Till the End of the Moon Heads into Final Episodes with Douban Ratings Dropped to 5.6 Between Strongly Held Conflicting Reviews

I don’t know if the two diametrically opposite review camps for xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon are just the fandom and the anti-fans being the most vocal or there are actually casual viewers who think either way. Because this drama is my definition of mid (borrowing youth lingo here) – nowhere near as bad as most xianxia dramas, a genre which only occasionally produce good stuff, but just mediocre in plot and direction saved only by lavish costumes and the strong character presence of male lead Luo Yun Xi. It’s like he’s acting in is own one man Shakespearean tragedy where every single tragedy from each of Shakespeare’s tragic plays is piled on him. Basically he’s Hamlet/Macbeth/King Lear smushed together in a xianxia emotional and physical torture porn. But being a mid drama doesn’t explain the further dropping Douban score to 5.6 with the criticisms sounding amplified. There is complaints about Luo Yun Xi being too thin that his leanness doesn’t fit the godly vibe, Bai Lu not being pretty or goddess level enough in visuals, the numerous gaffes in filming with modern things spotted, the dubbed dialogue not matching lip movement, the abrupt directorial cuts, and the OTP having no chemistry and it feels like everyone is acting in their own different show. I think there is some validity to each of these complaints but again nothing is to the level of that bad *shrugs*.


Till the End of the Moon Heads into Final Episodes with Douban Ratings Dropped to 5.6 Between Strongly Held Conflicting Reviews — 84 Comments

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  2. The show is not good. I don’t know if 5.5 bad, but it’s less than mid. I think a lot of the negative feeling toward this drama are people taking their anger on YOUKU. The insane marketing for a below average story show while they spent barely $1 on better shows and stories.

    This show will end soon and it will out of its misery soon enough. Lol

    • Actually if viewers just watch this drama with just a normal views it is not a bad like others bad comments. For me it still can say a great drama to watch. Of course we all got a great gadget nowadays but please if you want to enjoy to watch any kind of drama perhaps just step aside of a worst thinking just because you have a great gadget to zoom any kind of weaknesses weather it is small or big. Everyone already working hard and cost much energy,times etch. Be positive thinking 👋🏻

    • Anyone saying that Bai Lu isn’t pretty enough certainly is a hater, not the average viewer. Also, saying g a thin/skinny person isn’t attractive and must necessarily gain weight is as toxic as saying that an overweight/fat person looks awful and must lose weight. Personally, I am with you on that Koala, I think the plot is overall good, the male lead is exceptional even without being tall and muscled, but the execution of it all is as if someone let highscoolers produce and direct this show. Which would explain why the leads spit blood 4 times per episode. What a waste!
      By the way, nothing is wrong with le leads’ chemistry, I found them sizzling up to the point where the high-schooler in charge of the script got coy and pure. Very much like in every C-drama, the lead-up is great, buy when the leads finally confess their feelings, they spent the next half of the show exchanging a couple of kisses that are even cooler that a kiss between 12 year olds.

    • 5.5 isn’t that bad, but I guess it just didn’t meet expectations. An idol-ish type drama earning an 8 is already rare, so 5.5 would be like above average and maybe even good..but not great. Still, I don’t think it’s that bad for this type of drama.

      Love between fairy and devil and the Untamed had only hit the high 7s, and I feel like those two dramas got talked a lot more and received a lot more love.

      Anyways, ratings aside, the drama raked in a lot of viewers and the actors got their screentime in front of millions of viewers. Traffic is important for popularity and advertising.

  3. I agree, his weight made sense when he was starved but he should have gained weight by the time he turned into a God. The whole drama is basically torture p**n is another point I agree with and I have no idea how the script got invested into production. The writer must really be into some BDSM because the plot is written around physical abuse scenes which are in every episode.
    It’s on par on Thai slap and kiss lankorns that i avoid

    • If you have read the book, it constantly described him as sickly looking. Because of his devil bones, he’s basically cursed, he always appear to be weak and sickly looking. So no, even as MY, he meant to look sickly. And even as CJM, he meant to look sickly, as described by the book >_> also there was no physical abuse every episode -.- stop spreading false information.

      This series suffers from episodes limitation, due to the 40eps limit, they have to cut a lot of stuffs, which make the story less coherent as the rule was new. I suggest ppl not be a sheep, try a few episodes yourself, like a pilot for western series, and decide it for yourself.

      • Thanks for the book explanation. However, at this point, he doesn’t have the devil bone in him so he should have gained the weight back. I have been watching the drama every time it comes out with a new episode so clearly, your suggestion is not useful to me. If they were going to cut out stuff why are they keeping the physical abuse/torture part of the plot when it has long been established that he is cursed since he was just a prince?

        If a story becomes less coherent then you can’t criticize the audience for not enjoying it. The production companies make millions of dollars to make it entertaining. It is hardly the first Xianxia drama to air with a plethora of limitation.

      • The 40 episodes limit have been implemented since last year. That’s why some drama just make it into 2 parts to surpass this 40 episodes limit. Like immortal samsara that have 80ep.

      • @Selenophile: No. The original novel name and TV series name are not the same. The original novel name is “黑月光拿稳BE剧本”.​

      • Totally agree with you. I think the producers can try to sell another version, like the snyder cut. Maybe for fans, maybe for people who really care about the serie.

  4. Despite its flaws I am utterly captivated by this drama. Luo Yun Xi’s performance is extraordinary. The chemistry with Bai Lu is palpable. Despite the unrelenting angst it is their love story that holds this drama together and makes it a stand out. You are either going to love it or hate it.

    • Same here! Honestly it proves how important chemistry is to making a good drama. LYX and BL are electrifying together, and those are the strongest parts of the drama.

      Also it’s not their fault that they had to edit down to 40 eps. D;

    • I don’t know why people are hating on the show. True that it has some flaws, but I think the casting, the plot, and the chemistry in this drama is just perfect. I do feel like the story was dragged on a little too much, but it’s a drama I’m enjoying

      • Me too. I am a sucker for tragic love story. I am enjoying every bit of it execpt OST. Where is the OST? Why didn’t it stuck with like LBFD.

    • Idem…the actor and actress are incredible….and Luo is perfect
      And I disagree with the idea the author of article has of Xianxia
      I love Xianxia very much….and after Love between Fairy and Devil, a real masterpiece for me, i love them more and more

  5. I agree that I do find the male lead a bit thin. He’s probably even more skinny in real life. The one about Bai Lu not being pretty enough is absurd. She’s drop dead gorgeous. People are ok with Yang Zi playing the goddess in most of her dramas and then to pick on Bai Lu. I like Yang Zi but I’m not going to say she’s a stunning beauty. She’s very likable for sure and does her characters justice. Haters going to hate.

    • THIS! I love Yang Zi as an actress and I think she’s pretty but Bai Lu is on another level of beauty! It’s really just haters! Also BL and LYX do have chemistry so not really sure what other people are seeing.

    • Hmm I don’t think Yang Zi is the right example for this. She gets bashed for her looks by c netizens constantly regardless if she has a airing drama or not. Even moreso than another other popular actress in her age group. When Immortal Samsara aired there was so much dissatisfaction about her looks not being up to par in comparison to Meng ZiYi. BaiLu getting the same kind critiques is just typical c netizen toxicity. We all know she’s pretty and this will all pass when c netizens find a different target for the next idol drama.

      • Ah so they’re criticized the same. At the same time I’m also putting out yang mi, because she has hunchback netizen always says she always looks strange when her hair is tied up

  6. Douban has long been a battlefield between fans and antis especially for a drama that gain a lot of attention early on like this. They didn’t offer anything new in the story it’s a rehash of many existing xianxia plot. But I do mind that they made such lavish costume only to end up making it look like a game. Costume and make up are too much in exaggeration. One of the reason too as koala has said, this is literally a one man show of lyx, he is a good actor but there’s just so much one can do, drama need plot that engage characters with other characters, and they are lacking that here when they made it into a one man show. Clearly his plot of the story are not enough to attract viewers in. They should really centralize the romance bit where OTP are interacting or even appear in one scene together more. Because for me, their love story, the angst is not angsting.

  7. Honestly, when the show first started it was truly addicting. I loved the characters and backstory of each one, but there were a couple of annoyances I could not get through. I made it to episode 32 and just stopped watching altogether. I understand this is a Chinese drama, highlighting drama lol, but there should still be character development.

    The two main leads just kept making the same mistakes, almost to a point their relationship came off very toxic. I just didn’t understand why they were letting others manipulate them when they’ve already seen it happening in their past lives. Neither had good communication skills, and they weren’t honest to each other. The side couple(The Fox & the general) became more of a main couple than the main couple lbs. other than that, I enjoyed it.

  8. Agreed with most of the reviews but definitely not agree with Bai Lu visual comments. She is so beautiful. She looks stunning in everything. Luo Yunxi looks more thin and unhealthy next to her.

  9. I am in love with this drama. I think Luo Yunxi acting is amazing, I feel what he portrayed; love, hate, anger, happiness and sorrow. Costume is over the top and I love it.

    If you don’t like the storyline, don’t hate the actors. It’s the screenwriters’ doing. As for any show, viewers are entitled to their comments; good or bad. I hope the actors don’t get too discouraged and are able continue to do what they love to do, act and bring entertainment to us all.

    As far as comments about his body, to me, his body is his choice. As long as he is healthy and mentally strong, who cares if he’s too thick or thin.

    I enjoy seeing Luo Yunxi grow over several series and this is his best one yet. I am over the good guys who are evil. I am team ‘little Devil God’ Tantai Jin all the way. My favorite little Devil. Keep up the good work

  10. This drama is nuts! Nothing makes logical sense besides the ultra obsession of the male lead due to his trauma. The obsession is still faulty, but I can follow the reasoning at least. The female lead, however, is so back and forth between her mission and liking the dude, she never convinces me she cares about either. Bai Lu is a strong actor, so it was definitely the character. It honestly felt like it was hard for her to act like she hated the male lead because it didn’t make any sense for her to hate him in execution! Lol. Luo Yun Xi, though, oooOooowweeee!! He’s in a league of his own! Though the leads have chemistry, he’s definitely leading. I started forgetting his tiny frame when the shoulder pads got larger in his costumes and the hair longer in his wigs to match and balance the rather large size of his head with his smaller framed body. Lol. The big heads floating over tiny bodies always gets me asking, “Are you taking care of yourself?” I feel like Gong Jun is the same. Without these period costumes widening their shoulders and creating the illusion of build underneath the drapings, they’re as tiny as the female characters. I don’t think size is actually a problem, because many of the smaller actors are strong at actually acting, but I have to admit that size IS noticeable. Luo Yun Xi was fuller in the modern drama he did with Bai Lu, which made them look really compatible in that one, but in this one, she looks stronger than him. Lol. But his charisma is stronger than anything this drama has to offer, so props to Luo Yun Xi. Haha.

  11. Most complains sounded petty and ridiculous at this point. Every single drama has fans and antis but never in my life I’ve seen this many slanders and attacks directed at one particular drama.

    I like the drama but I know it’s not a perfect one, still it’s not nearly as bad as many antis screaming for.

  12. Idk. I consider myself a neutral viewer, neither a fan nor an antifan of the drama because I did follow the works of both leads and tried to watch their dramas. But when I gave my sincere opinions about this series on social media, it usually triggered a barrage of attacks on me from fans. Koala speaks for me and hits the nail on the head. LYX has a very strong presence but somehow lacks convincing chemistry with his costars as in most (not all) of his other dramas. The analogy with Hamlet/Macbeth/King Lear-torture porn is sarcastically harsh but so true. LOL. On top of that, I beg Cdrama production teams to learn makeup art and lighting from Kdrama; the latter has been doing so much better and more artistically with those two filming elements. Till the End of the Moon is one of the worst examples in those aspects.

    • Yunxi is one of the actors I follow, but I’ve only been able to finish Ashes Of Love and Love Is Sweet because they are decent enough to watch. Even though he’s a good actor, I’m not going to sacrifice my good judgment for a series that lacks coherence from start to finish. His presence is strong, but the bad plot cannot be overshadowed, I am disappointed to have waited a year for a production of questionable quality.

      To date, Yunxi and her co-stars have not had good romantic writing between their characters, so I tend to attribute the lack of chemistry to poor development. I have a drama of his pending, so I can reconcider my thoughts when I finish it.

    • Omgosh not funny but so funny- your name. To me, this show was held together by LYX. His presence and acting was so captivating and mesmerizing. Had it not been for him, I would’ve dropped this show in the middle as I really would need to start taking a Paxil just to persevere or go see a dentist from grinding my teeth. The wardrobe in this show was absolutely beautiful and the special effects and fight scenes were amazing. Whoever said Bai Lu is not pretty enough needs to go visit an optometrist or reevaluate your inner self for a minuscule self esteem. She is one of the most beautiful Asian actresses I’ve seen. Too bad the script was so bad that it made her look like an inconsiderate, flaky douchebag. All in all, it was worth a watch just ONE time. God forbid me from putting myself through that anguish again.

  13. I think the costumes are terrible. There’s a difference between extravagance and just extra. The costumes look overly exaggerated rather than pretty. And I cannot get pass Luo’s slight stature too. But the reason why a lot of people are so negative about this drama when it’s no different from the thousand and one other xianxia dramas out there is because this show ran a huge publicity campaign about how it has an impressive plot (unlike its predecessors). The outfits were also on Weibo trends all the time. When you have insane marketing going on but the actual product disappoints, there’s bound to be backlash.

  14. We all have different opinions, taste and perspective. But, personally, I like the actors/actresses and their acting. The story is likeable for me too although it has a lot of spitting blood. They did a very good job delivering their lines. I really like Bai Lu, she’s pretty, on par in being a goddess. Maybe y’all just have high standards of “beauty”.

  15. Fxk . People r always complaining about something . Tell me which fxking drama you guy think is best in 2023 ?
    This drama is the best we got so far this year. Great stroy line , genius plot twist and performance .we ve seen so many similar story line wth boring plots upto 2022.This drama is just different .

    • The Long Season destroys this drama when it comes to quality and neither LYX nor BL are fit to shine the shoes of actors there.

      I sometimes wonder if only children watch stuff like this if you actually think this is some kind of quality.

      • Luo Yunxi is still a good actor, regardless of your attempts to belittle him every chance you get by using points that are completely unrelated to the topic. ¡Ja,ja!

    • You’re absolutely right, I think people complain when their “set” standard( plot, costume etc..) is contradictory to what they got used to. This drama is so different from the regular Xianxia drama; you must focus and think to connect all the dots.For me, it’s not boring; (I do not even close my eyes cuz I might miss the English sub).
      The actors’ ML and FL are pair made from heaven, their acting complements each other and they look sooo.. good together.

      I really enjoyed the drama with all its flaws and the bottom line is if you enjoy it then watch it and if you don’t then drop it.

  16. I think Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu are what’s saving this drama. They are doing a very good job but the plot is everywhere. Both are so good at crying.
    Usually with xianxia dramas, the premise is there but the execution always goes sideways; which is odd because they are always based on existing novels 😑
    From previews, it also feels like the ending is going to be a hot mess.

  17. Why are people obsessed with douban rating? Is it the gold standard ratings for drama and movie reviews. When I look at the ratings , a lot people score it 1.0. Even the worst xianxia in history isn’t 1.0 imo.

  18. I love this drama and it has been my daily highlight since it premiered. Naturally I completely disagree with the douban rating of 5.6 because it’s way too low. However I’ve been reading that douban rating is no longer an effective tool in measuring a drama’s strength. Lou Yinxi played his character fantastically and I am completely invested emotionally in Tantai Jin. Bai Lu is stunning and fits her role too. These 2 leads share explosive chemistry as far as I’m concerned.

    • This is the definition of a fan sticking their fingers in their ears and going La La La, I can’t hear you.

      That it is even 5.6 is because Youku water armies are doing as much as they can rating it with a max. The evidence of that is all over Douban. What they can’t do is outnumber actual viewers who don’t think it is good. Tough luck. Buy more paid posters next time.

  19. The plot is a meh. I am also annoyed that Bai Lu wasn’t given better script, because I saw that she can do meatier acting.
    But still, I must be a minority who enjoyed chemistry within leads. Many time their eye contacts and small banters just melt me.

  20. Is he really a one man show by accident? Or is it something else? When the screenwriter starts complaining, then you know the deal.

    Both he and youku chose this. Nobody forced either of them into aggressive marketing. I don’t care how desperate he is to hit it big because he is aging out but I guess he was arrogant enough to think he could get away with it. Well, he provoked everyone to dig up everything they could. And some of that is not nice.

    Tl;dr both LYX and Youku got introduced to FAFO.

    • Which screenwriter complaining? You mean Ashes of Love filler debacles? That’s straight up bullying and turning him into a scapegoat! Nevermind additional screentime, his company couldn’t even get him the 3rd billing for AoL as he should have! Just check AoL opening and ending credit. No actor with good backers would be treated like that! Meanwhile, there was no complain about the demon couple fillers that are repetitive and no one cares about! Why? Because only LYX was a threat!

      Jealous so much that someone invested a lot of money on him?

      • No, I mean the cutting of roles of secondary characters in this drama. It is obvious LYX isn’t embarrassed but stay away from fans of those two because they will curse you to hell and back. Imagine working for months and then get screwed over like that.

        Sorry, am not jealous of barely passable dramas that wasted money while shooting people in the back in order to prop up a failing, aging liuliang.

      • @Shrug Is the age of actors also used to degrade them? Aren’t you going to age? Ha,ha,ha. You clearly have no intention of talking about quality, you are just focusing on a narrative that is convenient for you. Your bias can be seen for miles.

  21. my complaint is too many scenes got cut, after ep 30+ the storyline jump here and there, it’s like another The Legends by Bailu & Xukai. 🙁

  22. I actually really like this drama. It focuses on the main leads and does not trail off like most dramas I’ve seen. The costumes are top notch and probably by far the best costuming since Peach blossom. I was never a fan of Lou Yunxi, however he has come a long way and is a much more better actor now when I saw him in Ashes of Love (hates that drama btw). Bai Lu is so gorgeously beautiful.

  23. He’s always been thin. He was thin in ashes of love and he was a god on that too. The thinness isn’t the problem. The show just lacked momentum. It seems like they were struggling to put scenes in. It definitely didn’t have to be this long.

  24. I think they should have spent less money on hair boubles, feathers and ribbons and more on a better script. It’s definitely a one man show, but even the male lead can’t save the second half which is a complete mess both plot and editing-wise.

    The primary focus of the production team seems to be to make the male lead as pretty and pitiful as possible. Everything else is a afterthought, including secondary characters and a coherent plot. A epic war between two nations is reduced to thirty soldiers fighting on each side lol.
    Also, where does the praise for the CGI come from? All I see are black smoke monsters, monsters covered in black smoke, powers covered in black smoke, white smoke spirits etc
    But compared to the snooze fest that was Ancient Love Poetry the last Xianxia I watched which I give a minus 10, Till the end of the moon is much better and is Shakespeare in comparison lol.

  25. Thankfully, I’m not so hypercritical or fall for the toxic fanwars to miss out on enjoying this drama. There will always be complainers and antis who look for faults. Saw/read similar posts and articles for Legend of Fuyao and a handful of other S+ dramas. The angst is cranked up and there’s quite a bit of lore tied in to keep me interested.

  26. I agree Leo is too thin to have the masculine aura. Leo normally has his good looks in costume drama but not in this drama though…As the Devil God, yes due to the skeleton look..

  27. I love the show there is nothing wrong with him being then there is definitely nothing wrong with his acting I love the chemistry between the two actors. Who are we to judge on people’s abilities to act. If you can do a better job by all means do it then.

  28. I really fond of this drama content when drama start.. I appreciate the characters and chemistry between main lead character and the most love thing is to watch main lead flawless performance each and every scene..i always watching series like this but just some actors who are capable of showing Emmence pain in their facial or bodily performance. Despite repetition of same plot.. I love to watch and waiting for the end of this story.. Iam gonna miss this show.

  29. Bai Lu not being pretty is ridiculous, she’s above average although I do agree that the show is not that good and that Luo Yun Xi is too thin, I couldn’t watch most of his dramas because of this issue. I am not one to body shame people but I do wonder if that’s how he is naturally or he’s just staying thin intentional. If the later is the case, then I don’t the point of it

  30. Rather than not being pretty, it’s more about how Bai Lu’s looks and mannerisms are too modern. Not being pretty enough to play a goddess was what was said about Zhou Dongyu in Ancient Love Poetry. With Bai Lu, netizens said her facial expressions and movements are like an internet celebrity/influencer cosplaying as an ancient goddess. I do agree that Bai Lu is more suitable for modern dramas. She has more of a Korean aesthetic.

    • Agreed as well! I’ve seen a bunch of her historical dramas and I have never been able to finish a single one. This one is unfortunately no different. I think I can watch her in modern, but in costume garb, she just doesn’t emit that type of ancient feel

      • I think Bai Lu could perhaps do a time traveling drama like Zhao Lusi. Other than that, she’s not really convincing in costume dramas. There are other actresses who aren’t the best at acting, but they naturally exude a dignified aura so it at least looks like they’re from the same era as the rest of the cast and doesn’t feel as jarring.

  31. LYX being skinny may not be appealing to many and apparently it was said that he couldn’t eat solid food due to his injuries for some time. Personally I thought it coincided well with the character and though I do not indulge in someone’s pain, I felt like it was mostly an unintended benefit that made the whole character much more believable. The costumes made up for his thin frame when needed and he just has really good posture, which helps.

    The plot does feel very problematic and logically flawed. I struggled to make sense of the female character’s actions many times through out the series but I think overall, it was either the severe editing or lacklustre writing which made a good story fall flat. I really admire the female characterisation though it was not properly fleshed out. She was barely ever fickle-minded. Lack of communication is like… Every bloody trope in every Xianxia drama i think. Like, so many problems wouldnt exist if people talked to each other but that takes away the drama. All in all, it really isn’t the horrid drama people are making it out to be. Some people are nitpicking on very random stuff. Some others criticise Bai Lu for not understanding the two lead characters… Which I think is probably fair comment. In any case, people should be willing to give the show a chance before they throw rocks at it just because of the scandals surrounding it.

  32. Douban is neither more nor less reliable than other sites, however it gives a more accurate average score thanks to the great number of viewers. If a show is watched by 10 people 7 of which give a 10, 3 negative scores won’t change much. TTEOTM has been reviewed by more than 235 thousand people on Douban, so we can infere it has been, is being viewed – or dropped – by a lot more.
    We can’t decide a site doesn’t mirror the average sentiment just because we don’t agree. LBFAD got a score of 8.1 on Douban, DESPITE the haters.

    Thruth is, the big budget they had to produce this drama has been badly spent. Editing is often wild, dubbing is not in synch, CGI is over the top, to the point everything looks terribly fake, the plot is often totally devoid of logic, the only character who’s got some kind of narrative arc and motivations is the male lead and – as many pointed out – blood is vomited by everyone at every given opportunity. A couple of shortcomings can be overlooked, but when they pile up it’s hard to be blind to them.
    I entered this realm without expectations: I didn’t know any of the actors or anything about this plot, but found it ridiculous – involuntarily so. Even a fantasy has to establish some sort of rules and be true to them, but here it’s like events are following one another without a clear direction, let alone fluidity.

    I gave up when the female lead – in some neverending dream/memory belonging to someone else – drugged, muted and basically raped her husband who was guilty of not loving her (or so she thought).
    Romantic stuff, uh?

  33. Love this drama! Excellent script and director down to all actors and actresses.

    See those commentators comments, when a person wishes to attack someone will one day be attacked. This is cause and effect Universal law. I hope all humans on this earth plane speak truth for earth to be a better place.

  34. Never paid too much on douban ratings when it comes to certain actors/genre of dramas that attracts antis. It’s a place where antis flocks in. Have experience some stupid evil actions by them to certain dramas just because their gege’s drama got cancelled aired.. they flocked to downrates the dramas that replaced their gege’s. Yuckies

  35. The drama is not perfect, I know bc some parts are cut to 40eps. The plot is not so coherent, but if you just watch the drama it’s not so bad as people say. They say Leo physique is not enough or Bailu is not pretty enough.Isn’t is just body shaming stuff?? I thought they’re just some toxic people making a fuss over nothing. The drama is not perfect but not to the point of hard to look at and the overall outlook is good enough to enjoy for us. It’s hard to believe that they make such unkind words to criticize the actor and actress. I personally think that this’s a beautiful costume drama and the effort of the actors and crew are also worth noticing.

  36. The 40 episode rule for dramas sucks. Yeah the story is kind of all over the place but the Chemistry between Bai and Luo and the CGI saves this drama for me. I can sort of overlook a subpar story if the visual appeal is there. I think they would have made it into two parts had it not been for the new rule where you have to wait 6 months to air the second part which I think is ridiculous. So we’re probably going to have a lot of dramas get really really really chopped up. I also heard that the second male and female lead total air times were cut drastically due to the 40 episode cap.
    But I’m still enjoying it because Xianxia is right up my wheelhouse.

  37. It seems that the real hate is aim at the ML. And if it were any other ML with bad or mediocre acting Douban rating will be much better. The media will be full of praise too! And no one would attack the show this much. Not your cup of tea? Then pass, don’t watch. Why spreading hate? Too thin? It’s his body his choice! Not beautiful enough? Seriously? So what if the company spent a lot for marketing? It’s their money!So they can spend how they like. Over the top costumes, really? Then why bother watching costume drama? Do someone actually want to see this type of drama with blend and boring costumes? If it’s seems like a one man show, isn’t the novel itself is about the story of Devil God? So when the novel is about the Devil God, isn’t it reasonable for the drama to actually focus on Devil God? Every actor in the drama is responsible for their role. If you do a phenomenal job of acting, whether you have more or less screen time is unimportant because he actor(he/she)will outshine others with phenomenal performance!If you are given a minute,then why not make that minute count? Don’t complain because other person is making every minute counts! Is it the ML fault that he is doing phenomenal performance? If he’s carrying half the drama, then that’s mean he’s doing his job which the company hired him for? Does that mean doing his job is also his fault?

  38. This drama is second chinese drama that I’ve watch in all chinese drama, second to love o2. The actors and actresses are good in acting thier roles suits them very well. I like the story it is exciting.I always wait every episode to be release by Youku. I always have excitement whenever the next episode has been posted
    Bailu is pretty, talented and good actress.hands up🤚to all cast of till the end of the moonlight excellence✨

  39. This is one of my favorite shows – I can’t wait for each episode to come out!!! I love the main characters, their chemistry is great! I hate it when people pick apart things instead of seeing the positive, even in this dark, sad story. There are glimmers of hope and love and yes they dress to kill darn it!!!! Thanks guys for all your hard work and hope it continues, this fan is rooting for you!!!😁😉

  40. To be clear I think the cast is the only saving grace for this drama. I really enjoyed the first half of it but now it’s just incredibly repetitive. The level and amount of misunderstandings of how he killed the king when he deserved it for stealing his mom’s ashes, then the misunderstanding that he killed her grandmother, now that he killed her father. At this point, she is supposed to be a very intelligent character but in this regard, there is no character development of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst of him. It’s not even the character’s fault but the writer’s instead. It would make sense if she actually lost her memory but no she remembers everything.
    Their romance is the biggest flaw in the series but other than that everything else is done so well.
    (1) The ML’s character development is executed very well. He is blinded by hate in the beginning but he grows to be empathetic and understanding of other people’s actions. In this regard, he weirdly grows to be more emotionally intelligent than the FL.
    (2) The romance between the brother and the fox is my favorite
    (3) The ML being a wise and loved King is so healing
    (4) The FL’s sismance with the fox is my favorite in any Chinese drama
    (5) The Master and student relationship in the Male lead’s sect is sweet, even his interactions with his fellow students are very cute.
    (6) The FL’s character in the struggle between seeing the ML as Hitler vs just baby Hitler, in the beginning, is very compelling.

    They should have just separated the drama into parts one and two. Netflix has been doing a great job at that but sucking at having live shows heh.

    • I am a casual viewer and can’t agree more with you. those Hitler’s conflict versus their fate driven by the original God of Devil could be explored more. it’s truly a material of intrigues. watched these show make me think that they were failed to choose their focus: the romances or the stylist ancient-superhero’s action. the production divisions I mean.

  41. I still like this drama despite all of the negative feedbacks. Everyone just has their own opinions of it and nothing’s wrong with that. You either like it or hate it! I still think despite LYX’s thin feature, he definitely owned the demon lord, Mingye, and Tantai Jin character; It wouldn’t be the same w/out him.

  42. The show was interesting at first,but now its annoying. The mistakes are too much,and none of the couples have a happy ending. I expected more from this drama,but i don’t even understand the storyline again.. am sure its going to end badly

  43. This is the problem with cdrama, why you gotta change so many plot. It would’ve been better to use the original story without changing it. The changes just made the show shallow in plot

  44. The first 30 episodes were like a roller coaster ride. It started strong ending weak, if only they expanded to 60 episodes to develop the arc for the other two couples and allow breathing space in between MC lifetimes. I subscribed Youku for this drama, and many questions unanswered. Why,why?? I want a jealous male lead, not a f*** saint!!!! 😭😭

  45. The first 30 episodes were like roller coaster ride. It started strong ending weak. Perhaps 60 episodes would have been better for developing the story of the other couples while allowing breathing space for main leads in between lifetimes. I subscribed Youku for this drama and all I get more questions unanswered. Why, why??? I want a jealous male lead, not a f@** saint 😭😭😭 come on, he supposed to sacrifice for the girl, not a bunch of enlightened wisdom.

  46. The first few episodes were really interesting. I also enjoyed Ming Ye/Sang Jiu subplot despite the generic storyline. Honestly, I thought Luo Yunxi absolutely slayed in every persona he had to act in with his acting and Bai Lu was simply stunning and pulled off being ditsy cute Sang Jiu + elegant Li Susu very well. I loved the costumes as well. They’re not traditional, but then again, we’re talking about xianxia here. It’s all fictional. Why must we conform to traditional Chinese garments and terms of modesty?

    Things that got to me:
    1. Lips not syncing
    2. Main leads being the literal only people who dressed differently. I’ll give an example. During Qixi, when Tantai Jin and Ye Xiwu walked around the streets at night, everyone else was dressed plainly and the two stood out like a sore thumb. I mean, I know most people are peasants but you want me to believe there’s not even ONE rich merchant in the kingdom? How did the two not get stared at everywhere they went when they are dressed so outlandishly extravagant? Or like how Cang Jiuming, despite being the youngest disciple of Xiaoyao Sect, also did not wear the sect uniform. Come on.
    3. The blood spitting. (I live for angst but the amount of blood spitting going on esp in the later eps had me cringing)
    4. I really wished Ye Bingchang could have remained the perfect saint rather than the direction they took for her. It’s as if dramas need their second FL to be evil to make FL look good.

    Ultimately, I loved the drama. To each their own.

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