Fallout from Abrupt Postponement of Story of Kunning Palace Continues with Rumors Impacting Other Dramas Like Blooming Days, Destined, and My Journey to You

So I’ve lived through C-ent crackdowns on content and it seems to happen every few years centered around a specific topic or type. There was the ban on time-travel dramas, then ban on palace in-fighting dramas, then ban on flower boys onscreen, then ban on BL novel adaptations, and lots of one-way dramas never getting airing approval for random issues. So with Story of Kunning Palace abruptly postponed reportedly due to the third male lead once supporting the protest on the C-government handling of COVID era restrictions, another period drama Blooming Days scheduled for May 18th airing was also postponed right before it aired no clue why. Then there is also concern over period dramas Destined and My Journey to You for having a “Japanese air” in the costumes and styling and both dramas may need to be corrected/changed if it hopes to get its airing permit. I also learned that procedural drama Justice in the Dark (adapted from the Priest BL novel Silent Reading) aired only 8 episodes earlier this year when it stopped with no explanation or update from the production.


Fallout from Abrupt Postponement of Story of Kunning Palace Continues with Rumors Impacting Other Dramas Like Blooming Days, Destined, and My Journey to You — 14 Comments

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  2. This is the fallout from House’s comments and the whole Xiaoguo issue. At first it looked like only Xiaoguo would be affected and of course, House got arrested but in the end, largely contributed by the new boss of NRTA who has decided that enough is enough, the dramas are going to have to go through inspection again. It is why Kunning got pulled thanks to male 3 when before they might have squeaked through. All costumes will have to go through it and probably a lot of other dramas that have even a hint of issues.

  3. This is nothing new under the CCP regime. China is not an open society at all, strictly speaking. There’re oversensitive and insecure CCP leaders that have zero tolerance of challenges to their authoritative ways of dictating people’s life. One can also easily see similarities between this regime and many Chinese fans’ intolerant behavior. The regime has made considerably negative marks on its people’s mentality. You can see those deep marks on some visitors of this site who habitually attacked ppl with different opinions.

  4. The guy just peacefully supported those peaceful protestors. What has he done wrong other than perhaps making the CCP leaders lose face? Ok, perhaps FACE is what A LOT of Chinese people think most of and that might explain why he got in trouble with such an innocent act that would be deemed harmless in a free society. He should not have even started his acting career in China. How lucky we are not born Chinese!

    Fortunately I mostly watch K dramas and Xiao Zhan is the only C celebrity I follow because of the Untamed. I don’t feel missing much from the CCP crackdown.

    • You are already infamous here, bro. For pretending to be a Xiao Zhan’s fan and using it as a cover to spew anti-Chinese propaganda.

      • @Lilith

        Now she is going to call you both mentally unstable in 3, 2, 1….

      • LOL. That’s your definition of being “infamous.” I’ve just been exercising my right of free speech. I know the Chinese always dominate in terms of numbers of people. But your perception doesn’t speak for the rest of the world.

        Your delirious reaction is exactly the reason why I suggest you guys give yourselves mental checks. I don’t have to pretend as a fan of nobody whom I don’t like at all. I like XZ as an entertainer who happens to be the only C actor I like and that’s the fact. My appreciation of XZ’s talent as an entertainer has absolute nothing to do with my criticism of the egregious CCP regime and the obnoxious Chinese fan culture under that regime as a whole. But you ignoramuses have no level heads to tell the difference. LOL

        The main problem with you is that you identify yourselves with the CCP regime so that you take every single criticism of the regime personally. If you hypocrites support the CCP so much, why don’t you move back to your motherland? Why the heck are you staying in a free society that has opposite values to the autocratic regime while speaking against the freedom of speech? For me, taking advantage of free speech that the CCP doesn’t offer you but unable to tolerate different opinions is pathetic and a sign of serious mental problems. Don’t be mistaken! Only a few outspoken Chinese visitors of this site don’t entitle you to override other voices. SMH !!!!!

      • @Shrug, you’re partially correct except that you forgot to include yourself as well for having questionable psyche. LOL

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