Zhang Ling He Continues Drama Output as Period C-drama Si Hao Zhong Ming with Jing Tian Releases First Set of Cast Stills

So Zhang Ling He has also grown on me in currently airing visually sumptuous period drama My Journey to You, took me a bit what with his adorable large front teeth and chipmunk cheeks being a tad distracting initially. But his completely on point acting for the role of sweet, optimistic, and sheltered Gong Zi Yu is just the warm sunshine in a drama full of scorpions so it’s the perfect counter balance. Everyone always talks about how he’s the quintessential C-drama leading man even during his rookie year in 2020, super tall, athletic build, and almost perfect masculine yet good looking flower boy visuals but he was so green back then. In three years he’s really improved and I’m now more excited for Story of Kunning Place and his recently wrapped filming Si Hai Zhong Ming with Jing Tian. The latter from the recently released official character stills looks like a wuxia drama crossed with some xianxia costume brightness and more elaborate designs.

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Tencent Schedules Period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua with Jing Tian and Feng Shao Feng for August 19th After Lost You Forever Part 1 Wraps

So while iQiyi‘s just dropped super duper xianxia C-drama Love You Seven Times is so not my cup of tea, I’m actually intrigued about Tencent‘s next traditional period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua which has just been scheduled for August … Continue reading

Jing Tian, Zhang Ling He, and Darren Chen Kick Off Filming for Xianxia Romance C-drama Si Hai Zhong Ming

So it’s not just Bai Lu starting another drama filming, her costar from delayed Story of Kunning Palace is also diving into his next project. Zhang Ling He is joining Jing Tian and Darren Chen (Guan Hong) as filming has … Continue reading

C-ent Discusses Deep Resourced Stars Who Just Can’t Seem to Breakout into Super Stardom Starting From Chen Fei Yu to Li Yi Tong and Chen Yu Qi

True popularity is a combination of timing (right role/right time) and talent and in the cutthroat world of C-ent with countless talents rising and on the rise it’s one misstep and off the cliff. But there are also stars who … Continue reading

Two Upcoming C-dramas with Xu Kai Release New Stills for Moon Festival – Modern Romance She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Period Drama Wonderland of Love with Jing Tian

It’s weird, I’m not a Xu Kai fan probably because I won’t touch his breakout drama Story of Yanxi Palace with a ten foot pole (allergic to palace dramas and Yumama), but I am oddly super looking forward to both … Continue reading

C-stars Out En Masse in Beijing at 17th Annual China Film Huabiao Awards

The temperature majorly dipped in Beijing and despite the real and also politically frigid temperatures roaring through C-ent it appeared nearly all the stars were out to attend the 17th annual China Film Huaobiao Awards. The ladies walked the red … Continue reading

Angelababy Glitters in Christian Dior Confection at Star-studded Shanghai Fashion Show

I’m always amused by C-actress Angelababy and not in a condescending way despite her hilarious English name. She’s a hardworking and quite genuine star presence with a famous husband and a baby son already despite still looking insanely youthful. I … Continue reading

C-stars Mostly a Miss at the 2017 Elle Style Awards with Standouts Being Ni Ni and Liu Wen

It’s a rarity for C-ent to miss this broadly across the board, with only a few standouts, but I guess percentage wise it’s impossible to always be on point even with fashion. At the 2017 Elle Style Awards which took … Continue reading