Yoo Ah In Hires Korea’s Top Law Firm Kim & Chang to Represent Him in Criminal Investigation into Drug Use as Netflix Drama Goodbye Earth Decides to Edit Him Out of Series

I wish Yoo Ah In‘s drug use scandal and investigation only impacted him but alas there is such collateral damage with it. He had multiple movies and dramas already filmed scheduled to be released and as such the production companies have to decide how to salvage the situation. Netflix for Hellbound 2 recast him with Kim Sung Cheol since filming hadn’t start yet but the already completed drama Goodbye Earth was in limbo. Now the streaming giant will reportedly completely or nearly edit Yoo Ah In’s character out of the drama but with it will also be editing most of female lead Ahn Eun Jin‘s scenes since she plays his girlfriend and they have a lot of scenes together. On another note, Yoo Ah In has retained a top lawyer from Korea’s most prestigious law firm Kim & Chang to represent him, the lawyer is a former top prosecutor for the government and handled drug use cases specifically before moving to the defense side. He’s allowed to hire whatever legal representation he can afford but if he gets a slap on the wrist I can absolutely see K-netizens going apeshit.


Yoo Ah In Hires Korea’s Top Law Firm Kim & Chang to Represent Him in Criminal Investigation into Drug Use as Netflix Drama Goodbye Earth Decides to Edit Him Out of Series — 13 Comments

  1. If he does get off with a slap on the wrist, it would be one of the few times knetz going apeshit is completely justifiable. In fact, other than die hards, everyone should be able to see that drug abuse – despite whatever reasons – should be punished after the person goes through rehab. He isn’t using simple weed. The guy has done some hard core drugs and clearly needs to be rehabilitated and then jailed. Any regular person would be. Being a celebrity or having money shouldn’t excuse him. Except it likely will.

    • I’m a HUGE Yoo Ah In fan since, like, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and even I want to see him held accountable. I think most of YAI fans just wish koreans have this same energy for celebs who have done worse. I mean, I don’t see the big three networks banning the likes of Yoochun or Jung Joon Young from appearing in their programs 🤷‍♀️

      • Idk about JJY, but YC (and his group JYJ) was already get softblock by every tv network thanks to SM after DBSK disband. Its an open secret even though none of tv network admit it. He never came out on any tv network except for drama. His toilet scandal broke during his public enlistment. You maybe right tv station hasn’t publicly banned him, but he still get softblock everywhere till now.

      • But both yoochun and jjy haven’t appeared in any 3 networks since their scandal right? Or am I wrong? So where was your allegation came from?

      • Both but since then, no one saw yoochun in television anymore. Jjy in jail, no? Probably for different reason.

        And YAI has a lot of drugs in his house, like… he probably ate it like candy… i really want to feel bad for him but he’s an adult and has more money than me, he even can hire a top lawyer, sooo… lets see how the law works on him.

        After all, he’s a good actor. Eventho i rarely watched his works.

    • eh, he did not kill, or doing harm to other people but himself, so relax mah!
      and it is innocent until proven otherwise. too judgmental based on something you read online. wait till we hear from his side of story first, other actors did the worse.

      • Lmao, I’d rather not relax “mah”

        He ain’t innocent when literally all the tests done to him have come out positive. Also, another’s “worse” action does not excuse someone’s lesser action. They have nothing to do with each other.

        Also, drug abuse isn’t just harming yourself. Drug abuse harms a lot of other people. Drugs are the start of some very serious crimes so don’t go around saying bs about how it’s only self harm. It’s not. And if you think so, you desperately need some education done on the topic.

  2. It’s horrible that people think jail time is necessary for addiction, and that there is such deep belief in imprisonment for non-violent crimes.

    Let him get help and back to expressing his talents. Losing most of his career is punishment enough. He’s obviously in deep pain.

    • Jail time isn’t needed for addiction but drug use and possession are crimes that he need to be held accountable for. He needs rehab but that doesn’t mean he gets off scot-free from possible criminal charges which can include jail time and fines.

    • I agree. We don’t know what’s behind it let’s just pray gor them coz we Don’t know. Let’s not judge.

  3. I may be wrong but his career is already over . I don’t think that the conservative K industry will take the risk to work with him again . He isn’t an european . For ex : French actor Benoit Magimel award winner of best actor at the Cannes film Festival , won two consecutive César awards as best actor in 2022 and 2023 ( french Oscars) even after being charged with “hit and run” without a license and under cocaine, injuring a sexagenarian , a year later he was arrested again because heroine was found in his car ! Robert Downey Jr , made his comeback even after being a druggie for years . Johnny Depp admited taking a lot of meds and drugs all along his life .

  4. hello@butterfly. all the tests that you read online has not been presented in court yet, I said, don’t be judgemental and we need to hear from both side. I am not a fan of him, but I am old enough to know online news is untrustworthy. public is quick to judge based on what they read. just wait. Even if he is guilty, there is no need to spread hate. Peace.

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