Park Seo Joon Reportedly Dating Popular Korean Youtuber xooos

So my first and only reaction is “yes?” before moving on to the next article. But I guess in K-ent this still makes a story especially when there is no confirmation. This week a so-called entertainment industry insider claimed that Park Seo Joon was a taken man and dating a very young and quite popular South Korean Youtuber going by the handle xooos. She has 1.56 million followers (not inconsequential) but he’s an A-list movie and drama star so he’s getting the news articles on this one. His agency claims to know nothing about the dating and personal lives of their stars and left it at that. All I know is that I know nothing about xooos other than she looks like every single new idol girl or SK Youtuber or Afreeca BJ picture I’ve seen.

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