Son Woo Hyun Joins Go Ah Sung and Chang Ryul in Risque TVING Sageuk Drama Chunhwa Love Story

Okay this is pretty coincidentally funny but also solid casting. The trio of leads for TVING sageuk romance drama Chunhwa Love Story is set with the joining of supporting actor Son Woo Hyun. This reunites him with male lead Chang Ryul as both had breakouts in supporting roles for the drama Gold Spoon. The female lead is Go Ah Sung with the story about a runaway princess trying to find the painter who used her face in an erotic picture book. If this was a K-movie I could see it going NC-19 but for drama land a lot of slow mo suggestive scenes is smexy enough lol. The drama is from the PD of Call it Love and the screenwriter of So Not Worth It.


Son Woo Hyun Joins Go Ah Sung and Chang Ryul in Risque TVING Sageuk Drama Chunhwa Love Story — 3 Comments

  1. One of the upcoming dramas I’m mostly excited about! Mainly for the 19+ rating adult/sexual content stuff … I mean , how many 19+ rated kdramas for sexual content is there? Nevertheless ? My Name ? However this must be the first sageuk Kdrama rated 19+ for sexual content! Very interesting …also , Will the FL and ML be married when they ehmm sleep with each other and stuff ? Because back in Joseon era or whatever , it was a huge taboo for unmarried women to be involved in sexual stuff , right ? It was only ok if they were Gisaeng

  2. I can’t believe that I don’t know any of these people! Usually when you post filming news, I may not be familiar with the entire cast but I know at least some of them. This one, I swear I don’t recognize anyone!! 😁😁

  3. Chang Ryul was pretty good in My Name even if he was playing a villain.

    Son Woo-Hyun was cute as the secretary.

    I really like Go Ah-Sung, I’m happy to see her in a new drama.

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