C-ent Discusses Deep Resourced Stars Who Just Can’t Seem to Breakout into Super Stardom Starting From Chen Fei Yu to Li Yi Tong and Chen Yu Qi

True popularity is a combination of timing (right role/right time) and talent and in the cutthroat world of C-ent with countless talents rising and on the rise it’s one misstep and off the cliff. But there are also stars who always seem on the cusp of breaking out but never seem to, and recently there was an article discussing this group titled “Have the Resources But Can’t Get Popular”. The group pertains to stars who seemingly have it all (looks, deep pockets (wealthy family), strong agency, and lead roles) but somehow just can’t garner that elusive groundswell of buzz. Topping the list is Chen Fei Yu, who at least is still young and also male leads have countless projects to keep trying to become the It Boy. But it’s the ladies that seem mired in B-status starting from Li Yi Yong (even playing Huang Rong can’t make her breakout). Chen Yu Qi (Yukee Chen) who is legit the prettiest leading lady who cannot act, Jing Tian (even Hollywood blockbuster roles can’t give her buzz back home), and Hu Bing Qing (so many dramas, nothing memorable). This also confirms that there are stars who break out with one drama but then fall flat after including Yuan Bing Yan (Love and Redemption), Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess), Wu Jing Yan (Story of Yanxi Palace) and Yu Meng Long (Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms).

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C-stars Out En Masse in Beijing at 17th Annual China Film Huabiao Awards

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Angelababy Glitters in Christian Dior Confection at Star-studded Shanghai Fashion Show

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C-stars Mostly a Miss at the 2017 Elle Style Awards with Standouts Being Ni Ni and Liu Wen

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