Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Tie the Knot in Star-studded Seoul Wedding

The wedding bells rang on Friday April 7th in Seoul for the biggest celeb wedding of 2023 thus far with the nuptials of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In. The groom looked so contently happy and the bride went with a full princess style lace gown, very formal and elegant. The wedding was HUGE from the looks of it, the big name stars in attendance alone felt like half of K-ent not to mention the friends and family on top of that. The decor used floral centerpieces and arrangements as the focus and was so perfect for an early Spring wedding with plenty of winter whites. Congrats again to the happy couple and wishing them all the best on the journey of marriage.


Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Tie the Knot in Star-studded Seoul Wedding — 25 Comments

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    • Typical non traditional Korean weddings have always looked super tacky to me. But I’m biased as someone of Indian origin. My culture has held on to our wedding traditions fiercely.

      • Same. The tiaras looked super cheap n tacky. Her gowns as well, the off shoulder one looked very translucent in some photos, looked like a milk maid costume. His suits didn’t look nice as well for some reason, rather dated 🤷‍♀️

      • More fairy tale wedding as even Kate Middleton , Meghan Markle choose a more simple wedding gown . The tiara is too much for her head , but she is beautiful . I prefer more simple weddings as Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Tae Hee, and the beautiful green dress of Son Ye Jin . Congrats to the happy couple .

    • Super tacky? I was staring at all her tiaras last night and wondering how much it cost? The King’s coronation is next month and I was seriously contemplating why her tiaras look so real and expensive as compared to the British royals tiaras. She went all out and those tiaras must be custom made. They were amazing.

      Tacky are those cheap tiaras. The wedding gown details alone showed how much she must have loved the princess look.

      • Nah its all crystals or zicrons. The biggest one was given as wedding gift by her friend. But all of her tiaras are not real diamonds. Which is why it looks tacky and not suitable for her overall vibe. Her Pnina Tornai dress doesnt help either. Frankly her outfit looks exactly like those American tv show.
        The royal tiaras on the other hand are made from real gold and jewels.
        Tbh I prefer Kim Yuna’s wedding, much more elegant and subdued.

      • The royal tiaras are made from real gold and jewels. Hers are probably made from crystals or zicrons which why it looks tacky.her Pnina tornai dress looks over the top too.
        I prefer Kim Yuna’s wedding. It looks elegant and subdued

    • It looks like one those tiaras you’d see on images of female saints in old churches. Looks tacky but definitely on-brand for her.

  2. Congratulations LSG and LDI. Does anyone know why her name in the wedding was written as La Yun and not Da In though?

    • Lee Da In is a stage name. Her birth name was Im Joo Hee (later adopted by a step-father and became Lee Joo Hee) but it looks like she formally changed her real name to Lee Ra Yoon sometime recently. L and R are mostly interchangeable when romanizing Hangeul.

      I have heard of people changing their names for astrological purposes/better luck so that might be what happened here. I’m sure the unending hatred for the misdeeds of her mother and stepfather must be tough to swallow.

      • Ohh okay, it must’ve been due to the family issue indeed because I noticed her sister LYB also has 3 names. Thanks for the detailed reply!

  3. Congratulations to the couple. He looks happy she looks radiant. At the end of the day it’s a couple start of lifetime together. All the best to the married couple.

    I was a bit bedazzled at the luxury and extravagant wedding gown. I really do love her bouquet in the wedding photoshoot. But her gown. Wow. I’ve rarely stared so long at any wedding gowns in celebrities wedding. But wow the bride went all out for the biggest wedding look or spending for the decade you mean. Not even the look.

    • Her family and her are known to show their lavish lifestyle on tv shows and instagram, and this makes korean netizens even more angry with her and her sister behavior (this is because her stepfather and mother stole people’s money and at least 30 people committed suicide because of her parents fraud) but this did not make the sisters shy or feel guilty of showing off their parents money. The bribe eve wrote a letter saying how much she loves and supports her stepfather, wishing him to come home soon (he was in jail)

      • I was trying to be nice guys. I have known women to have gone nuts over how their dream wedding was going to be like. Its not my taste or budget but whatever makes her happy ok? Its their wedding. I don’t know them. That wedding gown had so many details and embroidery I was gobsmacked at the choice.

        But I am genuinely trying to stay nice.

    • Sorry to disagree with you. When I first saw her gown and her tiara, I almost puke. It was such a turn off. It gave an impression of exaggeration. Too showy. It gave me an impression she is another showy and lack of substance type of person.

      • Lol “almost puke” 💀
        People like you are the reason women get stereotyped as overdramatic 😂

  4. Her wedding dress and giant tiara is super tacky. I am surprised at this era, they still choose over the top wedding style. Very overdone and kind of spoiled the wedding vibes. I think the best vibes is from Son Ye Jin wedding. Her dresses, her wedding style gives out a beautiful, loving and peaceful vibes.

  5. I don’t think it is tacky but the wedding dress is rather bombastic. She’s the bride. Am sure she chose it herself. I’m surprised Lee segeun not the mc or in the guest list. I know 1 person definitely not invited. His ex agency boss.

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