TW-ent is Reporting that Singer Leehom Wang and Non-celeb Wife Have Divorced After 8 Years of Marriage and Three Kids

I feel like entertainment news is always a surprise even if some cases it’s not. TW-ent is reporting that popular Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang and his wife of 8-years Lee Jing Lei have divorced already. The gossip is that the two divorced earlier this year and have been discussing divorce since 2017. But back then she got pregnant with their third child so the divorce was put off. The couple married in 2013 and have three kids together. The reason for the divorce is reportedly mother-in-law issues and Lee Jing Lei cannot deal with it anymore. Tabloids are of course pointing to the giant elephant in the room which is that Leehom has been dodging gay rumors for the entirety of his career and his marriage to Lee Jing Lei, who was his fan turned sudden wedding to wife so she got saddled with the beard tag. The divorce rumors have been been speculated since 2019 in earnest due to the two never interacting or posting each other on Instagram though plenty of each with kids pictures. That, and some cryptic posts about end of the journey etc. led to this not surprising news this week about being divorced. Edit: Leehom just confirmed it after I posted this.

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