Blackpink’s Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun Confirm Relationship After Dispatch Releases Pictures of Their Personal Dates

Thank god it’s so hot outside to immediately remind me that its the middle of summer otherwise I would have checked whether today is January 1. K-tabloid Dispatch woke South Korea up with a bang this this Thursday with the reveal that actor Ahn Bo Hyun and Blackpink superstar singer Jisoo are dating. The tabloid said they would date at home and he’s been seen going to her condo often and the pictures are of them in the parking garage separately but its the same place. They are reportedly spending time when Jisoo is back during her very busy world tour and Ahn Bo Hyun also is quite busy earlier with drama filming and promotions. Both sides have confirmed this relationship and it’s the first Blackpink member to officially confirm dating even though everyone and their grandmothers know Jennie and V of BTS are dating. Congrats to the cute couple!


Blackpink’s Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun Confirm Relationship After Dispatch Releases Pictures of Their Personal Dates — 27 Comments

  1. For some reason this pairing never crossed my mind. How have their paths crossed? Neither here nor there I guess. Congrats to both!

    • They have friends in common, and a small social circle. He’s friends with Park Seo Joon, which is friends with V. There are other known people in common too.

  2. I had no clue that Jennie and V are dating 😂

    Anyway, congrats to the new couple and hope it lasts because they look really cute together and look like they’re very compatible with similar personalities.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Jennie the first one to confirm a relationship back in 2019 when she dated Kai? Congrats and best wishes to the new couple btw!

    • That’s what I was thinking. I’m pretty sure they confirmed it when Jennie and Kai were dating. Since then she has been rumored to be dating G-Dragon and now V except those haven’t been confirmed. Although I don’t see why they won’t just confirm Jennie and V since it’s pretty obvious for anyone with eyes (and I am an Army) that they are dating. Maybe it’s because I’m older but I don’t really care if idols date, I mean a lot of them are adults. Also hope this relationship works because Jisoo and Bo hyun both seem like such nice goofy people behind the scenes.

  4. He landed a global star out of his range. She is super rich and her massive world tour has set her for life. She has multi million endorsement globally. Now a massive tour, best selling album by women already. Even if blackpink disbands, each member has set their own global brand. Jisoo has Already set good solo music career. And they all can tour to massive solo fanbases. He played his cards rights as some flop b list actor locally to land her, whose net worth is booming.

    • What a strange comment. You’re on a kdrama blog. Haven’t you watched enough kdramas to know that wealth and social status shouldn’t be a factor in the face of love? There’s more to finding a partner than the surface level stuff you listed out.

    • Yes

      Jisoo indeed deserves better. She deserves better fans than someone toxic like you. Disgusting mindset and being proud to air that lmao

  5. Never expected this one as well but congrats to the new couple!

    Btw, is it just me or the number of couple revelations we’re getting are increasing lately compared to the past? Not complaining though. It’s nice to see more and more celebrity couples being in love comfortably and being openly accepted by the public as they should.

  6. On what base Jennie and V? Jesus rumour just rumour that start from someone cosplaying as them and they confirm that they just cosplaying. Stop this baseless rumour that will bring damage.

    • You’re living under a rock. They were caught 100% on a Paris date back in May when they were photographed by a bystander (not the paps). At the time, YGE & HYBE didn’t deny it. They both came forward and said, “It’s their business” and left it at that. It takes 2 seconds to look it up.

      • Exactly, it was already debunked that it was a cosplayer lmao. Only delulu fans are in denial. I’m an ARMY and I’m just happy Tae found someone to make him hpapy

  7. Think its pretty cool Jisoo confirmed it really quick. And then through both agencies. Nonwishy washy statements. Best wishes to this couple.

  8. I didn’t see it coming . At the same time i don’t know about the korean celebritites life . Anyway, congrats , Ahn Bo Hyun is an actor whom i love very much . Being able to openly date a big star as Jisoo without the ” just friends” excuse 👏👏👏👏👏👏Time for korean celebrities , if it’s their wish , to date freely without impacting their career .

    • Yes, exactly! And it’s also time for people to stop referring to dating news as “scandals” lol just let these celebs date in peace

  9. Props to both of them! I love Ahn Boh Hyun and wish them happiness. I like that Jisoo seems like a calm cool headed girl, her solo fans are some of the least toxic of those 3rd generation weirdos.

    Props to this couple for not letting fear hold them down! They confirmed it with quickness 😅🤣

  10. happy for them, never cross my mind they potential become a thing one day.
    Hope they will last. At least I want them to last long. I can’t bear another song song couple saga happened to another my favourite actor.

    • Song Song debacle was on another level because of their marriage and the suddenness of the divorce. It would have been less truamatic for fans if their breakup came before marriage. Ji Soo and Ahn Bohyun still had a long way to go since they only started dating in May. I want them to last long too, they are unexpected couple but they seem to match each other too.

  11. I’ve seen episodes of I Live Alone with ABH. He seems to love the outdoors and seems to be a man’s man, capable, manly and take-charge. Seems like that’s what Jisoo is looking for. Hope they stay compatible and happy.

  12. Funny I was thinking about this the other day. That the members should be dating. But the two I am most curious about,is Lisa and Rose. Dating Korean men is exactly what I expected from Jenny and Jisoo but Lisa I am quite intrigued to know who will win the this lady’s heart. Rose is rainbow. Well only time will tell.

  13. I thought that Jisoo would date a chaebol or an A list actor, or a member of top bo group in Korea but she has chosen someone her heart wants. Hope they will be happy forever.

    And whoever denied v jennie’s date… have you seen Jennie’s IG post? Lmao, she wore the same outfit. Not to mention, the managers beside them. Cosplaying? Lol yeah yeah delulu..

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