Jing Tian, Zhang Ling He, and Darren Chen Kick Off Filming for Xianxia Romance C-drama Si Hai Zhong Ming

So it’s not just Bai Lu starting another drama filming, her costar from delayed Story of Kunning Palace is also diving into his next project. Zhang Ling He is joining Jing Tian and Darren Chen (Guan Hong) as filming has started for xianxia period C-drama Si Hai Zhong Ming (Four Seas Heavy Brightness and was formerly known as Si Hai Yan Ge). It tells of an ordinary girl who starts cultivation training and crosses paths with a god deity disguised as a human and the form an unlikely connection. What’s interesting is that first stills are not xianxia vibe at all, feels more like a dark mystery wuxia drama.


Jing Tian, Zhang Ling He, and Darren Chen Kick Off Filming for Xianxia Romance C-drama Si Hai Zhong Ming — 5 Comments

  1. Jing Tian is a good actress but looks much more mature than Zhang Ling He…..she looks like in her mid 30s…and Zhang Ling He looks like he is in mid 20s

    Normally in ancient China, the protagonist will start cultivation at age 12?14? Not sure if the storyline reflects that or is she supposed to act like a 16 or 18 year old girl starting late in cultivation.

    As for the pairing, if the storyline depicts the female lead is older than the male lead by 10 years difference, then in guess it’s ok

    • I haven’t read the novel, but I see that in many drama adaptations of novels, the writers age up the main characters when they first meet their potential love interest, perhaps to increase the screen time of the leading actor.

      Also, many actresses in their thirties in China have no choice but to play much younger characters in ancient dramas because there aren’t much roles written for their age group.

    • You cannot possibly find real teenagers to do the job. So long as the age is not emphasized, I don’t see any issue with Jing Tian’s casting. Like what Daymare said, actresses are comparatively limited in terms of roles, so there should be some open-mindedness when it comes to things like this. Just because ancient Chinese girls reach “adulthood” earlier doesn’t mean that that has to be strictly followed.

  2. It is good for ZLH to do this type of drama at this point in his career. He is young and it fits. She is not a bad actress. I will probably check this one out.

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