Park Seo Joon Reportedly Dating Popular Korean Youtuber xooos

So my first and only reaction is “yes?” before moving on to the next article. But I guess in K-ent this still makes a story especially when there is no confirmation. This week a so-called entertainment industry insider claimed that Park Seo Joon was a taken man and dating a very young and quite popular South Korean Youtuber going by the handle xooos. She has 1.56 million followers (not inconsequential) but he’s an A-list movie and drama star so he’s getting the news articles on this one. His agency claims to know nothing about the dating and personal lives of their stars and left it at that. All I know is that I know nothing about xooos other than she looks like every single new idol girl or SK Youtuber or Afreeca BJ picture I’ve seen.


Park Seo Joon Reportedly Dating Popular Korean Youtuber xooos — 28 Comments

  1. The comment about her looking like every other idol is like saying all asian look alike. LOL

    Apparently, he didn’t denied. This looks to be more than likely not.

    • It could be shade too. Since PS is a normal occurrence in Korea. Their doctors seem to all go to the same school of plastic surgery with idols/BJs/YouTubers starting to look similar lol.

      But yeah, I agree that he’s most likely dating her since he didn’t deny it during his movie press premiere today. Also, they were spotted multiple times in London (2021 and 2022) + her IG pics from his building + similar group of friends (Wooga squad follows her; Jennie who’s dating V).

    • I think that she is just saying that idols,youtuber, …look alike because they tend to fit the same kind of image . Same dress code,make-up, … It’s not just about asians, at some point, western youtubers wanted to look like Kim kardashian just to name one .

    • On the other hand, your comment is like saying that whoever doesn’t look like her is not Asian. Like, I was born in the center of Asia and I don’t look anything like that.

      • He wants his wife to be a stay at home wife and mother and thinks children who had single mothers as parents are likely to be criminals.

      • I remember him saying something like, he doesn’t think women should work and they belong at home to raise the kids and be housewives. I don’t recall him taking back that comment so I guess he still thinks that way, as many Korean men do.

      • Well then, if this dating news were true, its farthest from his views on women. This girl runs a YT channel so I doubt she will stay home and cook for him. LOL He doesn’t know much about women these days. They are independent, they will not sit at home and wait for you. He should know better, he’s in a industry run by successful women equal to men.

      • I would love to be a stay at home mom. If I didn’t HAVE to work then I wouldn’t.

      • @sunny oh yikes, didn’t know he said something like that 🤢
        I think it’s perfectly fine if that’s his preference and still respects women’s choices. but the problem is he seems to think women HAVE to stop working and just stay at home because they belong at home, based on your comment? like, that’s such a gross view 😭

      • @Shrug – isn’t this the Korean culture of a woman’s duty after marriage? That’s why I can only watch K-dramas but not dating any traditional Korean people (especially they will not like my free spirit either… lol…).

    • The ideal for a wife can change with age (and with whom you’re crushing on or dating at the moment). I think he made that comment back in his early 20s and I think many guys at that age are immature and think wives should cater to them like their moms did with their dads.

      But also not surprising if he sticks to that same ideal. In south korea, there is a strong anti-feminist movement among korean men – both young and old. The current south korean president won on a campaign filled with anti-women comments and positions and has been planning to get rid of their gender equality ministry. More than half the country voted for that guy. I’m not surprised if at least half the men in the entertainment world – including our top male actors that we enjoy watching – think the same way.

      xooos is almost 30 and is already popular by her own efforts. I think she’ll have no problem running if she’s done putting up with PSJ.

    • Wasn’t he also the actor who said his ideal woman is small and petite, the type that you’d want to protect and that tall women look like they can take care of themselves or some BS like that? Or is that another actor? I read that on a Reddit thread about misogynistic/sexist sh*t korean actors said and done, and I’ve been side-eyeing those actors since then

      • @Shrug Don’t bother with that Rina, she’s the number one pick-me on this site, she has lots of internalized misogyny and her comments are always cringey and gross. she seems like the type to agree with men (especially incels and red pill-types) when they say disgusting sh*t about women just to get a pat on the head from them for being a “good girl” who knows her place 🤮

        I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Rina has victim-blamed a female victim at least once in her life too, lol
        She’s the epitome of women who have absolutely no self-respect. Imagine being like that, ew

  2. Koala, I remember your post before where a chinese fan allegedly saw PSJ & a youtuber in London. So this must be her.

  3. I want to care about dating news and comment something but I don’t

    I watch his latest soccer movie and it wasn’t good,

  4. I googled xooos and it says she’s 29. That’s not very young compared to his age of 34….it’s only a five year age difference

  5. Timing of the dating rumors is so suspicious – quiet for so many months and suddenly revealed just before his latest movie debut to drum buzz. My take is that both are simply using each other to boost their profiles. He really needs that as his last movie failed to impress and impact. She is virtually unknown and mediocre despite starting in some dramas so she needs his name to stay in the limelight.

    • The rise on xoos’ followers is mainly because she was long rumored to be dating psj. His fans are stalking her and recently she is posting hints about it. And she has a new album she ia promoting. So the dating news benefits xooos more than psj.

    • He gets upcoming drama with han so hee. It won’t give him benefits since the dating rumor won’t be create much shipper which usually generate more buzz even if his upcoming drama has little romance imo

  6. Not a fan of PSJ at all. But I wonder why ppl even bothered to care about his private life, dating included. Leave celebrities alone and don’t show yourselves privy to others business by giving advice coming nowhere! Some comments above obviously came from nosey fans who don’t even know their right positions merely as drama fans. Lol

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