Song Hye Kyo Makes Fendi Feel Younger in New SNS Pictures From Italy

For the European couture brands that have selected South Korea stars as brand spokespersons, most of the times it feels like the brands doesn’t really need the star to give it extra boost but for Fendi picking Song Hye Kyo I totally think its the other way around. She’s been a top actress for nearly twenty five years and still retains this fresh and chic vibe, which makes this brand seem younger and that’s probably the demographic it wants. A classy actress that can also go casual and trendy like she looks here in recently shared SNS pictures wearing all Fendi and looking really cool.


Song Hye Kyo Makes Fendi Feel Younger in New SNS Pictures From Italy — 21 Comments

  1. This has always been a confusing fashion pairing to me. Fendi has the luxe, sleek, elevated streetwear aesthetic, which is not at all the look I associate with SHK. She was a better fit for Dior.

  2. Well Fendi has always been leaning towards modern-styling compared to other luxury brands that cater more towards classy look so…

  3. She’s 42 and dresses and acts like a pre-pubescent teen. Not at all becoming. Plus she’s too short for many of Fendi’s clothes. Fendi’s clothes are better suited for the tall sexy idols and actresses in their roster.

    • Exactly. She’s pretty but so airbrushed in these images. She finally looked her age in The Glory (not a bad thing) and she’s always acting like a teen on her IG.

    • It doesn’t matter if she’s short or tall. It also doesn’t matter if she’s old or young, it’s her business to dress how ever she like. Whatever she’s comfortable with as long as she’s fully dressed up.

      • yeah, plus she’s literally known as one of the most beautiful women the k-ent has ever produced. even in her current age, pretty sure she can outshine these “tall, sexy idols” the other commenter is talking about lol

    • Wait what? How is this dressing like a teen? Korean women in their 30s, 40s, etc dress like this (I follow some korean influencers IG accounts and mature female leads in kdramas dress like this too), and they look great lol. I’m confused, it’s literally just sweater, some sporty-looking pants, etc. It’s not like she’s wearing pigtails and schoolgirl-type of outfits? lol
      I feel like women are super judgy of what other women wear and so strict about age and dressing lol I even heard some women say you shouldn’t keep your hair long once you get to late 30s. I will never understand this lol

    • Idiot- listen to yourself full of self hate because you don’t look as good as her at your younger age. Kyo is average height- not short not tall- good average height that meanders through anything that too tall ladies and too short ones are unsuitable to do. Take your vicious malicious comments elsewhere. Sad for you

      • She is short at 5’3″ same height as me and I’m always told that I’m short. Why do you think the photographers love elongating her to make her and her legs look longer?

      • @TGIM When you always get told you are short being the same height as Song Hye Kyo and here you are talking like that? Damn I don’t feel sorry people calling you short. You deserve it! You must be to blind and delusional to think that all these K-celebrities was always pictured perfect. Everything is PHOTOSHOP at it’s best.


  4. Confused about the negative comments lol she looks fantastic and fresh-faced!

    Didn’t know you have to stop wearing fun, casual clothes once you get to a certain age 😅
    I mean, obviously, it would be jarring to see a woman in her 40s wearing pigtails, schoolgirl outfits, and whatnot, but it’s not what she’s wearing here, is it?

    I swear, women themselves are the ones perpetuating ageism and then will cry about it when they get old and it finally affects them smh

  5. Funny reading all hate comments mentioning how women over 40s cannot dress casual sporty fit? I dress like that and I’m same age as SHK and I love it because it’s comfortable. Let woman dress&style the way they want. As always no matter what SHK do haters will always find mistake. JC.

    • All SHK jealoused haters get out of this is none of your business how she dresses as long as FENDI approves . Do you have that qualification to join FENDI?

  6. While I agree that Dior and Chanel’s classy styles fit Song Hye Kyo more, but Fendi’s modern wears like the sporty jackets also suits her well. She has this luxurious and premium vibe anyway which are perfect for designer brands.

    as for the negative comments, just shows they are the immature people who doesn’t know what they are talking about, Lol! I wear these comfortable outfits and Im middle aged. Comfort and quality are what you go for when you are at certain age.

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