C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Set March 27th Release Date and Drops Excellent New Trailer

Daaaaaang, even my heart is fluttering just watching Wu Lei pile on his best younger man ardently pursuing the woman of his dreams full court press in the just dropped new trailer for sports romance C-drama Nothing But You. The drama has set the premiere date for next week on March 27th and dropped a new preview where Wu Lei plays a 22-year old college student going 100% pursuit mode for his tennis club coach by night and office professional by day 32-year old older woman played by Zhou Yu Tong. The drama makes their 10-year age gap in the story (they are closer in age in real life) the central topic and no one minces around both how exciting it can be for an older woman to be thusly pursued by a younger hottie but also how it’s fraught with age difference dynamics. It helps that Wu Lei is playing his real life age but presents a very self-assured masculine youth vibe that makes the viewer feel like he knows what he wants so why not. I’m super looking forward to this drama now!

Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong in Nothing But You:


C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Set March 27th Release Date and Drops Excellent New Trailer — 8 Comments

  1. I never like older woman-younger man romance. But I will give this one a try because it is not a childhood romance and despite the boyish look, the ML has mature vibe (probably because its Wu Lei lol)

  2. Good God I watched the trailer. I am also not in favour of the large age gap type of dramas.

    However Wu Lei or rather than young man is HOT. I laughed when the other date asked him how large is the age gap.

    The chemistry is there. That is one very confident young man chasing her. I don’t know whether its intentional to make him look older to give him the 5 o’clock shadow look.

    She is gorgeous if she is playing a 32 year old. I have been seeing some very aged looking female actresses lately and was shocked they were only in their 20s. Then seen some very very beautiful flawless skin with no lines actresses in their 30s.

  3. I think Wu Lei looks more mature then his actual age, sometimes I forget he’s only in his 20s. He has the soul of an old man, I think its why this story will work. I look forward to it but now I’m more invested in Zhou Yutong and Li Xian since they are filming a new drama. Seriously, the wait for Chinese dramas kill the excitement for me.

  4. Wu Lei is a good actor that who could pull-off a vibe being young or mature and the way makeup on set also play the role. Can’t wait for this drama to be released!

  5. Meanwhile, she’s 5 years older, and I am sure we will still get the usual “she’s old enough to be his mother” crap when this airs.

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