Disney+ Releases First Still for Upcoming Action K-drama Vigilante with Nam Joo Hyuk

It’s probably a good a time to be a K-drama airing soon on Disney+ because the platform finally has the major hit its been looking for with superhero drama Moving. There are accolades aplenty but even more important there is non stop buzz about it, with two episodes a week even allowing time for the drama to keep growing more momentum. Disney+ has a few more pre-filmed K-dramas in its vault from the investment days of 2020-2021 and this week it released a first still for one of those drama Vigilante. The drama stars Nam Joo Hyuk as a model police academy student by day and crime punishing vigilante by night adapted from the same name popular webtoon. Nam Joo Hyuk is currently in military service but if this drama is a hit it will definitely help buoy his status in the industry while he is away.

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