iQiyi Announces Release of Period C-drama Destined with Song Yi and Bai Jing Ting Immediately on June 18th

Hahaha, now I wonder if the earlier month period C-drama qibosh from the C-government was merely a blip or right now the censors are on vacay so the networks are rushing to release as many as they can. iQiyi announced the immediate release of Destined (Chang Feng Du) with Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi for Sunday June 18th merely a day before. This drama was supposed to come out in May but then got postponed but now it’s here tomorrow so enjoy! The preview was still charming and adorable with the added bonus that leads Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi are reportedly totally dating in real life so makes for added meta viewing of their chemistry.

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Fallout from Abrupt Postponement of Story of Kunning Palace Continues with Rumors Impacting Other Dramas Like Blooming Days, Destined, and My Journey to You

So I’ve lived through C-ent crackdowns on content and it seems to happen every few years centered around a specific topic or type. There was the ban on time-travel dramas, then ban on palace in-fighting dramas, then ban on flower … Continue reading

Dating Rumors for Upcoming Period C-drama Chang Feng Du Leads Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi Caught Going Home Together and Also Dining with His Dad

I love me some good whole C-ent gossip and this one fits the bill to a T! C-drama leads Bai Jing Ting and Song Yi, who just filmed the period drama Chang Feng Du (English title tentatively Destined) together are … Continue reading