First Trailer Drops for Second Chance Fated C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He

C-actress Bai Lu has not just one but two high profile period C-dramas on deck and which one you are looking forward to more may depend on your taste in the two male leads and the general story outline. The finished filming one is Till the End of the Moon with Luo Yun Xi, a xianxia drama and also their second go-around as OTP. The other one just dropped the first trailer this weekend with Story of Kunning Palace which is the first high profile period drama where Zhang Ling He is playing the male lead. Kunning Palace is a court intrigue period drama with the second chance at life twist – Bai Lu is a power hungry queen who dies realizing she royally screwed up for her own ambition but wakes up back in the past before everything happened and decides to do the exact opposite this second time around. Except fate keeps re-directing her it seems to repeat the first time. I quite liked the trailer but have no opinion (yet) on Zhang Ling He as the male lead as all I’ve seen is him in supporting roles and Bai Lu always delivers but is starting to feel like she plays all her female leads one way.

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