he is an amazing actor. Watch the show with Esther yu and you’ll see whether or not he’s a good actor. Also he does not look like a 12 year old. He is very handsome. Stop watching chinese dramas if you don’t like them. I love them. I’ve seen hundreds and some are better than others but I don’t bash the actors I just say that one is not for me.

    • Just Chill ! For Asians, being viewed as young is a compliment. LOL. I do not read any personal attacks here… Nothing about him as a person. Just saying his looks being very very youthful.. Are you happy about my choice of better words now? Your fan reaction is what makes people wanting to puke.

    • Well spoken!
      I like Dylan Wang and Esther Yu also!

      Don’t care too much about Bai lu, her acting is always the same.
      Like boy get boy then find some reason not to be with him then later tell and show him she like or love him.
      Always the same Scenario she always get the guy

  4. My favorite actors though very attractive… I chose them because they are very talented and always have good chemistry with their leads. They are Bai Lu, Xu Xia and Dylan Wang….

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