Lee Jae Wook and Jo Boa in Talks for Sageuk Romance Drama Swallowing Gold

A fresh new sageuk and pairing popped up today to help over the midweek hump. K-ent is reporting that Lee Jae Wook and Jo Boa are in talks to lead a new sageuk drama titled Swallowing Gold (literal) adapted from the same name novel. Lee Jae Wook is the son of a rich merchant wife who disappears as a child and returns over ten years later. I’m guessing this is the OTP but to be revealed later to not be blood related from a later twist. He has a half sister sharing the same father who doubts his real identity and the drama is described as a mystery romance showcasing the world of Joseon merchant families and trade. It’s from the PD of Voice and The Guest with the screenwriter of Dr. Brain.


Lee Jae Wook and Jo Boa in Talks for Sageuk Romance Drama Swallowing Gold — 6 Comments

  1. It’s funny that Jo Boa will be the FL for Lee Jae-Wook after acting with Rowoon knowing that LJW and Rowoon are best friends :p

  2. I like LJW and I like Jo Boa in Military prosecutor Doberman . It reminds me that i first saw Jo Boa nearly 10 years ago in Surplus Princess . She is a veteran !

  3. I find her pretty and have nothing against JoBoa, but anytime her name is attached to a project I always end up dropping the project & never finishing them.

    On the other hand, the project seems interesting minus the fake sibling/romance portion.

    • Same. She seems to be a really nice person off cam but I cant get into any of her characters. There’s no emotional resonance and idk but they grate on me.
      LJW doesnt seem to be picking very good projects after the hype that is aos. The current one he’s filming sounds boring and then now this. Imo he fits films way more, his cameo in kill book soon was nice

  4. Quanto comentário imbecil.São excelentes proficionais, tanto Lee Jae Wook quanto Jo Bo Ah!!Farão um ótimo trabalho, como em todos os que atuaram!!Sussesso aos dois sempre!!

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