Jeon Ji Hyun’s Stronghold on CFs Starts to Move to Current It Stars Girl Group NewJeans and K-actress Han So Hee

I think Jeon Ji Hyun can still sell anything in South Korea so having her as your brand’s CF model is a no brainer. But popularity from new gen in the past hasn’t affected her but K-ent is nothing that two long running CF campaigns with Jeon Ji Hyun have recently switched to new models after over a decade or more using her. Jewelry brand Stonehenge has the biggest girl group debut in the last year NewJeans as the new face while Asian Gap that is Giordano has brought together Han So Hee with Cha Eun Woo to refresh the campaign look. K-ent is wondering if this is the beginning of her losing more mainstream CFs to younger IT stars and we’ll have to wait and see on that.


Jeon Ji Hyun’s Stronghold on CFs Starts to Move to Current It Stars Girl Group NewJeans and K-actress Han So Hee — 15 Comments

  1. Nepa dropping her after Jirisan was the most shocking but glad Giordiano went for someone younger. Stonehenge gives off C-grade jewelry brand vibes so not sure why all the biggest stars are endorsing it. She also just lost SUM:37 to Suzy and before that she already lost Kloud Beer. On the other hand she gained Global Ambassador for Burberry but even the NJ Girl has that plus more so definitely the JJH influence is waning to an extent but then again she doesn’t turn up for any CF events anymore nor has any movies and rarely does dramas so its not surprising that she’s been phased out for younger stars. Hera also swapped her out for Jennie and Sue Comma Bonnie went to Wonyoung. Even SHK lost Sulwahsoo to Rose and the weird thing is that they completely erased SHK from all their social media accounts. Older actresses also demand more money per CF but don’t bring in higher revenues for the brands that already have a strong following. Newer unknown brands would benefit more from having JJH as an endorser but established brands sell well irrespective of who the endorser is.

    • For established brands nowadays, it’s more about reaching other age groups rather than just maintaining their foothold over their target audience. Hera was originally conceptualized for women in their late thirties and older, but by switching their brand ambassador to Jennie, they managed to break into the market of women in their twenties.

  2. Newjeans as group has already signed 13 brands in eight months of debut and every member is promoted compared to I’ve which is wonyoung, yujin and friends. And moreover their deals are global deals and collabs not simple cfs. Which gets into millions. Girls started getting paid in 2 months of debut. And chart dominance. They have top three songs for three months straight in Korea. Five hits in eight months is biggest debut of all time. Hypeboy ditto omg attention all are hits. And each member also grabbed global solo fashion deal. Minji landed three cfs with chanel at once. Hybe has stick goldmine with newjeans after bts who made hybe such billion dollars company. Each girl is millionaire already and they are not even year old group yet. Biggest group right now in korean charts. Jjh will get cfs back if she does good comeback. But ofc youth cfs not gonna come to her . She already bought 100 million usd worth buildings which pay her millions in rent

  3. Idol & younger actors w/ bigger followers are bagging in endorsement deals and working a lot w/ designer brands. Make sense, I would too. It’s like playing for their fans to promote their stuff all over different platforms instead of wasting so much on ads itself. Loved JJH but I would chose stars w/ active online fan base.

  4. This is actually pretty common and is something that always happens when the model ages. CFs/endorsements/modelling has always favoured youth over anything else.

    These ppl who replaced JJH will be replaced themselves in time. And none will ever reach the peak amt of fame n money that she did, because ent industry is changing rapidly and ppl only trend for awhile. They will never reign for a couple of years like jjh and shk… both of whom I find to be incredibly one note and boring models.

    But honestly I doubt both care lol. They are super freaking wealthy. One is having the time of her single life n a career resurgence, the other is quietly raising a family with her chaebol husband 🤷‍♀️

    • Crazy to think jjh and shk have been in-demand models since the 90s…..and it’s now 2023 and only now is their hold starting to wane.

      I doubt any younger stars will have that level of longevity at the same ‘industry top’ status that SHK is seeing now/that JJH had until very recently, I agree with you on that.

      • Exactly! The strong footing they have in the industry is pretty amazing. They also started at a time when these brands valued different things and are being dropped now because the brands are now chasing stuff like who has the most social media following and trendiness etc as reps. It’s just mediocrity all round which is why no one lasts long.
        None of those qualities last long. The ppl above talking abt new Jean’s members being millionaires puh leaseee. The majority of their earnings are going into Hybe’s pockets. Gotta milk them fast n furious because no one lasts that long anymore

      • Girl learn to reply to person. Hybe has best pay structure in whole kpop. Cfs are 50℅ to artist. Get ur brain checked. . They have paid their debts already and were getting paid 2 months into debut. Pls do it research before u barkkkk. U r an old haggg who can’t move with times. U ignored bts members having 9 figure net worth, their global cfs which pag more than ten million usd per deal and bp members destroying records and earning millions from worldwide cfs. Something jjh or shk never got. They don’t need to do 20cfs like jjh because they can earn that much from 5 cfs. Lisa has been offered 80 million usd from internation label to sign with them.
        Newjeans gonna last long because they are hybe artist with worldwide fanbase not some small company. 💀. Hybe gonna get them acting gigs especially minii the new it girl. The day they start touring their income gonna soar and yes those girls are millionaire already. Do research on hybe pay structure before u open ur trap @anne. Social media is how society moves today and bp members are bigger than any actress. Same way in future newjeans gonna be. They are next global gg like bp and have actual global deals. Hybe pays great amount. Dumbooo idiiiots who have no clue

    • Bts are already reported to be worth in 100 million range each. Blackpink has global cfs which pay more than what jjh Or ahk ever got for cfs. And their world tour is shattering records. They rach gonna earn huge from it and new contract soon which is worth millions. If new gen crack global market, they have global fame. Newjeans look to be next global group after bts n bp. Stay in denial about fame. When they actually have global fame. Which jjh never had

  5. I think it may be sad for her to lose endorsements not because of money but just because being a star and aging it’s more difficult to accept than for an average woman . Idols have a lot of followers and that’s what matters . They will be replaced more frequently than the big stars who kept their endorsements for years . Keira Knightley was the egerie of Coco mademoiselle for more a decade but not anymore .

  6. Reminds me of the days when Kim Tae Hee was the CF queen and every CF is dominated by her. Then after news came out she was dating Rain, her CF started to dwindle. Gradually, I think Suzy became the CF queen. Now, it is Han So Hee. No one stays on top forever.

    • Yeah, that’s part of life. Nothing is permanent most especially in the fast-paced K-ent industry, even if you’re TaeHyeJi.

    • But HSH and Suzy are the same age. In fact Suzy is younger by a few months. Jennie replaced Suzy for quite a few CFs and then was replaced by HSH for a soju brand. Jennie is younger than both of them so it’s not a generational shift. I don’t think these 3 will be replaced by anyone for the next 10-15 years. I also don’t think TaeJiHye have predominantly been CF stars except JJH who I admit has had over 20 CFs at one point. Mostly still these actresses were known for their fresh faced looks and beauty and not for their acting. HSH is know for her acting and then her looks. Suzy is making a name for herself as an actress and is banking more mature endorsements that fit the actress image while Jennie is basically riding on the Blackpink brand value.

  7. why are kpop fans in the comment sections always so psychotically defensive, no one is saying BTS isn’t successful but the average idol is never going to get even close to that level of success like BTS or IU. Idols are mostly seen as disposable, to be replaced every 5-7 years by someone younger and newer.

    Their agencies set up a whole business model treating them like that, why is it a surprise that most of them don’t have the commercial staying power of an A list actress or command the same fees? Jun Ji Hyun took 25 years to come off her CF throne, good luck finding even top idols who will remain in demand for ads for that long. Other than IU who isn’t in a group and is a solo musician.

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