C-netizens Discussed Casting Rumor of Jackson Yee and Zhao Lu Si in Director Zhang Yimou’s C-drama League of Legends

Well this is one huge melon if I ever saw one, but in C-rumor land nothing is ever 100% untrue until the official announcement otherwise. C-ent this week has a rumor that Jackson Yee (Yi Yang Qian Xi) and Zhao Lu Si will be pairing up for a big budget C-drama League of Legends directed by award winning director Zhang Yimou. Two of the three is basically confirmed, that Jackson Yee and director Zhang Yimou will indeed work together again on this drama after delivering the biggest box office hit in 2023 so far with who-dun-it period action movie Full River Red, which currently sits at the 6th highest grossing box office in China of all time. So the question is who the female lead will be and Zhao Lu Si is as believably cast as a few other of her same level actresses, this is clearly a big get for all any flower so I’m curious to see who lands the prize.


C-netizens Discussed Casting Rumor of Jackson Yee and Zhao Lu Si in Director Zhang Yimou’s C-drama League of Legends — 57 Comments

  1. I do think this melon is almost 90% sure since it’s Zhang yimou and yyqx. Their partnership melon rarely goes south.

  2. I wonder what happened with Yang Yang because he was pretty much penciled in for this one.

    Anyway, the director doesn’t have a first clue about LoL, as seen a day or so ago, which means he hasn’t got a clue about the culture surrounding it either. Not promising.

    • The director was spotted at the LPL finals recently. Yiyang Qianxi is for certain, but I don’t think Zhao Lusi is certain yet, rumour is that the script for the female lead was extended to many actresses at the same time.

      • I sorta agree with you. I used to like him a lot in the idol dramas based upon adaptations of novels on JJWXC. But his acting chops are so limited. I did not see the same appeals in his characters in other drama genres, be it costume dramas or military dramas. He’s not versatile. I won’t watch any movies directed by ZYM, anyhow. So never mind.

      • He is, his emotional range is very limited. But I think he knows this so he is picking his projects rather well. It is partially why I believed this to be his. It isn’t exactly Hamlet.

    • No, you’ll watch it and then come barking in the comments because the movie didn’t fit your standards, even though you already know that Mr. Zhang uses political propaganda. You can’t ignore what you don’t like and you have made that clear in different comments. It’s hard for you to skip.

      • LOL. I’m totally lost in your comment. I meant what I said. I’ve known XYM turning into ass-kissing mouthpiece for the CCP for years. His works have lost artistry values since he compromised with the CCP’s agenda. I don’t and won’t miss anything without watching all the ideological crap on screen. LMAO

      • @somebody name one person who didn’t tow the ccp party line and didn’t get cancelled??

        I think ZYM and everyone in the entertainment industry do it so they can continue working and making money.

      • @Sylvia That’s why I don’t watch any C movie. C drama is less contaminated than C movies by CCP propaganda. I can never watch specific genres such as those involving military, police, political, spies, and Republic era, even my favorite actor having a role in the drama.

    • If I were boring, you wouldn’t have needed to write it to make clear what it’s already supposed to be. And if you didn’t understand my english, you wouldn’t have filled my comments with alluded responses.

    • Yang Yang was also a rumored name, but no one accused him of what you accuse Zhao Lusi of. Here we see the tendency of folks to dissect women. What will you say in case she is confirmed?

      • yesss girll some people just cant sit still hearing Lusi name. they always have something to say about her.

      • What can I say, internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug lmao 🥴
        Look at the Son Ye Jin/Hyun Bin post, there’s an unhinged fan there commenting about SHK being infertile. I get that SHK fans can be annoying and toxic, but you can defend BinJin without making comments like that. Just gross comment coming from another woman. Lots of commenters here will bend over backwards to defend problematic male celebs but will dissect anything a female celeb do. Just sad all around

      • I understand what you mean because I used to put men on a pedestal for no reason. especially when it came to controversy, my internalized double standards and misogyny came to the fore. I’m glad I’m not like that anymore, but when one looks back, the feeling of shame continues.

      • That is one sound argument. I know why a lot of people hate zls but the speculations are so wild. Watching cdrama I can see sometimes hot search like this can be bought by enemies too for smear campaign

    • It obviously is made up by her and her team to rub heat..
      Zhang Yimou is on record saying he will never cast people who are not acting school graduates/ in acting school, and YYXQ is acting royalty?

      I’m pretty sure ZLS was not even thought of (or even heard of )by the team lol

  3. Jackson Yee is out of her league. Her acting weaknesses will show through if she goes up against him. His movie star royalty at this point and the future for Chinese films rests on him. Zhao Jin Mai would be a better match for him. She has the looks and talent.

      • LOL. The analogy is right to the point! It’s not about acting talents in the cast of C movies nowadays. What matters mostly has to do with who invested in the production and whom they decided to be cast. WYB’s movies are stark examples of who have a say in casting.

      • Acting talent? People only care about looks, what do you expect? If the actors are not conventionally attractive, people start dissing their looks… Luo Yun Xi is an example. That man is good at acting but just because he looks thin, people say they can’t take him seriously.

      • Yep. Physical appearance + star power. Two aspects that are winning over talent.

      • Actors don’t need to have ethereal beauty because it’s rare but their looks at least have to be not too far from how adapted novels describe. LOL
        As far as LYX is concerned, his problem isn’t about his looks. He actually has good looks but about his physique. Besides, it’s not something irremediable. His fans should tell him to gain more pounds rather than getting worked up on social media. LOL

      • @somebody the same would apply to those with your mentality, you guys can ignore watching him instead of telling his fans to tell him to win pounds. your narrow mindedness is hopeless from what I see, ha,ha,ha!

      • @somebody how does it affect your life whether he wins or loses pounds? you look ridiculous attacking that actor’s fans just because they mentioned that it’s rude to go around telling people what to do with their own bodies. lmao, no one is forcing you to consume his dramas if he is a skeleton to you. or are you being forced?

      • @somebody do you want him to win pounds as if he has to please you in particular? it’s you who is getting worked up on social media and it’s funny.

      • @somebody by the way, who mentioned you as an attacker of luo yunxi (you put yourself in the sack) and who is talking about novels?

      • My goodness! Look at this barrage of butthurt remarks from LYX’s overdefensive followers. LOL. I just made what I consider a neutral comment about how he looks right now. As I said in another thread, I’m not his antis since I also checked his dramas after watching Ashes of Love; I even appreciated his acting in Silver Princess. I sincerely think he’s too skinny now and he would fare better by gaining a few more pounds. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only viewer with the same opinion. It’s actually a much talked-about topic on Chinese social media. What’s wrong with these LYX’s international fans? Your rabid behavior reminds me of lunatic Kpop fandoms. LOL

      • @somebody Neutral? Hahaha, not at all. Your comments have been offensive but it seems that you only remember what is convenient for you. That is why you were answered like this. Other users respectfully commented that he would look much better if he gained more weight. That is the difference between them and you. There is no reason to respond maturely to your rude comments. What you have offered has been returned to you 😉

      • @somebody I’m late to the comments but I’ve read “your” responses and I can see why his fans are upset. But I’m not sure if you wrote them or if someone else took your nickname to do it because the colors in the avatar are different. It’s easy to impersonate users here.

      • LMAO! You no longer know what to write to defend yourself @somebody your current words don’t match the crap you’ve been writing about him in his articles 🤣

      • @somebody Look at you here pretending to be a victim of online attacks when you have done the same thing repeatedly. What a hypocrite you are.

      • LOL. Seriously! I know LYX has got a cohort of international followers since Ashes of Love, some of whom are labeled “oversensitive” or “lunatic” by other drama viewers. I’m not apologetic at all about my comments on his physique. keeping a good shape and healthy looks is also part of actors’ disciplines. If he/she refuses constructive critiques like mine or his/her fans are too overdefensive to see how rejection to change would have a negative impact on their idol’s career, then let it be. It’s none of my business. I don’t really care. I watch drama and participate related discussions online to get myself wind down from a very busy professional life, not to waste time fighting with frivolous emos. LOL

      • @somebody I can see that XZ has brain dead fanatics as well. You serve as an example just look at you falling for my cheap tricks. All I did was use different names and emails LMAO! LMAO! The funny thing here is that you didn’t realize it. Your professional life must be sucking up the few brain cells you have.

    • Get real, the future of Chinese films looks bleak even if it relies on Jackson Yee alone. At this point, ZLS is as good as ZJM, depends who you like.

    • Lmao future rests with him.

      If the future of Chinese cinema rests on him, and all the shady stuff connected to him, the Chinese might as well stop making movies.

    • If the future of Chinese films rests on him, then God save us all. It will be the same recycled acting faces, same small niche, same coffee resources, same circle over and over again. It won’t have a future.

    • Future of Chinese films rest on him?? What kind of a naive comment is that? China is too big, with too much talent to rest on this one man.

      • Exactly, not to mention that there are Chinese movies that are not released internationally.

  4. Isn’t this a body swap drama between two guys? Where do the female lead come into place? I hope they don’t come up with another romance drama under the guise of an esports drama, like Falling Into Your Smile.

    • Yeah, we’re in the minority apparently, but I like her too. Not the best actress, but very charming and endearing on screen.

      • I dont think we’re in the minority. it just that her haters cant stop barking everywhere. she is one of the most famous/beloved c actress among international viewers. her tagged is the #1 in tiktok for c actress with almost 4B views and most of her drama are well received internationally.

  5. zhao lusi probably set for this. some melon says she’s goin to take a long break after finished the last immortal and will start filming a new drama around september. LoL is scheduled to boot around sept. or probably just coincidence

    • No, it is Jackson. This melon is all over the place along with the melon for the new Tsui Hark movie, the Condor Heroes one.

      • No, just because it’s plastered all over Weibo doesn’t mean it’s true. All legit sources point to WJK instead. People here really don’t know shit.

  6. Tbh I am interested in both this melon and the Tsui Hark one. Both things are making me go hmm. If true, it will certainly give us plenty to talk about.

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