Fallout from Abrupt Postponement of Story of Kunning Palace Continues with Rumors Impacting Other Dramas Like Blooming Days, Destined, and My Journey to You

So I’ve lived through C-ent crackdowns on content and it seems to happen every few years centered around a specific topic or type. There was the ban on time-travel dramas, then ban on palace in-fighting dramas, then ban on flower boys onscreen, then ban on BL novel adaptations, and lots of one-way dramas never getting airing approval for random issues. So with Story of Kunning Palace abruptly postponed reportedly due to the third male lead once supporting the protest on the C-government handling of COVID era restrictions, another period drama Blooming Days scheduled for May 18th airing was also postponed right before it aired no clue why. Then there is also concern over period dramas Destined and My Journey to You for having a “Japanese air” in the costumes and styling and both dramas may need to be corrected/changed if it hopes to get its airing permit. I also learned that procedural drama Justice in the Dark (adapted from the Priest BL novel Silent Reading) aired only 8 episodes earlier this year when it stopped with no explanation or update from the production.

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C-ent Gossip Says Story of Kunning Palace was Pulled Off Air Last Minute Due to Government Crackdown on Supporting Male Lead Zhou Jun Wei’s Posting of White Paper During the End of Pandemic Protests in 2022

Okay, if this is true then peeps don’t expect to see this C-drama anytime soon. Period revenge and romance drama Story of Kunning Palace was scheduled for a May 19th premiered but the production announced two hours before the release … Continue reading

iQiyi Formally Announces May 19th Release of Legend of Kunning Palace with Zhang Ling He and Bai Lu Only to Abruptly Cancel 2 Hours Before Premiere Due to Technical Difficulties

Oh wow, this is some shit show happening live and goodness would I have loved to be a fly on the wall of the behind-the-scenes craziness. iQiyi posted on its official drama Weibo page for Legend of Kunning Palace with … Continue reading

Bai Lu’s Scheming Queen Gets a Second Chance Do-over Opposite Zhang Ling He in Preview for C-drama Story of Kunning Palace Airing May 18th on iQiyi

The blood tears of disgruntled fans of Till the End of the Moon hasn’t yet dried and another Bai Lu drama is coming. iQiyi confirmed today the release of her revenge and do-over period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with … Continue reading

Scheduling Rumors has Period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He Airing within Next Month and May Overlap with Till the End of the Moon

So this is either great publicity drumming or a way to counterprogram. There were a lot of C-dramas finished in 2021 and 2022 that fans have been dying to watch and the released earlier this month of Till the End … Continue reading